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High Throughput Affinity Sample Preparation for Mycotoxin Analysis
23 Sep 21
The present disclosure relates to a method of separating a sample including a mycotoxin.
Lingyun Chen, Jianmin Liu
Filed: 17 Mar 21
Needle Drive, System and Method
23 Sep 21
A liquid chromatography sample manager includes a thermal chamber, a sample platter mounted in the thermal chamber, and a needle drive including a base having a shaft configured to rotate about a vertical axis, the base attachable to an interior of a sample manager of a liquid chromatography system.
Joshua A. Burnett, Rose Solow, David A. Simpson, Marc E. Lemelin
Filed: 16 Mar 21
Purification elements for dispensing a purified liquid
21 Sep 21
In various aspects provided are purification media and containers for dispensing a purified liquid are provided herein where a high surface area-to-volume chemically interactive purification media positioned at the outlet of a container that purifies the liquid as it is dispensed and/or extracted.
Moon Chul Jung, Abhijit Tarafder, Wade P. Leveille
Filed: 18 Dec 18
Determination of dynamic parameters for adaptive actuator control
14 Sep 21
An actuator control system, mechanical testing system, and method for adaptive control of an actuator of a mechanical testing device is provided.
Kevin Alstrin
Filed: 2 Oct 18
Purification and Isolation of Synthetic Oligonucleotides Using Hydrophilic-interaction Liquid Chromatography
9 Sep 21
Methods of purifying targeted oligonucleotides within a reaction mixture using hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) is disclosed.
Jo-Ann Jablonski, Catalin Doneanu
Filed: 4 Mar 21
DMD based UV absorption detector for liquid chromatography
7 Sep 21
A detector for use in liquid chromatography is provided.
Anthony C. Jeannotte, Daniel Gillund, Aditya Shankar Prasad, Saksham Saxena
Filed: 9 Oct 19
On-line sampling from a process source
7 Sep 21
An online sample manager of a liquid chromatography system includes a fluidic tee having a first inlet port, a second inlet port, and an outlet port.
Sylvain Cormier
Filed: 10 Feb 11
Controllable Sample Introduction
2 Sep 21
A method for injecting a sample into a flow of a liquid chromatography system includes providing a flow of a mobile phase, and injecting a volume of a sample into the flow of the mobile phase such that the concentration of the sample within the mobile phase varies with a triangular profile over the course of the injecting.
Michael R. Jackson, Joshua A. Burnett
Filed: 26 Feb 21
Method and apparatus for injecting a chromatographic sample
31 Aug 21
A method for injecting a diluted sample in a chromatography system includes merging a flow of a sample and a flow of a diluent to form a flow of a diluted sample.
Martin Gilar, Richard W. Andrews, Peyton C. Beals, Thomas McDonald, Keith Fadgen, Jordan Kornfeld, Geoff Gerhardt, Sylvain Cormier
Filed: 4 May 17
Compression fitting with coupled ferrule
31 Aug 21
The invention provides compression fittings and methods of assembling compression fittings.
Sylvain Cormier, Kurt D. Joudrey, Joshua A. Shreve
Filed: 7 May 14
Systems, methods and devices for reducing band dispersion in chromatography
24 Aug 21
Reduced column loading of a sample onto a chromatographic column may be mitigated by excluding diffuse portions of the sample from introduction to the column.
Abhijit Tarafder, Pamela C. Iraneta
Filed: 7 Mar 17
Low Binding Surfaces for Peptide Mapping
19 Aug 21
The present disclosure discusses a method of separating a sample (e.g., peptide compound) including coating a flow path of a chromatographic system; injecting the sample into the chromatographic system; flowing the sample through the chromatographic system; separating the sample; and analyzing the separated sample.
Robert Birdsall, Jacob Kellett, Nilini Ranbaduge, Ying Qing Yu, Jennifer M. Nguyen, Matthew A. Lauber
Filed: 15 Jan 21
Materials for hydrophilic interaction chromatography and processes for preparation and use thereof for analysis of glycoproteins and glycopeptides
17 Aug 21
The invention relates to poly-amide bonded hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC) stationary phases and novel HILIC methods for use in the characterization of large biological molecules modified with polar groups, known to those skilled in the art as glycans.
Matthew A. Lauber, Stephan M. Koza, Pamela C. Iraneta, Kevin D. Wyndham
Filed: 2 Apr 15
Polar pesticide determination using chromatography
17 Aug 21
The present disclosure relates to the determination of pesticides, e.g., polar pesticides, in a sample using chromatography.
Dimple D. Shah, Jacob N. Fairchild, Euan Ross, Benjamin Wuyts
Filed: 7 Mar 18
Devices and methods for analyzing intact proteins, antibodies, antibody subunits, and antibody drug conjugates
17 Aug 21
The present disclosure relates devices and methods for analyzing intact antibodies, antibody subunits, antibody drug conjugate subunits, antibody drug conjugates, and intact proteins in a biological mixture.
Gregory T. Roman, James P. Murphy
Filed: 27 Feb 18
Modular Sample Preparation Devices and Methods
12 Aug 21
The present technology relates to a customizable sample preparation device (e.g., liquid sample preparation device, such as a purification, clean-up, or separation device).
Anna K. Boardman, Xiaoxiao Liu, Micah Watt, Jonathan Belanger, Matthew A. Lauber, Michael Lavallee, Wenhao Zhu
Filed: 3 Feb 21
Techniques for monitoring chromatographic fluid flows
10 Aug 21
Various embodiments are generally directed to techniques for monitoring chromatographic fluid flows, such as the flow to and/or from one or more reservoirs used in chromatographic operations, for instance.
Abhijit Tarafder, Jonathan Belanger, Moon Chul Jung, Wade P. Leveille
Filed: 12 Jun 19
Superficially Porous Materials Comprising a Substantially Nonporous Core Having Narrow Particle Size Distribution; Process for the Preparation Thereof; and Use Thereof for Chromatographic Separations
5 Aug 21
Novel chromatographic materials for chromatographic separations, columns, kits, and methods for preparation and separations with a superficially porous material comprising a substantially nonporous core and one or more layers of a porous shell material surrounding the core.
Kevin D. Wyndham, Beatrice W. Muriithi, Michael F. Morris, Nicole L. Lawrence
Filed: 2 Apr 21
Porous Inorganic/organic Hybrid Particles Having High Organic Content and Enhanced Pore Geometry for Chromatographic Separations
5 Aug 21
Novel particles and materials for chromatographic separations, processes for preparation and separations devices containing the chromatographic particles and materials are provided by the instant invention.
Kevin D. Wyndham, John E. O'Gara, Nicole Lawrence L. Lawrence
Filed: 16 Feb 21
Device and Methods for Performing Size Exclusion Chromatography
5 Aug 21
The present invention is directed to a device and a method for performing size exclusion chromatography.
Edouard S. P. Bouvier, Kevin D. Wyndham, Thomas H. Walter, Uwe D. Neue
Filed: 11 Feb 21
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