Favorites help

Favorites help you to keep track of companies, filings and searches that are important to you. You must have a registered account, and be logged in, to use favorites.

Favorite companies

To add a favorite company, go to any company dashboard. To access a company dashboard, you can for example:

  • search for the company ticker or name, or
  • click a company name in the search analysis page, or
  • click on the company ticker or name in the "breadcrumb" links above a filing, or
  • click a company name in the homepage trending section.

On the company dashboard, click the star near the top of the page, to the right of the company name. The star will change to yellow to show that this company is now one of your favorites.

Benefits of favorite companies include:

  • Quick access to your favorite companies and their latest filing, which are listed on your personal dashboard.
  • Automatic email alerts for new filings from favorite companies, minutes after they are filed. You can easily opt-out of this feature, or change the types of filings you receive, via your account settings page.

To remove an existing favorite, click the yellow star next to that company, either on the company dashboard or in your favorites list on your dashboard.

Favorite filings and diffs

You can also favorite individual filings or filing diffs, so that you can access them quickly from your personal dashboard. Click the star near the top of a filing page to add it to your favorites list.

The favorite will remember which file you were reading when you added the favorite. For example, if you clicked the star while reading the 99.1 file of an 8-K press release, you will return to this same file when you click the favorite filing on your personal dashboard.

As with company favorites, click the yellow star next to a filing on your dashboard or on the filing page to remove a current favorite from your list.

Favorite searches

You can save up to 100 favorite searches. Perform a search then click the star at the top of the results page to save that search query as a favorite. You can’t save a broad search, which is defined as one that would normally match over 500 new filings per month.

Favorite searches are checked every few minutes. If any new filings match any of your favorite searches, you’ll receive an email alert that lists all the new filings that match.

Remember that if you want to receive email alerts for a particular company (rather than a keyword or sophisticated search combination), it’s better to add the company as a favorite from the company dashboard, as favorite company email alerts are sent more frequently.