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Thermostable Vaccine Compositions and Methods of Preparing same
25 Nov 21
Compositions relating to thermostable vaccines and methods of preparing the same.
Kimberly Hassett, Pradyot Nandi, Robert N. Brey, John Carpenter, Theodore Randolph
Filed: 10 May 21
Compositions and Methods of Manufacturing Trivalent Filovirus Vaccines
2 Dec 20
Disclosed is a stable immunogenic composition capable of eliciting a robust and durable immune response, comprising at least one antigen consisting of a filovirus glycoprotein and at least one nano-emulsion adjuvant which are co-lyophilized and can be reconstituted immediately prior to use.
Oreola Donini, Axel Lehrer
Filed: 19 May 20
Novel Peptides and Analogs for Use in the Treatment of Oral Mucositis
14 Oct 20
Preclinical data obtained in models of chemotherapy-induced mucositis, radiation-induced mucositis, neutropenic infection and colitis indicate oral mucositis is a promising indication for Innate Defense Regulator (IDR) peptides.
Oreola Donini, Annett Rozek, Jackson Lee, John Carpenter, Michael Abrams
Filed: 8 Apr 19
Topically Active Steroids for Use in Radiation and Chemotherapeutics Injury
20 May 20
Methods of delivering corticosteroids or metabolites thereof for treating and preventing tissue damage resulting from acute radiation injury in the gastrointestinal tract with locally effective therapeutic agents.
Robert N. Brey, Christopher Schaber, George McDonald
Filed: 20 Jun 19
Systems and methods for producing synthetic hypericin
6 Jan 20
Improved systems and methods for producing synthetic hypericin at high volume and high purity.
Rasappa Arumugham, Christopher Schaber, Holger Rauter, Silvia Werner
Filed: 20 Aug 18
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