Mon. 8 Nov 2021, 11:36am ETBenzinga
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Genetron Holdings Limited ((&ldquo, Genetron Health&rdquo, or the &ldquo, Company&rdquo, , NASDAQ:GTH), a leading precision oncology platform company in China that specializes in offering molecular profiling tests, early cancer screening products and companion diagnostics development, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with NeoGenomics, Inc. (NASDAQ:NEO), a company that specializes in cancer genetic testing and information services.

Genetron Health and NeoGenomics, Inc. will partner globally to provide select harmonized clinical trials, global translational research for pharmaceutical groups and technology platform providers that need a China arm for global or China focused trials. Additionally, NeoGenomics will support Genetron Health on ex-China trials requiring US, APJ and/or EMEA based trials. This will include developing and operating clinical trials for both oncology drugs and their corresponding companion diagnostics (CDx) products.

The partnership will combine the two companies’ strengths to leverage a rich, diverse core technology platform and product pipeline that covers molecular detection, histopathologic diagnosis, multi-fluorescence immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, immunoassays, in situ hybridization, and cell genetic mapping. Combined, the two will have 15 CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified laboratories, a collective team of hundreds of scientists from multidisciplinary backgrounds, and a seasoned clinical drug trial and pharmaceutical services team. These assets will enable business partners to synchronize global clinical drug trials and companion diagnostics development.

“As a world leading oncology laboratory solution provider, NeoGenomics has accumulated a wealth of clinical experience and capabilities around the world,” said Dr. Yun-Fu Hu, Chief Medical Officer of Genetron Health. “We are excited to work with NeoGenomics and look forward to providing cutting-edge, integrated solutions for both Chinese and international pharmaceutical companies. Together, we will work to synchronize global oncology drug development, in order to accelerate market approval for new drugs and benefit patients around the world.”

"We look forward to partnering with Genetron Health in China primarily due to their long-standing experience in oncology molecular diagnostics, their footprint in clinical trials there and their ability to work closely with global partners," said Gina Wallar, President, Pharma Services, NeoGenomics Inc. “The combination of NeoGenomics’ global pharma services and clinical trials expertise and Genetron Health’s experience adopting international healthcare products for the China market will enhance our overall drug R&D support capacity. This will enable NeoGenomics to better serve the needs of global drug R&D clinical trial projects. Genetron’s capabilities will be complementary to those in our new Suzhou, China facility.”