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Connecting Device For Connecting A Screw Machine To A Gear Mechanism, And Method For Cleaning Such A Connecting Device
20 May 20
A connecting device for connecting a screw machine to a gear mechanism comprises a housing which in regions delimits an interior.
Daniel Sommer
Filed: 20 Nov 19
Method for pneumatically conveying plastic pellets
11 May 20
When performing a method for pneumatically conveying plastic pellets, the plastic pellets are conveyed, by means of a carrier gas, through a conveyor line from a feed point to a destination with a liquid being added thereto, wherein the quantity of liquid added to the plastic pellets and/or the carrier gas is such that during conveying, the carrier gas is oversaturated with the liquid at least in sections of the conveyor line in such a way that a Froude number defining the conveying conditions in the conveyor line is smaller than 45 at any point along the conveyor line.
Bernhard Stark, Michael Duerr, Thomas Vögele, Christian Dikreuter, Christian Toni
Filed: 22 Apr 18
Device and Method for Producing a Dyed and an Undyed Plastic Melt
6 May 20
A device for producing a dyed plastic melt and an undyed plastic melt includes a multi-shaft screw extruder, a first metering installation, a second metering installation, and a control installation for selecting between a first operating mode for producing the dyed plastic melt and a second operating mode for producing the undyed plastic melt.
Ulrich CONRAD, Norbert KERN, Markus SCHMUDDE, Bernhard STÖHRER, Heiko HORNBERGER
Filed: 26 Jul 17
Diverter Valve for Conveying Material to be Conveyed and Method for Cleaning a Diverter Valve of This Type
8 Apr 20
A diverter valve for conveying material to be conveyed, the diverter valve being cleanable using a method for CIP cleaning, comprises a housing with at least three passage openings to feed or discharge the material to be conveyed, the passage openings defining a conveying plane.
Bruno Zinser, Manfred Schaedler, Jochen Sprung
Filed: 29 Sep 19
Cellular Wheel Sluice for Granulate Bulk Product
1 Apr 20
A cellular wheel sluice for granulate bulk product has a housing in which a cellular wheel is rotatably mounted, wherein the housing has an inlet duct for the bulk product, wherein at least two raised granulate roofs are arranged at the inlet duct, wherein a granulate groove is arranged respectively at the transition between two granulate roofs and/or at the transition between one granulate roof and an inlet edge, wherein two granulate grooves in each case run together at an intersection point in the rotation direction of the cellular wheel.
Holger Adomeit, Michael Walter, Bruno Zinser
Filed: 25 Sep 19
Housing Component for the Production of a Housing of a Multi-shaft Screw Machine and Method for the Production of a Housing Component
19 Feb 20
A housing component, for the production of a housing of a multi-shaft screw machine, includes a base body, in which at least two bores interpenetrating each other are configured.
Karl-Conrad POLZER
Filed: 14 Aug 19
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