Mon. 6 Dec 2021, 9:05pm ETBenzinga
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Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk made an appearance at The Wall Street Journal’s Annual CEO Council Monday evening through videoconferencing live from a Tesla factory floor.

On Tesla And SpaceX: Musk said he spends his time evenly between Tesla and SpaceX — the two companies where he is CEO. He said he triages tasks. 

On resuming as the chairman of Tesla, he said titles do not mean anything and said "chief executive officer" is a "made-up title."

He said he jokingly assumed the title of TechnoKing as "these titles don’t mean a lot.”

Musk touched on several projects in the works across the companies. On Tesla’s humanoid robot, the Tesla Bot, he said, “we are effectively creating the most advanced practical AI for navigating the real world.”

On AI Efforts: Tesla is the world’s biggest robot company, as per Musk, as the cars are basically robots on four wheels, a statement he also made earlier at the time of unveiling of Tesla Bot at AI Day.

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On when the humanoid robot would be out, the Tesla CEO was noncommittal but said “we will get it right.” The robot could be a substitute for human labor as the population shrinks, he added.

The Cybertruck is probably Tesla’s “best product ever,” as per Musk and it will be “awesome.” Musk said the company is hoping for volume production by 2023.

On SpaceX's Starship: The Starship is a “hard hard” project, as per Musk but it was an essential project if humanity was to become a space-faring civilization. 

Musk underscored a number of technological challenges that SpaceX needs to overcome in order to make the project a success. Key among them are the ability to lift heavy loads and expanding the usability of the space vehicle to the maximum.

Neuralink also came up during the council interview. Musk said it could help severely injured people with spinal cord injuries to regain mobility.

Photo: Courtesy of Steve Jurvetson via Flickr