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Active Dampening Gradient Proportioning Valve
27 May 21
Disclosed is a gradient proportioning valve for use in liquid chromatography that includes a plurality of inlet ports configured to receive a plurality of fluids, a manifold connected to each of the plurality of inlet ports configured to mix the plurality of fluids in a controlled manner to provide a fluid composition, the manifold including a plurality of conduits internal to the manifold, each of the plurality of conduits receiving fluid through a respective one of the plurality of inlet ports, each of the plurality of conduits operatively communicable to a respective actuation mechanism configured to open and close each of the plurality of conduits in a controlled manner, a common outlet port configured to receive the fluid composition, and an active fluidic dampening system configured to dampen unwanted fluidic pressure pulses in the manifold.
Timothy M. Raymond, Christopher Walden, Sean Anderson
Filed: 25 Nov 20
Techniques for processing of mass spectral data
18 May 21
Techniques for performing data acquisition and analysis are described.
Scott J. Geromanos, Steven J. Ciavarini, Curt Devlin
Filed: 17 Jan 20
Materials and Methods for Mixed Mode, Anion Exchange Reversed Phase Liquid Chromatography
13 May 21
In various aspects, the present disclosure pertains to high purity chromatographic materials that comprise a chromatographic surface wherein the chromatographic surface comprises a hydrophobic modifier and an ionizable modifier comprising one or more anion exchange moieties that are positively charged when ionized, as well as devices containing such materials.
Matthew A. Lauber, Xiaoxiao Liu, Qi Wang, Nicole Lawrence
Filed: 6 Nov 20
Sample organizer, tray, system and method
11 May 21
A liquid chromatography sample organizer includes a first chamber, a plurality of stacked sample organizer shelves mounted within the first chamber each individually configured to store a sample-vial carrier including a sample, and a shelf magnet affixed to a surface of each of the plurality of stacked sample organizer shelves.
David A. Simpson, Joshua A. Burnett, Marc E. Lemelin, Paul Keenan, Peter Osswald
Filed: 12 Jun 19
Techniques for Temperature Control of Separation Devices and Optical Detection Devices of Mass Analysis Systems
6 May 21
Techniques and apparatus for thermally controlled interfaces for separation devices and optical flow cell devices with minimized post-column volumes are described.
Mark J. Basile, Jeffrey Musacchio, Michael O. Fogwill, Sebastien Besner, Joseph D. Michienzi, Wade P. Leveille
Filed: 30 Oct 20
Method and apparatus for scaling between chromatographic systems using highly compressible fluids
4 May 21
Methods for transferring a carbon dioxide based separation procedure from a reference chromatographic system to a target chromatographic system involve alternative techniques for determining system pressure drops not attributable to the column.
Joseph D. Michienzi, Joshua A. Shreve, Jason F. Hill, Abhijit Tarafder, Michael O. Fogwill, Keith Fadgen
Filed: 9 Apr 18
Solvent Delivery System for Liquid Chromatography That Maintains Fluid Integrity and Pre-forms Gradients
29 Apr 21
A solvent delivery subsystem for a chromatography device performs relatively low pressure, high flow mixing of solvents to form a gradient and subsequent high pressure, low flow delivery of the gradient to the separation column.
Steven J. Ciavarini, Stanley P. Pensak, JR., Jeffrey W. Finch, Keith Fadgen, Hongji Liu
Filed: 7 Jan 21
High purity chromatographic materials comprising an ionizable modifier
13 Apr 21
The present invention provides novel chromatographic materials, e.g., for chromatographic separations, processes for its preparation and separations devices containing the chromatographic material; separations devices, chromatographic columns and kits comprising the same; and methods for the preparation thereof.
Kevin D. Wyndham, Pamela C. Iraneta, Thomas H. Walter
Filed: 28 Nov 18
Systems, methods, and devices providing solvent container identification and incorporation
23 Mar 21
Solvent containers and solvent container trays for chromatography systems are described for providing control over solvent supply and waste collection.
Xiangjin Song, James P. Murphy, Keith Fadgen, Wade P. Leveille, Joseph D. Michienzi, Jonathan L. Belanger, Moon Chul Jung, Abhijit Tarafder
Filed: 17 Jan 18
Multi-injection mode valve module
23 Mar 21
A chromatography system has an associated system volume and a sample dispersion volume.
Sylvain Cormier, Richard W. Andrews, Peyton C. Beals
Filed: 17 Feb 16
System and method for diagnosing a condition of a restrictor
23 Mar 21
The present disclosure relates to methodologies, systems, apparatus, and kits for diagnosing the condition of a restrictor element in a chromatography system based on flow rate measurements, or pressure measurements, or both.
Michael O. Fogwill
Filed: 11 Oct 18
Method for Determining a Dwell Volume of a Chromatographic System
25 Feb 21
Described is a method for determining a dwell volume of a liquid chromatography system and a liquid chromatography system that can determined the system dwell volume.
Jason F. Hill, Martin Gilar, Abhijit Tarafder, Christopher DesJardins
Filed: 19 Aug 20
Chromatographic Compositions
18 Feb 21
Provided herein are stationary phase compositions comprising a chromatographic surface of porous or non-porous core material comprising a surface modifier for use in chromatographic separations.
Matthew A. Lauber, Daniel P. Walsh
Filed: 26 Oct 20
Affinity Resins and Sample Preparation Devices Based on Cartilaginous Fish Ignar Derived Binding Domains
18 Feb 21
The present disclosure relates to protein arrays and methods of using the same for the detection, quantification and characterization of biomolecules that specifically bind to the array among various other biomolecules in a biological sample.
Matthew A. Lauber, Xiaoxiao Liu, Beatrice Muriithi, Edouard S. P. Bouvier
Filed: 11 Aug 20
Mixer for Chromatography System
18 Feb 21
Described is a mixer for a chromatography system.
Peyton C. Beals, Sylvain Gilles Cormier, Richard Wayne Andrews
Filed: 10 Aug 20
Fitting for Fluidic Coupling In a Chromatography System
18 Feb 21
A fitting for fluidic coupling in a chromatography system includes a compression screw including an axial bore, a threaded portion, and a drive end, a tube assembly including a tube sleeve and an inner tube disposed through the sleeve, the tube sleeve and the inner tube each extending to an endface of the tube assembly, the tube sleeve including an outer surface, a seal body extending between a first endface and a second endface, the first endface abutting the endface of the tube assembly, the seal body including an outer surface, and a collar secured to the outer surface of the tube sleeve and the outer surface of the seal body.
Mark W. Moeller, William B. Clark, Charles T. Murphy
Filed: 12 Aug 20
Pressure Transducer, System and Method
4 Feb 21
A diaphragm pressure transducer includes a body having an outer surface and a diaphragm, a strain gauge including a resistive element located on the outer surface, a fluidic inlet, and a fluidic cavity enclosed by the body in fluidic communication with the fluidic inlet, the fluidic cavity having an upper surface.
Zongren Shang
Filed: 2 Apr 19
Interface Module for Robotic Loading and Unloading of a Sample Manager for Liquid Chromatography
4 Feb 21
Described is an interface module for robotic loading and unloading of a liquid chromatography sample manager.
Jeffrey Musacchio, Scott Kelley
Filed: 27 Jul 20
Link Chain, Chain System and Method
4 Feb 21
Described is a chain including a plurality of links pivotally connected to each other such that the chain is configured to bend in one direction without back-bending.
Jeffrey Musacchio
Filed: 28 Jul 20
Method of Loading Samples into a Sample Manager of a Chromatography System
4 Feb 21
Described is a method for loading a sample-vial carrier into a sample manager of a liquid chromatography system.
Jeffrey Musacchio
Filed: 27 Jul 20
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