Thu. 14 Oct 2021, 3:49pm ETBenzinga
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Courtesy of Marley Natural®️

Radiant Canna is on a mission to streamline the cannabis supply chain. Following the successful August close of a $6 million seed round, the company today offers an integrated technology platform to cannabis brands leveraging industry-leading inventory, sales and finance systems alongside the most productive, efficient co-packing and extraction equipment on the market. 

“Our round was oversubscribed, which is a powerful testament to the company we’re building,” Radiant CEO and co-founder Aaron Selverston said. “Our investors and customers understand that our role as a superior, trustworthy and experienced supply chain partner to independent brands in California is as unique as it is unrivaled.”

Radiant Canna provides tech-forward manufacturing and distribution services in California to award-winning brands such as Mendocino Grasslands, Ahti Hash, SOG Botanicals, Wonder Extracts and Woodstock Heritage Strains as well as its own extracts brand Cosmic. The company has fulfillment centers in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Santa Rosa, California.

Debunking Technology Stereotypes

Radiant Canna credits its disruptive success to debunking the business stereotypes around technology. Many tech companies succeed by being first-to-market with their inventions, but Selverston said Radiant’s advantage is its team, which is a blend of Silicon Valley executives and people with deep cannabis expertise.

“We have a unique capability of sifting through the noise to select best-in-class technology for manufacturing and distribution practices,” Selverston said. “We are nimble enough to constantly track and adapt to changes in innovation, which provides us with a strong competitive advantage driven by efficiencies that yield higher quality products at lower cost.”

Radiant purchased cutting-edge extraction equipment when it was founded in 2019. The recent round of seed funding gave the company the ability to reevaluate the marketplace for the latest extraction equipment technology and work with manufacturers that have developed equipment that can double output and better preserve cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids.

The company discovered that the latest equipment Bizzy Bee does just that, and will provide Radiant a strong competitive advantage in the rapidly growing extracts market.

Working With Legacy Farms

Radiant continues to serve legacy farms from California’s Emerald Triangle and its Cosmic brand and has secured the exclusive rights to select Marley Natural cannabis products in the Golden State. Radiant’s agreement with Docklight Brands Inc. allows Radiant to produce and distribute Marley Natural cannabis flower, concentrate and edible products. 

“Radiant and Docklight continue to grow the legacy of Bob Marley in California,” said Damian Marano, CEO of Docklight Brands. “Radiant is rightfully focused on building the brand first and foremost by sourcing high-quality cannabis from the finest growers in California.”

Radiant will continue to grow its market share throughout California — among the most highly regulated markets in the U.S. — and look for expansion opportunities across the country.