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One Big Thing In Fintech: Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton has called for increased regulation of cryptocurrency markets in an interview.

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Other Key Fintech Developments:

Watch Out For This: The $1.7 trillion “social infrastructure” legislation passed by the House and now before the Senate would spur growth, expand employment and boost productivity with limited inflationary impact, according to Moody’s.

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Interesting Reads:

  • EU passing laws against tech.
  • Avoiding Russia-Ukraine war.
  • Virus variant spurs restriction.
  • China will limit Tencent usage.
  • Map of the top fintech players.

Market Moving Headline: If there’s a single stat to capture the insatiable appetite for stocks this year, it’s the sum of cash that went into equity funds.

Investors have poured almost $900 billion into equity exchange-traded and long-only funds in 2021 -- exceeding the combined total from the past 19 years -- according to analysts at Bank of America Corp. (NYSE:BAC) and EPFR Global.

Source: Bloomberg