AJ Coloma

SC Health, CEO

Thanks Mahesh, I’ll close off by discussing our public peer benchmarking and valuation.

We looked at 3 broad categories of comparable companies. First, we looked at recent growth-stage tech de-SPACs. Several of these have gotten done in recent months, including in electric vehicles names such as Chargepoint and EVGo, LIDAR names such as Luminar, Aeva and Velodyne, and semiconductor names such as Achronix and Indie. Note that we’ve only included the larger platforms here and these names are at broadly similar stages as Rockley. Second, we looked at broader semiconductor names and third, we looked at medical device names, given the company’s target applications in the health and wellness space. As expected, Rockley’s revenue growth profile far outpaces that of scaled, listed peers. But importantly, even against similar growth stage de-SPAC’s that have commercial targets in the 2024 timeframe, Rockley’s growth profile is still superior. Rockley’s equity story has all the things that Andrew and Mahesh have talked about – superior technology, blue chip customers and a massive addressable market.