Marvell Technology (MRVL)

Light engine based on silicon photonics TSV interposer
21 Jun 22
A method for forming a silicon photonics interposer having through-silicon vias (TSVs).
Liang Ding, Radhakrishnan L. Nagarajan
Filed: 9 Jan 20
Silicon-based polarization beam splitter
17 May 22
The present application discloses a polarization beam splitter (PBS).
Jie Lin
Filed: 13 Feb 19
Delay-based Automatic Queue Management and Tail Drop
12 May 22
Approaches, techniques, and mechanisms are disclosed for improving operations of a network switching device and/or network-at-large by utilizing queue delay as a basis for measuring congestion for the purposes of Automated Queue Management (“AQM”) and/or other congestion-based policies.
William Brad Matthews, Bruce Hui Kwan, Puneet Agarwal
Filed: 6 Nov 20
Automatic Flow Management
12 May 22
Packet-switching operations in a network device are managed based on the detection of excessive-rate traffic flows.
William Brad Matthews, Rupa Budhia, Puneet Agarwal
Filed: 20 Jan 22
Network switch with integrated gradient aggregation for distributed machine learning
10 May 22
Distributed machine learning systems and other distributed computing systems are improved by embedding compute logic at the network switch level to perform collective actions, such as reduction operations, on gradients or other data processed by the nodes of the system.
William Brad Matthews, Puneet Agarwal
Filed: 10 May 19
Laser Chip for Flip-chip Bonding on Silicon Photonics Chips
21 Apr 22
A laser chip for flip-chip bonding on a silicon photonics chip with passive alignment features.
Xiaoguang He, Radhakrishnan L. Nagarajan
Filed: 21 Oct 20
Memory-based power stabilization in a network device
19 Apr 22
According to an embodiment, power demands of a computing device or component thereof may be stabilized by performing redundant operations during periods of otherwise low power demand.
Keith Michael Ring, Mohammad Kamel Issa
Filed: 3 Apr 19
Termination Circuits and Attenuation Methods Thereof
31 Mar 22
The present invention is directed to communication systems and electrical circuits.
Yida DUAN, Karthik RAVIPRAKASH, Parmanand MISHRA
Filed: 29 Sep 20
Silicon-photonics-based Semiconductor Optical Amplifier with N-doped Active Layer
17 Mar 22
A semiconductor optical amplifier for high-power operation includes a gain medium having a multilayer structure sequentially laid with a P-layer, an active layer, a N-layer from an upper portion to a lower portion in cross-section thereof.
Xiaoguang HE, Radhakrishnan L. NAGARAJAN
Filed: 17 Sep 20
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