Broadcom (AVGO)

Switch with network services packet processing by service software instances
21 Jun 22
Virtual machine environments are provided in the switches that form a network, with the virtual machines executing network services previously performed by dedicated appliances.
James Kwon, Joseph Ammirato
Filed: 19 May 20
Power throttle for network switches
21 Jun 22
The disclosed systems and methods provide methods and systems for providing power throttling adapted for high performance network switches.
Surendra Anubolu, Sachin Prabhakarrao Kadu, Laxminarasimha Rao Kesiraju, Mohan V. Kalkunte
Filed: 31 Jul 20
Mobile communication devices having adaptable features and methods for implementation
14 Jun 22
Provided are communication devices having adaptable features and methods for implementation.
John Walley
Filed: 12 Jun 18
Frame formats for distributed MIMO
14 Jun 22
Disclosed herein are related to systems and methods for a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communication.
Ron Porat, Srinath Puducheri Sundaravaradhan, Karim Nassiri Toussi, Jun Zheng
Filed: 26 Aug 19
Folded channel vertical transistor and method of fabricating same
7 Jun 22
A semiconductor structure includes a substrate having a top surface, pillar structures formed on top of the substrate, a gate conductor, a drain/source region and a source/drain region.
Qing Liu
Filed: 29 Jul 19
Efficient Convergence In Network Events
2 Jun 22
One embodiment of the present invention provides a switch.
Rajesh Pukhraj JAIN, Eswara S.P. CHINTHALAPATI, Sandeep G. BHAT
Filed: 27 Dec 21
Trick mode operation with multiple video streams
31 May 22
Systems, methods and apparatuses for handling trick mode operation using multiple video streams are provided.
Jason W. Herrick, Daniel William English, Wade K. Wan
Filed: 1 Feb 19
Stress Mitigation Structure
26 May 22
A device and substrate are disclosed.
YongIk Choi, Chris Chung, Michael Leary, Domingo Figueredo, Chang Kyu Choi, Sarah Haney, Li Sun
Filed: 9 Feb 22
Architecture, Method and System for Video and Arithmetic Coding
26 May 22
In an example architecture flexible arithmetic coding system, coding circuitry of a device may receive video data that is to be coded (e.g., to be encoded or decoded) by arithmetic coding.
Minhua ZHOU
Filed: 11 Feb 22
Systems and methods for managing a need-to-know domain name system
17 May 22
The disclosed computer-implemented method for managing a need-to-know domain name system may include (i) intercepting, by an agent of the computing device, network traffic received on the computing device, (ii) generating, by the agent, a one-time password based on a unique identifier of the agent of the computing device, (iii) wrapping, by the agent, the network traffic with the one-time password, and (iv) pushing, by the agent, the wrapped network traffic to a cloud server using a local domain name system (DNS) of the agent of the computing device, wherein the local DNS comprises a private domain name unpublished in a global DNS.
Ashok Banerjee, Leonid Belkind, Russell Daigle
Filed: 19 Sep 19
System for and Method of Cancelling a Transmit Signal Echo In Full Duplex Transceivers
12 May 22
The systems and methods discussed herein utilized a wireless or wired transceiver having a transmitter and a receiver.
Jingguang Wang, Jing Wang, Robert Roze, Kambiz Vakilian
Filed: 28 Jan 21
LTF Sequences for 320 MHZ Wifi Channels
5 May 22
A wireless communication device includes a communication interface and processing circuitry coupled to the communication interface.
Leo Montreuil, Ron Porat
Filed: 15 Oct 21
Load-aware ECMP
3 May 22
A semiconductor chip for implementing load-aware equal-cost multipath routing includes a number of pipes, each pipe being coupled to a portion of ports on the semiconductor chip, and a central unit consisting of a state machine and multiple databases.
Sachin Prabhakarrao Kadu
Filed: 14 Apr 21
Punctured Null Data Packet (NDP) Within Wireless Communications
21 Apr 22
A wireless communication device (alternatively, device, WDEV, etc.) includes at least one processing circuitry configured to support communications with other WDEV(s) and to generate and process signals for such communications.
Ron Porat, Jun Zheng
Filed: 3 Jan 22
Adjudicating files by classifying directories based on collected telemetry data
19 Apr 22
Telemetry data from client file reputation queries is collected over time.
Qian Zhu, Alexander Lichstein, Daniel Sosa
Filed: 26 Jun 19
Pixel storage for graphical frame buffers
19 Apr 22
A device implementing the subject pixel storage for graphical frame buffers may include at least one processor configured to obtain a plurality of data units containing a plurality of pixels stored in memory, each of the plurality of data units including a first pixel of the plurality of pixels packed in succession with at least a portion of a second pixel of the plurality of pixels, in which the plurality of pixels is represented by a number of bits, obtain a group of pixels from the plurality of pixels, and store the group of pixels using a targeted number of bits.
Richard Hayden Wyman, Brian Francis Schoner, David Chao Hua Wu, Timothy James Mamtora
Filed: 13 Jan 21
Apparatus to save power smartly from Bluetooth audio visual remote control protocol notifications
19 Apr 22
System, method and computer-readable storage medium including, a first communications device including a host processor to wake up upon receipt of a message and stream audio directly to another device via wireless communication, a second communications device including circuitry to control the streaming of the audio by sending messages to the first communications device and to control a display.
Raghavendra Ramappa, Ravi Nagarajan, Avish Vijaykumar Shah
Filed: 5 Nov 19
Identifying and protecting against an attack against an anomaly detector machine learning classifier
5 Apr 22
Identifying and protecting against an attack against an anomaly detector machine learning classifier (ADMLC).
Aditya Kuppa, Slawomir Grzonkowski
Filed: 15 Aug 19
Bandwidth query report poll
5 Apr 22
Embodiments of systems and methods for wireless communication in a wireless network include generation of a bandwidth query report poll (BQRP) frame by an access point and transmission of the BQRP frame to multiple wireless stations.
Zhou Lan, Matthew J. Fischer
Filed: 30 Oct 19
Systems and methods for detecting and protecting against malicious use of legitimate computing-system tools
29 Mar 22
A computer-implemented method for detecting and protecting against malicious use of legitimate computing-system tools may include (i) identifying a computing-system tool that can perform benign actions and malicious actions on a computing system, (ii) creating a set of recorded actions by recording actions performed by the computing-system tool on the computing system over a predetermined period of time, (iii) analyzing the set of recorded actions via a machine learning method that, for each action in the set of recorded actions, determines whether the action is anomalous compared to other actions in the set, (iv) classifying an action in the set of recorded actions as malicious based at least in part on determining that the action is anomalous, and (v) initiating, in response to classifying the action as malicious, a security action related to the action.
Slawomir Grzonkowski, Aditya Kuppa
Filed: 28 Mar 19
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