Hillenbrand (HI)

Injection Molding Apparatus with a Thermal Bridge
28 Jul 22
An injection molding apparatus and hot runner system are disclosed.
Thanh Huu NGUYEN, Cheryl Ann SAYER
Filed: 6 Oct 20
Side-gate Injection Molding Apparatus and Side-gate Hot Runner Nozzle
14 Jul 22
Disclosed is a side-gate nozzle having a nozzle body, a nozzle tip and a transfer member.
Jiping QIAN, Beilei YAN
Filed: 6 May 20
Feeding Screw Machine for Feeding a Processing Screw Machine
16 Jun 22
A feeding screw machine serves for feeding a processing screw machine.
Thorsten Stirner
Filed: 13 Dec 21
Valve Pin Plate Injection Molding Apparatus
28 Apr 22
An injection molding apparatus having a valve pin plate coupling at least one valve pin to an actuator which, in operation, axially moves the valve pin plate between a closed position and an open position.
Filed: 26 Oct 21
Angle Gating Injection Molding Apparatus
28 Apr 22
An angle gating injection molding apparatus is disclosed.
Kenneth JACOB
Filed: 21 Oct 21
Strand Pelletizer and Method for Adjusting the Cutting Gap of Such a Pelletizer
31 Mar 22
A strand pelletizer for pelletizing a strand of material comprises at least one cutting edge and an opposite cutting edge.
Martin Matuschek, Stefan Wygas
Filed: 26 Aug 19
Valve-gating Injection Molding Apparatus
24 Feb 22
A valve-gating injection molding apparatus is disclosed.
Filed: 23 Dec 19
Mold Latch and Mold Having Mold Latch
20 Jan 22
A mold latch having a latch bar and a traveler with two linear followers that can co-act with the latch bar to enable a mold plate, to which the traveler is attached, to translate together in a direction with another mold plate, to which latch bar is attached.
Filed: 19 Jul 21
Hot Runner Sleeve Heater
23 Dec 21
A sleeve heater for supplying heat to a melt delivery component of a hot runner system.
Haiqian LU
Filed: 10 Jun 21
Method for the Gravimetric Control of a Metering Device for a Bulk Material During the Refilling of its Storage Container, and Metering Device for Carrying Out the Method
25 Nov 21
The method according to the invention provides a way to continue gravimetric weighing of bulk material during refilling of a gravimetric metered dispensing unit, and to determine the mass of the refilled bulk material using a refilling container during the filling operation material and so determine the actual mass flow discharged during refilling in real time or on average in order to adjust it to a target mass flow.
Urs Helfenstein, Stefan Ludescher
Filed: 6 Sep 19
Molten Plastic Delivery System with Push-pull Cable Actuation
14 Oct 21
A molten plastic delivery system is disclosed having a nozzle defining a nozzle channel with a downstream nozzle channel opening.
Jeffrey Scott Thompson, Karsten Stengeli, Haiqian Lu, Robert Rinaldi
Filed: 7 Apr 21
Blade Head for Granulating Strands of Material and Granulating Apparatus Having Such a Blade Head and Method for Assembling Such a Blade Head
26 Aug 21
A blade head for granulating strands of material comprises a blade carrier and at least one granulating blade fastened thereto.
Christoph Klein, Oleg Rudi, Tatiana Vlasova, Jürgen Alexander Schweikle, Maria Hölzel, Maximilian Breuer
Filed: 23 Feb 21
Treatment Element for a Treatment Element Shaft of a Screw Machine, and Method for Producing a Treatment Element
19 Aug 21
A treatment element for a treatment element shaft of a screw machine comprises a main body with an outer wall, wherein the outer wall has a first wall section and a second wall section and wherein the first wall section is harder than the second wall section.
Karl-Conrad Polzer
Filed: 2 Feb 21
Method and Device for Producing a Powder Coating Melt
10 Jun 21
In a method and a device for producing a powder coating melt, firstly a first powder coating melt is produced from a powder coating premix by means of a screw machine.
Thorsten Stirner
Filed: 4 Dec 20
Conveying System and Method for Pneumatically Conveying Plastic Granulate
29 Apr 21
A conveying system for pneumatically conveying plastic granulate comprises a feed location, at which the plastic granulate is fed into a conveying line by pressurized conveying gas, a target location, in conveying connection with the feed location, for moisture contained in the conveying gas, and a condensation tempering unit, which is arranged along a section or sections of the conveying line, for making the conveying line such temperature to at least partial condensation of moisture contained in the conveying gas to form a sliding film on an internal wall of the conveying line.
Bernhard Stark, Michael Dürr, Thomas Vögele
Filed: 11 May 20
Injection Molding Apparatus with a Thermal Bridge
25 Mar 21
An injection molding apparatus is disclosed.
Payman TABASSI, Gurvinder BAJWA
Filed: 23 Sep 20
Liquid Injection Molding Apparatus
21 Jan 21
A liquid injection molding apparatus is provided.
Alexander BERLIN, Martin KESTLE
Filed: 6 Oct 20
Injection Molding Apparatus
21 Jan 21
An injection molding apparatus having a hot runner including a plurality of thermocouples and a plurality of heaters, a temperature controller remote from the hot runner, and a communication box attached to the hot runner.
James NGUYEN, Gnanasoundram Thai THAYALAN, Dannis TAM, Stephen KENCH
Filed: 17 Jul 20
Vibratory Conveyor
21 Jan 21
The invention relates to a vibratory conveyor comprising a drive unit that generates a vibration movement during operation, and a conveying element arranged on the drive unit, wherein the drive unit comprises a support arrangement for the conveying element, which is mounted on a rear section on the carrier arrangement and has a freely extending section, and a spring-elastic vibration arrangement is provided on the front section of the conveying element, said vibration arrangement being arranged and designed in such a way that it oscillates with respect to the oscillation of the drive arrangement with phase displacement counter to the phase displacement of the conveying element.
Urs Helfenstein
Filed: 20 Mar 19
Injection Unit Positioning Apparatus
25 Nov 20
An apparatus for aligning an outlet of an injection unit with an inlet of a mold mounted between platens of a molding machine includes a positioning assembly interconnecting the injection unit to the molding machine.
David Allan SHANTZ, Martin KESTLE, Alexander BERLIN
Filed: 7 Jun 20
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