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Advanced tire monitoring system
24 Aug 21
A tire pressure monitoring system comprising a tire pressure monitoring device for mounting on an internal surface of a tire and including a pressure sensor for monitoring the fluid pressure in the tire.
William David Stewart, Christopher Arnold, Stephen Robb, Ian Elliott
Filed: 22 Dec 16
Methods and apparatus for determining the orientation of a tire mounted device
10 Aug 21
A method of determining an orientation of a tire mounted device with respect to a wheel rim using an acceleration sensor.
William David Stewart, Stephen Robb
Filed: 1 Jan 19
Tire sensor location method and apparatus
15 Jun 21
A method of locating a wheel-mounted electronic device, such as a tire pressure monitoring device.
William David Stewart, Alan Murphy, Stephen Robb
Filed: 31 Oct 18
Cell balancing method and system
2 Mar 21
The invention relates to a system for battery cell balancing comprising a cell monitoring block (16) configured to monitor the voltage or a related quantity across individual cells (C.sub.1, C.sub.2, . . .
Alfredo Quijano López, Vincente Gavara Padilla, José Manuel Torrelo Ponce, Carlos Blasco Llopis, Javier Monreal Tolmo, Karl Ragnar Vestin
Filed: 12 Apr 17
Interface structure
13 Jul 20
An interface structure connecting an electronic component to a circuit board.
Hideyuki Takahashi
Filed: 11 Dec 16
Washer fixation method and system
30 Mar 20
Assembly systems and methods are provided for elastically deforming a non-circularly shaped washer while driving the washer through an insertion tool into a workpiece, such as a pressure sensor, having a correspondingly shaped recess with an inner wall diameter less than a maximum radial dimension of the non-circular washer.
Ernie Schoot Uiterkamp, Jan Bos
Filed: 29 May 17
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