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Measurement device display screen with a graphical user interface
27 Apr 21
Lawrence J. Kizlik, George J. Polly, Brian P. Frackelton
Filed: 19 Dec 18
Flow restrictor
6 Apr 21
An apparatus that assists in sterilizing an endoscope inside a sterilizer employing a gaseous sterilant, e.g., hydrogen peroxide, is disclosed.
Ben Fryer
Filed: 15 Dec 17
Gate charge measurements using two source measure units
30 Mar 21
A testing environment includes a first measuring unit connected to a gate of a MOSFET device and a second measuring unit connected to a drain of the MOSFET device.
Alexander N. Pronin, Mary Anne Tupta
Filed: 3 May 19
Pulsed High Current Technique for Characterization of Device Under Test
4 Mar 21
A test and measurement circuit including a capacitor in parallel with a device under test, a direct current voltage source configured to charge the capacitor, a pulse generator configured to generate a pulse for testing the device under test, and a sensor for determining a current in the device under test.
Gregory Sobolewski
Filed: 24 Aug 20
Apparatus and method for reprocessing a medical device
16 Feb 21
An apparatus and method for reprocessing a medical device includes a decontamination basin, a first flush conduit, a second flush conduit, and a manifold.
Sungwook Yang, Dang Minh Ngo
Filed: 13 Dec 18
Method and System for Determining Rotational Speed by Means of Video Camera
11 Feb 21
A method for determining a rotational speed of a rotatably mounted component of a machine is disclosed, wherein image data of a marked region of the machine component are obtained in the form of a plurality of frames via a video camera, and the image data are evaluated, in order to determine the periodicity of the rotation of the machine component from the change over time of the image data in the frames of the machine component.
Cornelius Sommerer, Bhamy Narasimha Shenoy, Frank Votteler
Filed: 7 Aug 20
Multi-port cap for reagent container
2 Feb 21
A liquid distribution system is configured to deliver a disinfectant solution to a medical device within an enclosure.
Nick N. Nguyen, Yan Fang
Filed: 11 Oct 19
Self-contained biological indicator
2 Feb 21
A biological sterilization indicator includes a housing having a first enclosure and a second enclosure, an ampule containing a liquid growth medium, and an insert disposed at least partially in the first enclosure.
Benham Amin
Filed: 1 Mar 16
Expanded Shunt Current Source
28 Jan 21
A current source has at least one gain component having a constant gain at frequencies below a frequency point, and having a gain inversely proportional to frequency at frequencies above the frequency point, the gain component having an input and an output, a source resistor connected in series with the output of the gain component, the gain component to regulate a voltage across the source resistor to be a source voltage, such that the gain of the gain component limits regulation by the gain component of the source voltage and an output voltage across a load between a high terminal and a low terminal, and a feedback component to receive at least a portion of the output voltage, the feedback component connected to the input of the gain component, the feedback component configured to reduce the gain of the gain component available to regulate the source voltage across the source resistor.
Wayne C. Goeke
Filed: 23 Jul 20
Visual Liquid Level Indicator
6 Jan 21
A tank and liquid level indicator has first housing that holds a liquid and a second elongated housing in fluid communication with the first elongated housing so that a liquid level in the second housing is approximately equal to the level in the first housing.
David P. Curry, Douglas Stetson, James B. Dockendorff
Filed: 20 Sep 20
System and method for storage of a medical device
28 Dec 20
A storage apparatus and methods for storing medical devices are provided.
Samuel Jackson Rhodes, Natalie R. Holger
Filed: 25 Dec 17
Apparatus and Method to Repeatedly Fill and Purge Channels of Endoscope
23 Dec 20
A medical device reprocessor is operable to perform a method of cleaning an internal channel of a medical device.
Sungwook Yang
Filed: 1 Sep 20
Estimation of Unknown Electronic Load
23 Dec 20
A test and measurement instrument including a voltage source configured to output a source voltage, a current sensor, and one or more processors.
William C. Weeman
Filed: 4 Jun 20
Process and apparatus for cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, or combinations thereof
14 Dec 20
Apparatus and methods are provided for cleaning, disinfecting, and/or sterilizing a device.
Morris Fuller Fox, III
Filed: 25 Dec 17
Interconnect System with High Current and Low Leakage Capability
9 Dec 20
A test and measurement instrument switch matrix including a first cable including a center conductor and a guard connected to a first output of the test and measurement instrument; a second cable including a center conductor and a guard connected to a second output of the test and measurement instrument; a third cable including a center conductor and a guard connected to the device under test; and a fourth cable including a center conductor connected to the device under test and a guard connected to the device under test.
Gregory Sobolewski
Filed: 27 May 20
Device for Sensing Mechanical Vibrations
18 Nov 20
A device for sensing mechanical vibrations of measurement objects that can be attached to measurement objects for this purpose comprises a housing, at least one vibration sensing element and at least two current sources.
Filed: 14 May 20
Sterilization-assistance device
26 Oct 20
A sterilization-assistance device is described herein.
Ben Fryer, Han Chin, Behnam Amin, Raya Majdanishabestari
Filed: 6 Dec 17
Apparatus and Method for Sterilizing Medical Devices
21 Oct 20
A sterilizing cabinet performs a method of processing a medical device, such as a used medical device or an otherwise non-sterile medical device.
Brian J. Thompson, Jacob S. Childs, Chunhui Xie, Marco A. Mangiaterra, Darius D. Eghbal, Margaret D. Shaffer, Jeremy M. Yarwood, Benjamin M. Fryer
Filed: 6 May 20
Adjustable Magnetic Counterbalance
21 Oct 20
An adjustable magnetic counterbalance assembly wherein a counterbalance force of the adjustable magnetic counterbalance is adjustable.
Chris Lo, Mark L'Italien
Filed: 21 Apr 20
Apparatus and method for detecting moisture in a vacuum chamber
12 Oct 20
A method of operating a sterilization system having a vacuum chamber for sterilizing instruments, the chamber connected to a reservoir of sterilant by a valve in a closed state, is disclosed.
Han Chin
Filed: 6 Mar 18
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