Teledyne (TDY)

10 May 22
Zhenmei Mao, Ying Xiang, Xuan Song
Filed: 30 Aug 19
Simplified Geometry for Fabrication of Polarization-based Elements
5 May 22
Disclosed are various methods for creating optical elements through holographic fabrication.
Milind Mahajan, Bryce Murray, Dong-Feng Gu
Filed: 4 Nov 20
Laterally-gated Transistors and Lateral Schottky Diodes with Integrated Lateral Field Plate Structures
17 Mar 22
Laterally-gated transistors and lateral Schottky diodes are disclosed.
Keisuke Shinohara, Casey King, Eric Regan, Miguel Urteaga
Filed: 16 Sep 20
Battery, a fixture for forming a battery plate, a kit, and a related method of manufacture
8 Mar 22
A battery, a fixture for forming a battery plate, a kit, and a related method of manufacture are provided.
John D. Anderson, Janak M. Rajpara
Filed: 6 Apr 20
Image sensor and imaging system comprising the same
8 Mar 22
The present invention relates to an image sensor and to an imaging system comprising the same.
Chiel Smit, Willem J. Kindt
Filed: 2 Feb 21
Method of synchronizing a line scan camera
1 Mar 22
A method of synchronizing a line scan camera.
Felicia Yan Shu, Matthias Sonder, Dale Deering
Filed: 2 Oct 17
Flexible Lid Seal Integrity Sensor
24 Feb 22
A flexible lid seal detector incorporates a compression body having a cavity including a sensor.
Eric E. Meade, Stephen Wright
Filed: 21 Aug 20
24 Feb 22
A photodetector comprises a semiconductor substrate having an input surface for receiving illumination, control electrodes for control of photogenerated charge within the substrate and a filter on the radiation input surface of the substrate, the filter comprising a dielectric-metal band pass filter having a metal layer and one or more dielectric layers with one dielectric layer between the substrate surface and the metal layer.
Andrew HARRIS, Andrew KELT
Filed: 14 Feb 20
Use of multi-beam sonar systems to generate point cloud data and models, and data registration in underwater metrology applications
18 Jan 22
Use of sonar systems to collect dimensional and relational data for use in metrology, mapping, object and structure detection, survey and evaluation applications is disclosed.
Roger Lee Thompson, Jason Leonard Seawall, Scott Thomas Bachelor, Nicholas Lesnikowski
Filed: 1 Feb 19
Method for Generating a Super-resolution Image and Related Device
6 Jan 22
A method for generating a super-resolution image and related device is provided.
Felicia Yan Shu, Matthias Sonder
Filed: 20 Sep 19
Tunable multi-spectral lens
4 Jan 22
A multi-spectral lens comprises a circular polarizer and a tunable cholesteric filter having an associated reflection band.
Milind Mahajan, Dong-Feng Gu, Weiya Zhang, John Mansell
Filed: 21 Aug 20
Electrical arrangements with sealed housing containing electrically insulating fluid and temperature compensation bladder
4 Jan 22
An electrical arrangement, which may, for example be a magnetron, has a sealed chamber and electrically insulating fluid contained within the chamber.
Stuart William Andrews, Thomas Samuel Christopher, Daniel James Clay
Filed: 18 Jun 20
Connector suitable for harsh environments
4 Jan 22
A connector comprising a contact, a plunger, and a spring activated seal is provided.
Matthew Butler, Steve Volk
Filed: 16 Sep 19
Method of Forming a Bipolar Transistor with a Vertical Collector Contact
23 Dec 21
A method of forming a bipolar transistor with a vertical collector contact requires providing a transistor comprising a plurality of epitaxial semiconductor layers on a first substrate, and providing a host substrate.
Miguel Urteaga, Andy Carter
Filed: 22 Jun 20
Alignment of multiple image dice in package
21 Dec 21
An image sensor assembly and a method for assembling.
Anton Petrus Maria Van Arendonk
Filed: 15 Apr 16
Image Sensor for Optical Code Recognition
16 Dec 21
A CMOS image sensor for a code reader in an optical code recognition system incorporates a digital processing circuit that applies a calculation process to the capture image data as said data acquired by the sequential readout circuit of the sensor, in order to calculate a macro-image from the capture image data, which corresponds to location information of code(s) in the capture image, and transmit this macro-image in the image frame following the capture image data, in the footer of the frame.
Filed: 28 Oct 19
Method for reconstructing a 2D image from a plurality of X-ray images
7 Dec 21
The present invention relates to a method and a system for producing X-ray images from an object.
Yves Kessener, Andriy Lomako, Joseph Miller
Filed: 25 Nov 16
Connector suitable for harsh environments
23 Nov 21
A connector comprising a contact, a plunger, and a spring activated seal is provided.
Matthew Butler, Steve Volk
Filed: 16 Sep 19
Ohmic Contact for Multiple Channel Fet
18 Nov 21
An ohmic contact for a multiple channel FET comprises a plurality of slit-shaped recesses in a wafer on which a multiple channel FET resides, with each recess having a depth at least equal to the depth of the lowermost channel layer.
Keisuke Shinohara, Casey King, Eric Regan
Filed: 18 May 20
Dual-resonance dual-aperture subwoofer system
16 Nov 21
A submersible sound system may include a housing, an end piece, an elastic membrane, an end cap affixed to the elastic membrane, and a subwoofer speaker system disposed within the housing and supported by a speaker support.
Andrey K. Morozov
Filed: 28 Apr 21
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