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Method for Preparing Hot Water of Variable Discharge Temperature and Beverage Vending Machine for Conducting the Method
16 Sep 21
A method for preparing hot water of variable discharge temperature in a beverage vending machine, wherein the beverage vending machine contains a hot water generating system comprising a cold water supply line, an electrically heatable boiler, which has a boiler-side cold water inlet that can be connected to the cold water supply line for the supply of cold water from the cold water supply line into the boiler and a boiler-side hot water outlet for the discharge of water from the boiler that is heated to a maximum discharge temperature (ϑboiler), as well as a hot water outlet line that is connected in terms of flow to the boiler-side hot water outlet and that can be closed by at least one dispensing valve, by way of which the hot water provided with a specified discharge temperature (ϑtarget, ϑtarget1, ϑtarget2, ϑtarget3, ϑtarget4) for the preparation of a hot beverage can be taken from the hot water outlet line, wherein the cold water supply line can be connected alternatively to the boiler-side cold water inlet or to the boiler-side hot water outlet by way of an electrically actuatable 3/2 way valve, which, for the discharge of hot water, can be loaded with a sequence of electrical pulses, whose pulse duration (τ, τ1, τ2, τ3, τ4) is selected as a function of the specified discharge temperature (ϑtarget, ϑtarget1, ϑtarget2, ϑtarget3, ϑtarget4) of the hot water.
Filed: 11 Sep 19
Ice-making Device for Square Cubes Using Pan Partition and Pin Serpintine Evaporators
12 Aug 21
The present disclosure provides an ice making evaporator that combines the cubic shape of pan and partition evaporators with the central ice making of a pin evaporator to achieve an ice shape that is mostly cubic.
William E. Olson, JR., Richard T. Miller, Timothy L. Hynek, John P. Myers
Filed: 11 Feb 21
Method for Dispensing a Hot Beverage
29 Jul 21
A method for the dispensing of a hot beverage in a beverage vending machine, comprising a hot water generating system for the generation of hot water and a brewing chamber, wherein the brewing chamber is filled with brewing material for brewing a hot beverage, and following this, is loaded with hot water via a hot water inlet, and after the brewing process, the hot beverage is delivered from the brewing chamber into a vessel via a hot beverage outlet and a drain line connected therewith, wherein the hot beverage outlet can be loaded with compressed gas from a compressed gas source during a brewing process.
Filed: 26 Sep 19
Assessing a Quality of a Cooking Medium In a Fryer Using Artificial Intelligence
24 Jun 21
There is provided a system and a method for assessing a quality of a cooking medium in a fryer.
Ramesh B Tirumala, Himanshu Parikh
Filed: 17 Dec 20
Apparatus for Removing Coffee Foam from Coffee Liquid
17 Jun 21
A device for the removal of coffee foam from coffee liquid, comprising a tank having a tank interior, which is bounded by a peripheral tank wall as well as a tank bottom, with an inlet arranged above the tank bottom, via which the tank interior can be filled with coffee liquid, as well as with a liquid outlet arranged at the base of the tank bottom, from which the coffee liquid that has been freed of coffee foam can be discharged from the tank interior, is characterized in that the tank bottom converges toward the liquid outlet in a funnel-like manner and has a plurality of peripheral steps, which are arranged one above the other in a terrace-like manner, each of which has a peripheral step face and a vertical step wall arranged at an angle to it, the two of which
Xaver Ralf Heuberger
Filed: 25 Jun 19
Apparatus for Preparing a Coffee Beverage
14 Jan 21
A coffee brewer contains a brewing unit in which coffee grounds having been poured in are compressed by a plunger driven by an actuator.
Filed: 30 Sep 20
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