April 9, 2009

Division of Investment Management
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
100 F Street, N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20549
Attn:    Christian Sandoe, Esq.

Re:      Vanguard Admiral Funds; File Nos. 33-49023; 811-7043
         Vanguard Bond Index Funds; File Nos. 33-6001; 811-4681
         Vanguard CMT Funds; File Nos. 333-111362; 811-21478
         Vanguard California Tax-Free Funds; File Nos. 33-1569; 811-4474
         Vanguard Chester Funds; File Nos. 2-92948; 811-4098
         Vanguard Convertible Securities Fund; File Nos. 33-4424; 811-4627
         Vanguard Explorer Fund; File Nos. 2-27203; 811-1530
         Vanguard Fenway Funds; File Nos. 33-19446; 811-5445
         Vanguard Fixed Income Securities Funds; File Nos. 2-47371; 811-2368
         Vanguard Florida Tax-Free Fund; File Nos. 33-48783; 811-6709
         Vanguard Horizon Funds; File Nos. 33-56443; 811-07239
         Vanguard Index Funds; File Nos. 2-56846; 811-2652
         Vanguard Institutional Index Funds; File Nos. 33-34494; 811-6093
         Vanguard International Equity Index Funds; File Nos. 33-32548; 811-5972
         Vanguard Malvern Funds; File Nos. 33-23444; 811-5628
         Vanguard Massachusetts Tax-Exempt Funds; File Nos. 333-63579; 811-09005
         Vanguard Money Market Reserves; File Nos. 2-52698; 811-2554
         Vanguard Montgomery Funds; File Nos. 333-145624; 811-22114
         Vanguard Morgan Growth Fund; File Nos. 2-29601; 811-1685
         Vanguard Municipal Bond Funds; File Nos. 2-57689; 811-2687
         Vanguard New Jersey Tax-Free Funds; File Nos. 33-17351; 811-5340
         Vanguard New York Tax-Free Funds; File Nos. 33-2908; 811-4570
         Vanguard Ohio Tax-Free Funds; File Nos. 33-34261; 811-6083
         Vanguard Pennsylvania Tax-Free Funds; File Nos. 33-2907; 811-4571
         Vanguard Quantitative Funds; File Nos. 33-8553; 811-4526
         Vanguard Specialized Funds; File Nos. 2-88116; 811-3916
         Vanguard STAR Funds; File Nos. 2-88373; 811-3919
         Vanguard Tax-Managed Funds; File Nos. 33-53683; 811-07175
         Vanguard Treasury Fund; File Nos. 333-11763; 811-7803
         Vanguard Trustees' Equity Fund; File Nos. 2-65955-99; 811-2968
         Vanguard Valley Forge Funds; File Nos. 33-48863; 811-7023
         Vanguard Variable Insurance Funds; File Nos. 33-32216; 811-5962
         Vanguard Wellesley Income Fund; File Nos. 2-31333; 811-1776
         Vanguard Wellington Fund; File Nos. 2-11444; 811-121
         Vanguard Whitehall Funds; File Nos. 33-64845; 811-07443
         Vanguard Windsor Funds; File Nos. 2-14336; 811-834
         Vanguard World Funds; File Nos. 2-17620-811-1027
         (the "Vanguard Funds")

Dear Mr. Sandoe:

The following summarizes our conversation on April 6, 2009 regarding your
comment to the Vanguard Funds' proxy statement correspondence filing on April 2,

Comment:  In  Subproposal  2f on page 26, the policy for funds (other than money
          market funds) that concentrate  states that "The Fund will concentrate
          its investments in the securities of issuers whose principal  business
          activities   are  in  the  [insert  the  industry   indicated  in  the
          prospectus]  industry group or industry." Is this how the  subproposal
          will  appear in the proxy  statement  or will each  fund's  particular
          industry group/industry be specified?

Response: To address any confusion as to what constitutes an industry,  industry
          group,  or  sector,  we will  delete  the  language  quoted  above and
          substitute the following:  "The Fund will  concentrate its investments
          in the securities of issuers whose principal  business  activities are
          in the  _______  industry,  as defined in the  prospectus  or SAI [the
          blank to be consistent  with the fund's name,  such as Energy,  Health
          Care, etc.]." Of course,  when the policy is described in the SAI, the
          bracketed and  italicized  language will not appear and the blank will
          be filled in.

As required by the SEC, the Funds  acknowledge  that:

o    Each Fund is responsible for the adequacy and accuracy of the disclosure in
     the filing.

o    Staff  comments  or changes in  response  to staff  comments in the filings
     reviewed  by the staff do not  foreclose  the  Commission  from  taking any
     action with respect to the filing.
o    Each Fund may not assert  staff  comments  as a defense  in any  proceeding
     initiated by the Commission or any person under the federal securities laws
     of the United States.

Please contact me at (610) 503-2398 with any questions or comments regarding the
above response. Thank you.


Barry A. Mendelson
Principal and Senior Counsel