Fri. 3 Dec 2021, 2:46pm ETBenzinga
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If you’ve ever fantasized about your favorite celebrity or entrepreneur following you on Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), you may have missed a golden opportunity this week.

Throughout the week, Charitybuzz completed several auctions in which bidders competed for the right to have high-profile entrepreneurs follow them on Twitter.

Charitybuzz is a company that raises profits for charity organizations by conducting online auctions featuring popular celebrities and brands.

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Once an auction is completed, the winning bid is not publicly displayed. However, late-stage bidding prices suggest Twitter follows from business leaders are a valuable commodity.

Winning Bids: One bidder paid at least $30,000 this week for billionaire investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban to follow them on Twitter for one year. Another bidder paid actor and technology investor Ashton Kutcher at least $31,000 for a Twitter follow.

Uber Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:UBER) CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, LinkedIn co-founder and executive chairman Reid Hoffman, Litecoin (CRYPTO: LTC) creator Charlie Lee, Taskrabbit CEO Stacy Brown-Philpot and, inc. (NYSE:CRM) CEO Marc Benioff are among other recent business leaders that auctioned off Twitter follows.

The Twitter following auction raised money for, a non-profit organization committed to encouraging students to learn computer science.

Getting Personal: For a more personal interaction, Charitybuzz also regularly auctions off meetings and lunches with celebrities, entrepreneurs and other business leaders. A meeting with Dell Technologies Inc (NYSE:DELL) chairman and CEO Michael Dell recently sold for at least $70,000.

A virtual meeting with New York Times columnist and CNBC anchor Andrew Ross Sorkin is currently priced at $1,350 with 13 days remaining on the auction. A lunch with billionaire investor Bill Ackman is currently priced at $14,500 with 13 days remaining.

Photo: Gage Skidmore / Flickr