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Operations Cost Aware Resource Allocation Optimization Systems and Methods
29 Jul 21
Optimization systems and methods to generate optimized resource allocations are disclosed.
Yepeng Sun, Alan Lee
Filed: 27 Jan 21
Risk-controlled Operations Cost Performance Modeling and Associated Systems and Methods
1 Apr 21
Risk-controlled operations cost performance modeling and associated systems and methods are disclosed herein.
Zhiyu Liang, Alan Lee, Jinge Zhang, Ragnar H. Lesch, Yepeng Sun
Filed: 29 Sep 20
Catalog-based Image Recommendations
11 Mar 21
An image recommendation system extracts multiple sets of feature vectors from each of a plurality of images in an image catalog using multiple image classification algorithms.
Alan Lee, Jagadeesh Patchala, Ritaja Sur, Ankit Swarnkar, Xiaoyu Jin, Ragnar Hagen Lesch
Filed: 3 Sep 20
Utilize High Performing Trained Machine Learning Models for Information Retrieval In a Web Store
6 Jan 21
The present technology is directed to high performing trained machine learning models for information retrieval in a web store.
Alan Lee, Ru Wang, Ritaja Sur, Arjun Manimaran, Suraj Nayak Mithbail, Xiaoyu Jin, Jinge Zhang, Xiaobing Luo, Zhiyu Liang, Milan Kumar Behera, Thrinath Babu Kathula
Filed: 30 Jun 20
Dispenser and Associated Tracking Application
16 Dec 20
Systems, methods, and apparatuses are provided for storing, dispensing, and facilitating replenishment of a dispenser.
Beau Gray, Stephanie Sansoucie
Filed: 27 Aug 20
Promptly Adjust Recommendations to Increase Performance In a Web Site
2 Dec 20
A recommendation system and method access a recommendation bundle pool including multiple recommendation algorithms, each of which is capable of generating one or more recommendations.
Alan Lee, Ritaja Sur, Zhiyu Liang
Filed: 28 May 20
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