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The fall season means leaves on the trees begin to change, pumpkin spice takes over as the favorite flavor, and football season starts. And a big part of enjoying football is getting together with your friends to enjoy Sundays or Monday nights to watch the big game. With coronavirus that put a damper on the 2020 season, fans are ready now more than ever to support their teams.

But there’s one step you have to take that’s a must before you fill your house with friends, beer, chips and chicken wings. You need an upgraded sound system with 3D audio and Dolby Atmos. And with companies like WiSA (NASDAQ:WISA), transforming your home into a game lover’s paradise to enhance your experience is easier than ever before.

What is Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos (NYSE:DLB) is a surround sound format technology that you can find everywhere from the local movie theater to your mobile device. And now, you can incorporate that immersive sound advancement into your own home theater. In 2020, WiSA speaker partners announced its support of Dolby Atmos height channels in its certified products. That means leveling up your system through WiSA wireless products is possible with Atmos solutions to solve all of your sound issues.

The addition dramatically increases the user’s audio experience by creating 3D sound. Imagine turning on the first game of the season on your big screen TV and hearing every sound in the stadium as if you were right there on the field. Who needs to travel to a game when you can feel like you’re there with your loved ones in the comfort of your own home? 

About the Update

The great thing about this feature is that you don’t have to necessarily buy a new product to receive the amazing sound, although updating technology regularly is a smart idea. But if you already have a WiSA product, you can take advantage of the latest transmitter by downloading the available firmware update to select the Dolby Atmos height channels.

But if you don’t own a WiSA-certified product, don’t worry! WiSA has an Amazon storefront filled with WiSA certified products, so you don’t have to search around and guess which sound systems are the best — they’re right where you can find them.

Upgrading for the Season

You still have time left before the football season starts at the beginning of September, but not much, so don’t wait. Before you know it, SuperBowl Sunday will be upon you, and you don’t want to be stuck watching the game without the best sound to transport you to the stands.

As long as you have WiSA-certified products with your upgrades ready, you and your friends will be ready to make the most of the NFL season.