Fri. 3 Dec 2021, 3:14pm ETBenzinga
In: Tech

While Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is best known for its electric cars, the company also produces energy production and storage products. The company's Megapack is industrial-sized storage that can be scaled up to power small cities with stored solar energy.

While supply chain issues have made building anything with batteries a difficult task, it seems Tesla has amassed quite a few of the Megapacks. Sawyer Merritt on Twitter shared a picture outside of Tesla's Gigafactory Nevada showing almost 250 Megapacks, valued at over $300 million, seemingly ready for delivery

Tesla describes the Megapack as a large-scale, rechargeable lithium-ion battery stationary energy-storage product. The batteries can be used to store excess solar power for use at night or on dark days. The Megapacks can also act as a power source in case of a grid outage, allowing operations to continue even when the grid is down. 

Photo courtesy of Tesla