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Dosage Form Coating Composition and Method of Making and Using the Same
22 Apr 21
The present disclosure provides dosage form coating compositions and suspensions, coatings, coated dosage forms, and methods of making and using the same.
Beverly A. Schad, Houston Smith
Filed: 18 Apr 18
Compositions for Coating Edible Substrates and Methods of Making and Using the Same
8 Apr 21
A composition for coating an edible substrate including about 85.0 wt % to about 95.0 wt % of a cellulose film former (e.g., hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose), about 5.0 wt % to about 15.0 wt % of a plasticizer (e.g., glycerin), and about 1.0 wt % to about 4.0 wt % of a lubricant selected from sunflower oil, vegetable oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil, mineral oil, a fatty acid, or a combination thereof, relative to the total weight of non-water components of the composition.
Beverly A. Schad
Filed: 19 Feb 19
Purification Methods Using Sorbents and Pressurized Low-polarity Water Extraction
30 Dec 20
A method for separating, purifying, and recovering components from a liquid feedstock.
Juan Eduardo Cacace, Ryan Moss, Lisa Ranken, Benjamin Lightburn
Filed: 4 Sep 18
Natural Blue-shade Colorants and Methods of Making and Using Same
21 Oct 20
Composition having a blue color including a buffer, an anthocyanin, and a divalent ion source.
Gale D. Myers, Michael C. Jelavich, Leo H. Otto, Jeffrey R. Plodzien
Filed: 24 Nov 19
Nanoparticle Dispersions
7 Oct 20
A method for preparing a dispersion of nanoparticles of a solid organic dye or pigment in a liquid carrier, the method comprising forming a solution or slurry of the solid organic dye or pigment in an organic or other solvent, and continuously mixing the solution or slurry with the liquid carrier in a counter current or concurrent mixing reactor providing a dispersion of the nanoparticles in the liquid carrier and solvent mixture and, optionally concentrating the dispersion.
Paul Wallace
Filed: 25 Nov 18
Opacity Modifying Agents for Edible Products
15 Apr 20
An opacity modifying agent in particulate form comprising a starch, a dextrin, an optional film former, and an optional binder is disclosed herein.
Michael Charles Jelavich, Gale Denise Myers, Andreas Klingenberg
Filed: 22 Aug 19
Coating Composition and Method of Making and Using the Same
8 Apr 20
The present disclosure provides a coating composition including a pectin and a non-glycerol sugar alcohol.
Beverly A. Schad, Houston SMITH
Filed: 2 Apr 18
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