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Technology for analyzing images depicting vehicles according to base image models
14 Jun 22
A method and system for analyzing images of a target vehicle according to a base image model corresponding to the target vehicle.
Ke Chen, John L. Haller, Athinodoros S. Georghiades, Takeo Kanade
Filed: 21 Jul 20
Smart image tagging and selection on mobile devices
24 May 22
Techniques for automatic image tagging and selection at a mobile device include generating a smart image tagging model by first training an initial model based on different angles of image capture of subject vehicles, and then re-training the trained model using weights discovered from the first training and images that have been labeled with additional tags indicative of different vehicle portions and/or vehicle parameters.
Saeid Bagheri, Masatoshi Kato, Christoph Plenio
Filed: 31 Oct 19
Systems and methods for repairing a damaged vehicle using image processing
29 Mar 22
An image processing system and method obtains one or more source images in which a damaged vehicle is represented, and performs one or more image processing techniques on the obtained images to determine, predict, estimate, and/or detect damage that has occurred at various locations on the vehicle.
Ke Chen, John L. Haller, Takeo Kanade, Athinodoros S. Georghiades
Filed: 20 May 16
Driver assist design analysis system
8 Mar 22
A driver assist analysis system includes a processing system and a database that stores vehicle data, vehicle operational data, vehicle accident data, and environmental data related to the configuration and operation of a plurality of vehicles with driver assist systems or features.
Marc Fredman
Filed: 26 Jan 21
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