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Combination Therapy for Treating Muscular Dystrophy
3 Feb 22
The invention described herein provides gene therapy vectors, such as adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors, that co-express a functional protein (such as a miniaturized human micro-dystrophin gene product) and one or more additional coding sequences for an RNAi sequence (siRNA, shRNA, miRNA), an antisense sequence, a guide sequence for a gene editing enzyme (such as an sgRNA for CRISPR/Cas9, or a crRNA for CRISPR/Casl2a), and/or a micro RNA, and methods of using the vectors to treat subjects suffering from a muscular dystrophy such as DMD/BMD.
Senthil Ramu, Joel Schneider, Kathy Ye Morgan, Wen Allen Tseng, Fatih Ozsolak, Meghan Soustek-Kramer, Eric Reyes, Sarath Mandava
Filed: 11 Dec 19
Multi-path Communication Device for Sharing Feedback Path for Digital Pre-distortion
15 Apr 20
The present invention, which relates to a multi-path communication device for sharing a feedback path for digital pre-distortion, includes: a DPD processing unit configured to output a plurality of pre-distorted signals by respectively pre-distorting a plurality of input signals, to output an nth control signal when an nth input signal is input, and to output an nth pre-distorted signal using an nth feedback signal input in response to the nth control signal; a power amplifying unit configured to amplify each of the plurality of pre-distorted signals and output a plurality of amplified signals; a signal combining unit configured to combine some of each of the plurality of amplified signals and output combined feedback signal; and a signal selection unit configured to select and output only the nth feedback signal from the combined feedback signal according to the input nth control signal, thereby preventing an increase in the size of a device and manufacturing cost thereof caused by a plurality of DPD feedback paths.
Kwang Nam Seo, Do Yoon Kim, Hyoung Ho Kim
Filed: 11 Dec 19
Distributed Antenna System-based on Time Sensitive Network
18 Mar 20
A TSN-based distributed antenna system including a headend unit, one or more TSN switches, and one or more remote units and a fronthaul transport network constituted by the headend unit, the TSN switch, and the remote unit is provided.
Dong Hee KWON, Hoo Pyo HONG, Young Man CHO, Dae Young KIM, Hyun Jung KIM
Filed: 14 Jun 19
Apparatus and method for compensating optical transmission delay
2 Mar 20
The present invention provides a method of optical transmission delay compensation of a system including a main unit and a remote unit, wherein the main unit and the remote unit are connected to each other through an optical transmission line, including: receiving a reference signal, by the remote unit, generated by the main unit through the optical transmission line; analog converting the reference signal and performing analog processing on the reference signal; converting the analog-processed reference signal into an RF signal and radiating the RF signal; and measuring a delay time until the reference signal is generated and radiated as the RF signal.
Ok Jin Kim
Filed: 27 Mar 16
Distributed Antenna System Including Crest Factor Reduction Module Disposed at Optimum Position
16 Oct 19
A distributed antenna system includes a plurality of head-end devices for each receiving mobile communication signals from at least one corresponding base station, a hub communicatively coupled to the plurality of head-end devices, and a plurality of remote devices communicatively coupled to the hub, wherein the hub configured to distribute the mobile communication signals received from each of the plurality of head-end devices to the plurality of remote devices, wherein each of the plurality of remote devices is remotely disposed to transmit the distributed mobile communication signals to a terminal in service coverage, and wherein the hub includes a mixing processing stage configured to perform digital mixing processing on the mobile communication signals respectively received from the plurality of head-end devices, and a crest factor reduction (CFR) module disposed posterior to the mixing processing stage, with respect to a signal transmission direction.
Hyoungho KIM, Doyoon Kim, Kwangnam Seo
Filed: 26 Jun 19
Node unit of distributed antenna system
14 Oct 19
A node unit of a distributed antenna system includes a power supply unit for supplying power for operating the node unit, a digital part operated by the power supplied from the power supply unit, the digital part performing digital processing on input relay signals and outputting the digital-processed relay signals, and a controller for disabling an output of the digital part in response to a first control command for instructing a reset of the power supply unit or a second control command for instructing a reset of the digital part.
Hyoungho Kim, Kwon Kim, Jonggu Lee, Heegon Kim
Filed: 29 Mar 16
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