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Volatile organic compound controlled relay for power applications
16 Nov 21
A power relay is controlled by the presence of Volatile Organic Compounds that are often emitted by outgassing from electronic components during overheat and failure conditions.
Jeffrey A. Jouper
Filed: 18 Apr 18
Virtual electronic circuit breaker
2 Nov 21
A virtual electronic circuit breaker having an electrical relay and a control circuit, the control circuit including a load and wire protection (“OC”) detection unit, a microprocessor and a driver.
Massoud Vaziri
Filed: 27 Nov 20
Integrated brushless starter generator
8 Jun 21
A brushless starter-generator system is contained within a single housing.
Bernard A. Raad
Filed: 14 Jul 17
Dielectric lens for antenna system
27 Apr 21
Antenna lens structures, and antenna systems including the lens structures.
Eric W. Kratzenberg, Joseph A. Hoell, Jr., John W. Berrigan
Filed: 27 Aug 18
Insertion counter for USB outlets
16 Mar 21
Disclosed is a system for aiding in determining when a power-providing outlet is ending its usable service life and is due for service or replacement.
Pey-Hua Hwang, Dennis P. Markert, Aaron Clarke, David Perchlik, Reid Adriance
Filed: 12 Feb 18
Cord reel assembly with continuous cord
14 Dec 20
A cord reel assembly including a single, continuous cord having stationary and retractable segments, with the stationary segment including multiple connectors and sheath covering such connectors where the connectors twist and untwist relative to the sheath in response to the retract and extension of the retractable segment.
John Alford, Christopher Hinojosa
Filed: 6 Jun 17
Trainline performance evaluation
31 Aug 20
A system for testing trainline communications includes a command test box, a remote test box, and a controller.
Matthew Patrick Rodney
Filed: 23 Sep 19
LED end of life optical comparator and methods for determining LED light fixture end of life
3 Aug 20
The present invention provides methods and devices for determining end of life of a light fixture by comparing the light output of a control LED of the fixture with the light output of an illumination LED of the fixture.
Jeffery Basil Lendaro
Filed: 29 Jun 14
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