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Charged Surface Reversed Phase Chromatographic Materials Method for Analysis of Glycans Modified with Amphipathic, Strongly Basic Moieties
21 Oct 20
The present invention provides novel methods for the chromatographic analysis of glycans using high purity chromatographic materials comprising a chromatographic surface wherein the chromatographic surface comprises a hydrophobic surface group and one or more ionizable modifier and a labeling reagent which is capable of providing amphipathic and strongly basic labeling moieties to a sample to be analyzed.
Matthew A. Lauber, Scott A. McCall, Babajide Okandeji, Pamela C. Iraneta
Filed: 20 Apr 17
Matching Thermally Modulated Variable Restrictors to Chromatography Separation Columns
21 Oct 20
Thermally modulated variable restrictors used in chromatography systems enable independent control of system pressure and linear velocity of a compressible mobile phase passing through a chromatography column.
Michael O. Fogwill, Joseph D. Michienzi, Geoff Gerhardt, James P. Murphy
Filed: 29 Jun 20
Multi-dimensional chromatographic system for analyzing multiple sample components
12 Oct 20
A chromatography system includes a first chromatography column for receiving and separating a flow stream, a plurality of traps configured to trap a plurality of distinct flow segments exiting the first chromatography column during separation of the flow stream, and a second chromatography column operatively associated with the plurality of traps for receiving and separating the distinct flow segments.
Amanda B. Dlugasch, Thomas E. Wheat, Daniel Root, Jean-Michel Plankeele, Isabelle Francois, Edward R. Aig
Filed: 24 Jan 17
Methods, compositions, devices, and kits, for performing phospholipid separation
12 Oct 20
Methods, kits and devices for separating phospholipids and proteins from small molecules in biochemical samples can feature an apparatus having a wetting barrier, at least one frit and a separation media.
Pamela C. Iraneta, Thomas H. Walter, Xin Zhang, Daniel P. Walsh, Kevin D. Wyndham, Raymond P. Fisk
Filed: 29 Mar 18
Online dilution for a liquid chromatography system using a sample metering pump
12 Oct 20
An apparatus for diluting a sample in a liquid chromatography system includes a metering pump, a sample needle and a sample valve.
Joshua A. Burnett, John M. Auclair
Filed: 12 Jun 18
Chromatography column assembly
12 Oct 20
Described is a chromatographic column assembly that includes an outer tube comprising a metal, a first conduit disposed within the outer tube, a second conduit disposed within the outer tube, and a first joint located between the first conduit and the second conduit.
Joseph D. Michienzi, Keith Fadgen, Wade P. Leveille, Raymond P. Fisk, Frank John Marszalkowski, Jr.
Filed: 24 May 18
Gas liquid separator for chromatography applications
5 Oct 20
Examples of gas liquid separators include a chamber, a fluid mixture inlet, a gas outlet and a liquid outlet.
Emily J. Berg, Joshua A. Shreve, Edwin H. Denecke
Filed: 23 Oct 17
Systems, devices, and methods for threshold analyte calibration and quantitation using threshold analyte calibration
5 Oct 20
Provided herein are definitive screening techniques for qualitatively and quantitatively detecting analytes in biological specimens.
Thomas G. Rosano, Michelle Wood
Filed: 15 Mar 16
Dual Mode Sample Manager
30 Sep 20
Described is a dual mode sample manager for a liquid chromatography system.
Sylvain Gilles Cormier, Joseph D. Michienzi
Filed: 22 Mar 20
Solvent preheating system for liquid chromatography
28 Sep 20
A heater assembly used in chromatography includes a thermally conductive base having a chamber extending fully through the base with an opening at a first side of the base and at a second side of the base, and a cavity with an opening at the second side of the base.
Joshua A. Shreve, Greg Kheyfets, Paul Keenan, Paul E. Linderson
Filed: 3 Feb 16
Apparatus for controlling sample position in a liquid chromatography system
28 Sep 20
Described is an apparatus for controlling a position of a sample in a liquid chromatography system.
Joshua A. Burnett, James E. Usowicz, Marc Lemelin
Filed: 10 Jan 11
Systems, Methods and Devices for Reducing Band Dispersion In Chromatography
23 Sep 20
Reduced column loading of a sample onto a chromatographic column may be mitigated by excluding diffuse portions of the sample from introduction to the column.
Abhijit Tarafder, Pamela C. Iraneta
Filed: 6 Mar 17
Removable Seal Device for Fluidic Coupling
23 Sep 20
A removable seal device for fluidic coupling includes a seal body extending between a first end and a second end, the seal body including an inner channel configured to receive a flow of a fluid.
Sylvain Gilles Cormier, Joseph D. Antocci, Wade P. Leveille, Sr.
Filed: 17 Mar 20
Porous inorganic/organic hybrid materials with ordered domains for chromatographic separations and processes for their preparation
14 Sep 20
Porous hybrid inorganic/organic materials comprising ordered domains are disclosed wherein the ordered domains are ordered radially, and having the formula (A)x(B)y(C)z (Formula I) or the formula [A]y[B]x (Formula III), wherein A, B, C, x, y and z in Formula I and A, B, x and y in Formula III are further defined herein, and wherein diffraction peak maxima observed for the material exhibit a 2θ position that excludes diffraction peaks resulting from atomic-range order that are associated with amorphous material.
Kevin D. Wyndham, John E. O'Gara
Filed: 23 Sep 15
High pressure fitting for supercritical fluid chromatography
14 Sep 20
Described is a mobile phase fitting having reduced corrosion and erosion.
Jonathan L. Belanger, Sylvain Cormier, Steven D. Trudeau, Paul Keenan, Daniel J. McCormick
Filed: 29 Jul 18
Methods of Use for Low-bind Polypropylene Plates and Vials
9 Sep 20
The present disclosure relates to a method of analyzing a sample comprising a hydrophobic molecule.
Moon Chul Jung, Mary Elizabeth Lame, Caitlin Dunning, Christopher John Hughes, Xiaoxiao Liu, Paula Orens, Yun Wang Alelyunas, Erin E. Chambers, David Dao, Robert Birdsall
Filed: 2 Mar 20
Methods, Compositions and Kits Useful for Ion Exchange Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Analysis
9 Sep 20
The present disclosure relates to methods, compositions and kits useful for the enhanced pH gradient cation exchange chromatography of a variety of analytes.
Qi Wang, Matthew A. Lauber, Samantha Ippoliti, Ying Qing Yu
Filed: 5 Mar 20
Techniques for display and processing of mass spectral data
7 Sep 20
Processing mass spectral data may include performing one or more experiments using one or more samples, each experiment including mass analysis using a mass spectrometer; acquiring one or more raw mass spectral data sets as a result of performing the one or more experiments; receiving selection criteria; filtering the one or more raw mass spectral data sets in accordance with the selection criteria; and generating a chromatogram as a result of said filtering, wherein the chromatogram displays signal intensity as a function of scan time for a plurality of scan times and includes a non-zero signal intensity at each scan time only if, at the scan time, the selection criteria is met and otherwise the chromatogram includes a zero signal intensity at the scan time.
Douglas M. Stevens
Filed: 10 Sep 15
Method and an Apparatus for Analyzing a Complex Sample
2 Sep 20
A method of analyzing a complex sample includes performing a sequential chromatographic-IMS-MS analysis of a sample to obtain a plurality of experimental mass spectra having isotopic clusters, wherein each spectrum of the plurality of spectra is associated with a chromatographic retention time and an ion-mobility drift time.
Scott J. Geromanos, Marc V. Gorenstein, Daniel Golick, Steven J. Ciavarini
Filed: 18 May 20
Chromatographic Seal and Coated Flow Paths for Minimizing Analyte Adsorption
26 Aug 20
The present disclosure relates to a filter.
Mathew H. DeLano, Matthew A. Lauber, Michael Donegan, Robert A. Jencks, Stephen J. Shiner
Filed: 24 Feb 20
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