Casper Sleep (CSPR)

Temperature-regulating mattress
8 Feb 22
A temperature-regulating mattress system provides dynamic adjustment of temperature and other parameters throughout a user's sleep cycle to maximize the quality of the user's sleep, Features of the system may include: (a) heating and cooling temperature regulation (with dynamic custom profiles that control humidity and are dual-zone); (b) smart controls (with remotes and apps that learn from users to optimize settings and work with smart home products such as Alexa and interactive lighting systems); (c) comfort (with a mattress that provide the necessary support for its users); and (d) sensors used for temperature and humidity estimation algorithms, control mechanism, and additional inferences from those sensors (pose, enrichment of biometric sensing data, etc.).
Jeff Chapin, Chris Glaister, Ara Acle, Defne Civelekoglu, Caroline Cockerham, John Cohen, Russell Jelinek, Martin Kay, Colin Kelly, Carly Kim, Eric Konzelmann, Jordan Lay, Eric Lewis, Jeff Mekler, Tyler Moore, Josef Norgan, Elliot Sather, Shail Shah, Shyam Srinivasan, Ryan Young
Filed: 22 Apr 19
21 Dec 21
A foam mattress in which a layer of latex or latex-like foam placed above a layer of memory foam is described.
Philip Krim, Neil Parikh, Jeff Chapin
Filed: 16 Jan 18
Mattress containing ergonomic and firmness-regulating endoskeleton
14 Sep 21
An endoskeleton elastomer that variably impacts the mattress firmness head-to-toe is described.
Russell Jelinek, Jesse Menayan, David Holm, Jeff Chapin
Filed: 13 Aug 18
Interactive portable lighting system
15 Jun 21
An interactive lighting system includes a group of one or more portable lamps designed to respond to user's spatial manipulation of a lamp to control the system.
Jordan Lay, Defne Civelekoglu, John Cohen, Louis Giacalone, III, Shail Shah, Josef Norgan, Christopher Sa Glaister, Shyam Srinivasan, Steve Martisauskas
Filed: 7 Jan 19
Dog mattress
10 Aug 20
A foam-based dog bed with no loose fiber comprising 5 components: 4 identical bolsters and 1 internal mattress is described.
Jesse Menayan, Carly Price, Jeffrey Chapin, Jonathan Belfort, Gen Suzuki, Brittany Kleinman
Filed: 14 Aug 17
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