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Vehicle display system with reflection control
19 Apr 22
A display system for a vehicle comprises a display device disposed inside a passenger compartment of the vehicle.
Ethan J. Lee, John A. VanderPloeg, Andrew D. Weller
Filed: 25 Nov 19
Switchable imager lens cover
19 Apr 22
An imager module for a vehicle includes an imager having an imager lens.
David J. Cammenga, Xiaoxu Niu, Kurtis L. Geerlings, Jason D. Hallack, Robert R. Turnbull, Carl N. Wassink
Filed: 9 May 19
Activation of Vehicle Charging Devices from Vehicle Integrated Controller
14 Apr 22
A trainable transceiver comprises a transceiver circuit, a user interface, and a control circuit in selective communication with the transceiver circuit.
Sinisa Likic, Christian Schubert, Klaus Weibler
Filed: 8 Oct 21
Advanced features for vehicle monitoring system
5 Apr 22
A vehicle monitoring system is configured to monitor a scanning region depicting a subject and includes a monitoring apparatus configured to capture scanning data in the scanning region depicting the subject.
Bradley A. Bosma, David J. Cammenga, Ethan J. Lee, Brian G. Brackenbury, Danny L. Minikey, Jr., Mark R. Roth, Matthew W. Remijn, David M. Bostrom, Joshua D. Lintz
Filed: 22 Feb 21
Rearview assembly with enhanced cooling
29 Mar 22
A rearview assembly comprises a rearview device; a housing supporting the rearview device; a cavity defined by the housing and the rearview device; a first printed circuit board having a processor and disposed within the cavity; a second printed circuit board in communication with the first printed circuit board and disposed within the cavity; at least one rib having an outer edge and extending from the housing into the cavity; and a channel whose sidewalls are defined by a portion of the housing, the at least one rib, and a portion of the second printed circuit board.
Steven J. Veenman, Eric S. Sloterbeek, Brian D. Jewell
Filed: 12 Mar 20
Vehicle-based remote control system and method
29 Mar 22
A remote control system of a vehicle is configured to control a remote device via a first electronic device.
Nicholas J. Goote, Steven L. Geerlings, Thomas S. Wright
Filed: 31 Jan 20
Eye Shield
24 Mar 22
An eye shield for protecting a user's eye has a shield that includes an aperture.
Nathan Winters
Filed: 7 Jan 20
Concealment Panel with Asymmetric Reflectance
24 Mar 22
An asymmetrically reflective member is disclosed.
George A. Neuman, Mario F. Saenger Nayver, Joshua D. Lintz
Filed: 20 Sep 21
Mirror Assembly with Passenger Camera
24 Mar 22
A mirror assembly for a vehicle comprises a housing forming a top portion and a bottom portion extending laterally between two side portions.
Bradley R. Hamlin, Richard T. Fish
Filed: 22 Sep 21
System and method for identifying vehicle operation mode
22 Mar 22
The disclosure provides for an accessory for a vehicle.
Mark R. Roth
Filed: 30 Nov 18
Imaging system for iris authentication and driver monitoring
22 Mar 22
An imaging apparatus comprises a first light source configured to project a first illumination onto a vehicle occupant and a second light source configured to project a second illumination onto the vehicle occupant.
Joshua D. Lintz, Kurtis L. Geerlings, Adam R. Heintzelman, Xiaoxu Niu
Filed: 4 Dec 19
Rearview Assembly
17 Mar 22
A rearview assembly having a transflective element, a carrier plate, and an imager.
Eric S. Lundy, Joshua D. Lintz
Filed: 13 Sep 21
Second surface laser ablation
15 Mar 22
A laser ablated product exhibits a diffraction severity of less than about 5.
Kurtis L. Geerlings, George A. Neuman, John S. Anderson, Chad M. Wine, Henry A. Luten, Donald L. Bareman
Filed: 17 Dec 18
Helmet Accessory Mounting System
10 Mar 22
A helmet accessory mounting system includes a mounting device configured to couple to an outer surface of a side of a helmet.
Michael Lawrence Franzino, Stephen Bourque, Scott W. James, Daniel Berry, Ross Fade Barber, Zoltan S. Brutler
Filed: 19 Nov 21
Rearview mirror housing
8 Mar 22
Christopher D. Pollack, Eric S. Sloterbeek, William M. Vanden Bos
Filed: 27 Mar 18
Pulse-width modulation for clearing electro-optic device
8 Mar 22
A controller system configured to clear an electro-optic device may include an electro-optic device having a first substrate having a first surface and a second surface, the second surface having a first layer of electrically conductive material disposed thereon; a second substrate having a first surface having a second layer of electrically conductive material disposed thereon, and a second surface, the second substrate being approximately parallel to the first substrate such that a chamber is defined by the first and second substrates; and an electro-optic medium disposed in the chamber defined by the first and second substrates and in contact with the first and second layers of electrically conductive material; a controller in communication with the electro-optic device, wherein the controller is configured to control electrical power supplied to the electro-optic device and a potentiometer in communication with the electro-optic device and with the controller.
Henry A. Luten, Carl N. Wassink, Kevin L. Ash, Zachary J. Petroelje, Michael T. Stephenson
Filed: 27 Aug 19
EC element architecture for concealment and coating designed to hide cameras and components behind a substrate
8 Mar 22
A switchable device is provided.
Adam R. Heintzelman, George A. Neuman, David J. Cammenga, Mario F. Saenger Nayver, Jian Gao, Xiaoxu Niu
Filed: 8 Oct 19
System and method for display fault monitoring
1 Mar 22
A display device for a vehicle comprises a pixel array comprising a plurality of display elements.
David A. Blaker, Justin D. Jansen
Filed: 20 Apr 21
22 Feb 22
Bradley T. Dubs, Andrew D. Weller, Adam R. Heintzelman, Nigel T. Lock
Filed: 6 Jan 20
Window switch assembly
22 Feb 22
Ted D. Reeves, Bradley L. Busscher, Autumn N. Lagowski
Filed: 7 Jan 19
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