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Low Crossing Profile Delivery Catheter for Cardiovascular Prosthetic Implant
9 Sep 20
A delivery catheter and a method for deploying a cardiovascular prosthetic implant using a minimally invasive procedure are disclosed.
Kevin Robin, Do Uong, Gordon Bishop
Filed: 13 Oct 19
Filtration module
20 Jul 20
Provided is a filtration module for separating plasma from blood comprising a feeder channel lid, a feeder channel defined by a feeder channel laminating layer having a thickness of less than 5 mil, a filter element in fluid communication with the feeder channel and having a pore size of less than 2 microns and low surface area, and a filtrate take-off port having a dead volume of less than 10 μL.
Jonathan Leland
Filed: 30 Jun 18
Antibodies and Methods for the Detection of Cell Death
5 Feb 20
Disclosed herein are antibodies having binding specificity to the amino acid sequences Ala Ser Ser Gly Leu Thr Val Glu Val Asp (SEQ ID NO:1) and Thr Val Glu Val Asp (SEQ ID NO:14), and methods of detecting cell death in a sample, comprising contacting the sample with a first antibody specific for a C-terminal amino acid sequence Ala Ser Ser Gly Leu Thr Val Glu Val Asp (SEQ ID NO:1) or Thr Val Glu Val Asp (SEQ ID NO:14) of a CK18 protein fragment having a C-terminal amino acid sequence of Val Glu Val Asp (SEQ ID NO:2) and a second antibody that specifically binds an epitope that is present in both full-length CK18 and the CK18 protein fragment, and that does not overlap with SEQ ID NO:1 or SEQ ID NO:14, under conditions such that the CK18 protein fragment present in the sample specifically binds to the first antibody and the second antibody, wherein one of the antibodies is bound to a solid support and the other antibody is bound to a detection moiety capable of producing a signal; optionally removing any unbound or excess material; and detecting the signal from the detection moiety, wherein the signal is positively correlated with the presence of the CK18 protein fragment in the sample.
Jeffrey Allan MILLER, Eddie Phillip JEFFRIES
Filed: 16 Jul 19
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