Dynamic pin configurator
30 Mar 21
A method and apparatus to protect the coded signals sent over physical twisted-pair wiring or between two (2) or more LANs connected by a Wide Area Network (WAN), from unauthorized electronic circuit/wiring monitoring.
Albert Henry Carlson, Robert LeBlanc, Carlos Gonzales, Robert Carlson
Filed: 17 Jan 18
Blind Key Generator and Exchange
18 Feb 21
Operationally, the invention transmits a number to a verifiable recipient which indicates to the receiver what the key will be, without sending the key, or some related key.
Albert Henry Carlson
Filed: 24 Jul 20
Polymorphic one time pad matrix
17 Feb 20
The present invention provides a simple and efficient cipher and key generation and selection capability from a predetermined, randomly changing, fixed size matrix (N) of ciphers and keys resulting in a very high-order approximation (Nr,c→∞) of a true One Time Pad for encryption solutions such as the CipherLoc Polymorphic Key Progression Algorithmic Cipher Engine.
Albert Henry Carlson, Robert LeBlanc, Robert Carlson, Patrick Doherty, Carlos Gonzales
Filed: 11 Jul 18
Virtual polymorphic hardware engine
18 Nov 19
Virtual field programmable gate array (VFPGA) duplicates and/or emulates a field programmable gate array through the use of base hardware and firmware that uses RAM as ROM or EPROM and provides control and monitoring and manipulation through the use of elementary and basic device functionality commands (machine code primitives) to accommodate the needs of polymorphic cipher engine software so that the software achieves the same results as thou it had access to programmable logic arrays, gate and logic blocks found in field programmable gate array chips.
Albert Henry Carlson, Robert LeBlanc
Filed: 15 Nov 18
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