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Seating module for a seat
19 Jul 22
A seating module for a seat, in particular a vehicle seat, may have at least a substantially air-permeable upholstery part.
Bethany M. Scott, David B. Bakker, Eric Bernard Michalak
Filed: 10 Apr 19
Floating seat
7 Jun 22
A seating system for at least one occupant in a vehicle interior is disclosed.
Thomas Dillinger
Filed: 3 Apr 19
Vehicle seat with cantilevered headrest assembly and positioning system
24 May 22
A headrest assembly for use in a vehicle seat.
Mark Milner, John Gomez, Kurt Seibold, Jeff Laho
Filed: 29 Apr 20
Vehicle seat having a drive device
3 May 22
A vehicle seat having a drive device for driving a adjustment kinematics of the vehicle seat may have an adjustment arm, and a tensioning device.
Georg Fischer, Lars Kramm
Filed: 11 Jan 21
Headrest support structure and vehicle seat
3 May 22
A headrest support structure has an upper panel, a collar and a sleeve.
Motohiko Ozawa, Thomas D Novitsky
Filed: 24 Mar 20
Seat and seat mounting structure
19 Apr 22
The disclosure relates to a seat for a vehicle.
John J. Gomez, Kurt A. Seibold, James D. Biebel, Raza Bashir, Dalibor Dimovski, Raymond Anthony Iavasile
Filed: 6 Jan 20
Seating module having a recessed grip and a seating arrangement including a seating module having a recessed grip
24 Feb 20
A seating module having a recessed grip for a vehicle, in particular an aircraft, and a seating arrangement that includes a seating module that has a recessed grip.
Jonathan Peter Cansfield, Jack Marple, Chevy Ho, Joel Richman, Tony Bravetti
Filed: 20 Dec 17
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