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System to Facilitate Guided Navigation of Direct-access Databases for Advanced Analytics
12 May 22
System and methods may facilitate user guidance to risk relationship documents for an enterprise.
Keith Thomas Clark, James A. Madison, Moon Nagar, Scott Mitchell Mackenthun
Filed: 20 Jan 22
Remote Mobile Device Interacting with Multiple Remote Systems
12 May 22
Systems, methods and apparatus for creating, analyzing and updating a property inventory are disclosed which include receiving, from a user operating a mobile device, a request to add a new item of property to an insurance inventory associated with an insurance policy, the request including information identifying the new item, at least a first image of the new item, and information identifying a location of the new item.
Keven J. Busque, Andrew Amigo, Richard Borden, David Peak, Eugene Walters
Filed: 24 Jan 22
System and Method Providing Risk Relationship Resource Allocation Tool
5 May 22
A system to provide an automated risk relationship resource allocation tool via back-end application computer server of an enterprise.
Courtney E. Servidone, Oksana Kamyshin, Keren Shemesh, Kari Anne Palmer, Andrew C Cushman
Filed: 14 Jan 22
Roof Risk Data Analytics System to Accurately Estimate Roof Risk Information
5 May 22
According to some embodiments, a risk relationship data store may contain electronic records, each electronic record representing a risk relationship between an enterprise and a risk relationship provider (e.g., an insurer), and including, for each risk relationship, an electronic record identifier and a set of roof attribute values.
Lane Garrison Coonrod, Sean David Holden
Filed: 18 Jan 22
System and Method for Evaluating Images to Support Multiple Risk Applications
28 Apr 22
In some embodiments, image input data is received from multiple sources.
Vladislav Michael Beznos, Brenda K. Boles, Saira A. Kazmi, Tracey Ellen Steger, Steven J Cultrera
Filed: 5 Jan 22
Enterprise System and Method for Vendor Logistical Variance Management
24 Mar 22
A computer server may receive, from a remote device, an indication of a selection of a subset of a plurality of vendor entities associated with an enterprise.
David J. Kuethman
Filed: 18 Sep 20
System and Method for Data Record Selection by Application of Predictive Models and Velocity Analysis
17 Mar 22
A computer system for selection of data records for forwarding includes one or more data storage devices storing data records including structured and unstructured data, and an analysis hardware server configured to, in cycles, determine sets of data records for predictive model review, extract words and phrases from the unstructured data, apply the predictive model to determine current-cycle scores for the data records of the set, assign the data records to groups in accordance with the current-cycle score, determine a velocity of change in group, and select data records for forwarding to an operation system based at least in part on the determined velocity of change in group.
Bixia Li, Arthur Paul Drennan, III, Brian J. Gooley
Filed: 24 Sep 21
CorrectedMethod of Providing Personal Engagement In Recovery and Return to Work for Individuals on Disability Insurance
3 Feb 22
A user interface, system and method are described for assigning an insurance claim to a claim manager.
Elizabeth G. Incze, Paul W. Leach, Keith L. Nelson, Michael G. Phidd, Michael J. Williams
Filed: 16 Dec 20
System to Predict Impact of Existing Risk Relationship Adjustments
3 Feb 22
According to some embodiments, an existing risk relationship data store may contain electronic records, each electronic record including a risk relationship identifier and a risk relationship characteristic for an existing risk relationship between the enterprise and an entity.
Lane Garrison Coonrod, Jeffery T. Hay, Michael R. Gittings
Filed: 18 Oct 21
Hail Data Evaluation Computer System
30 Dec 21
According to some embodiments, a hail history storage device may store information periodically received from a remote third-party weather reporting service.
Seth J. Boutin
Filed: 9 Sep 21
Entity Selection Tool System and Method
23 Dec 21
A computer server may receive an indication of a selected potential relationship and retrieve, from a use case configuration data store, an electronic record for that relationship.
Jayne-Marie Perzan, Adam Denninger, Ernie Zimmermann, David J Turner, Keri M Tardif, Mark J. Peryga, Pavan Kumar Visram, Jaishankar Thiruvengada, Nelson R. Ward, JR., Ramesh V. Yalamanchi
Filed: 22 Jun 20
System for Sensor Enabled Reporting and Notification In a Distributed Network
16 Dec 21
A sensor based system for capturing localized weather data and a server system for communicating with a plurality of reporting and recipient mobile communication devices.
Eugene T. Smyth, Deborah D. Fox, Roopak Hooda, Kristen Sara Mattson, Kristian L. Sanders
Filed: 27 Aug 21
Automated Third-party Data Evaluation for Modeling System
16 Dec 21
In some embodiments, a system may evaluate third-party data for an enterprise (e.g., a potential risk enterprise such as an insurance company), based on information about potential customers received via a first-party data source and additional information about the potential customers from sources other than the enterprise received via a third-party data source.
Kudakwashe F. Chibanda, Sterling M. Cutler, Daniela Fassbender, Haibin Li, Jing-Ru Jimmy Li, Cyan Justina Manuel, Ahmad J. Paintdakhi, Alexi Resto, Peter Ross Thomas-Melly
Filed: 16 Jun 20
Load Balancing and Segmentation System
16 Dec 21
According to some embodiments, data may be received indicative of a plurality of insurance claims along with an indication of an appropriate claim segment classification for each insurance claim.
Paul J. Edwards, Keren Shemesh
Filed: 30 Jul 21
Multi-platform Data Processing System
11 Nov 21
Systems, methods, apparatus, computer program code and means to improve dynamic data processing associated with one or more automated rating applications are provided.
Alex M. Carges, Anna M. Martinez, Robert A. Schenkel, Michael O. Wardle
Filed: 26 Apr 21
Processing System for Automated Electronic Record Creation and Transmission
4 Nov 21
Mediums, apparatus, computer program code, and means may be provided to customize electronic records associated with a distributed communication network via an automated back-end application computer server.
Christopher Blair Abreu, Stephen J. Aloi, Joseph L Murdzek
Filed: 16 Jul 21
System to Determine a Credibility Weighting for Electronic Records
7 Oct 21
Text input data may be aggregated and mapped to create composite text input data for electronic records.
Reuben Emory Houser, Qiao Wang, Arthur Paul Drennan, III, Nicole Rose Sims, Tracey Ellen Steger
Filed: 15 Jun 21
Closed-loop System Incorporating Risk Analytic Algorithm
30 Sep 21
According to some embodiments, a risk monitoring data store may contain a set of electronic data records, with each electronic data record being associated with a stream of sensor data received via a communication network from a remote set of sensor systems located at a risk monitoring site.
Joseph M. Przechocki, Evan Van Dam, James A. Madison
Filed: 14 Jun 21
Network Server for Segmenting and Scheduling
16 Sep 21
According to some embodiments, a communication device database may store information about a plurality of communication devices, including at least one communication address associated with each communication device, wherein each communication device is associated with a resource unit.
Wendy A. Wojdyl, Hope C. McManus
Filed: 3 Jun 21
Document Creation System and Method Utilizing Optional Component Documents
26 Aug 21
Document creation systems and methods are provided for a potential risk relationship between an enterprise and an entity.
Kristin Elizabeth Atherton, Bruce D. Betancourt, Lauren Charlotte Elliott, Laura O'Connor Hanson, Barkley Scott Harris, M. Gary Letscher, Diana Reihl, Catherine M. Sommer
Filed: 11 May 21
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