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Stand-alone micro-grid autonomous control system and method
13 Apr 20
Disclosed in a stand-alone micro-grid autonomous control system including: at least one battery system directly changing a reference frequency thereof according to a charge amount, and providing power having the changed reference frequency; at least one power generator measuring the reference frequency from the power provided form the at least one battery system, and starting generating power or stopping generating power based on the measured reference frequency; and at least one load measuring the reference frequency from the power provided from the battery system, and performing a synchronization operation or a synchronization releasing operation based on the measured reference frequency.
Won-Wook Jung, Cheol-Min Chu, Jung-Sung Park, Sang-Yun Yun, Seong-Chul Kwon, Jeong-Hun Kim
Filed: 13 Jul 16
Electric Car Charging Apparatus Installed on Utility Pole and Based on Load of Transformer Connected to Distribution Line, Electric Car Charging System, and Method for Controlling Electric Car Charging Apparatus Installed on Utility Pole
8 Apr 20
An electric car charging apparatus installed on a utility pole according to one embodiment of the present invention may comprise: a first port for supplying power to an electric car; a second port for receiving power converted by a transformer connected to a distribution line; a breaker for switching the state, open or closed, between the first and second ports; a control unit for receiving load data of the transformer, and controlling the breaker so that the first port and second port are electrically open to each other when the load according to the load data is greater than the reference load.
Seong-Man KIM, Hyun-Soo RYU, Bong-Kun JIN, Jae-Youl OH, Do-Jin YOU
Filed: 11 Jun 17
Apparatus for controlling output voltage for single-type converter, and method therefor
6 Apr 20
The present invention relates to an apparatus for controlling an output voltage for a single-type converter and a method therefor, the apparatus including: a power input/output unit connected in parallel to both poles of the single-type converter, respectively, thereby receiving and outputting output voltages, respectively; an output voltage and current measurement unit measuring output currents and the output voltages output from the power input/output unit; a controller performing a current limit control for a protection coordination for a first pole and performing a voltage control for a second pole following a checking of a state of the first pole of the both poles of the single-type converter using the measured output currents; a switching unit being switched according to a control performed on the both poles; and a power transfer unit transferring the output voltages of the single-type converter according to switching of the switching unit.
Jin-Tae Cho, Ju-Yong Kim, Jae-Han Kim, Young-Pyo Cho
Filed: 10 Nov 16
Carbon Dioxide Separator
5 Feb 20
A carbon dioxide separator includes an absorption tower for producing a carbon dioxide-rich absorbent and a carbon dioxide-depleted flue gas by reaction of a carbon dioxide-containing flue gas and an absorbent contained therein; a regeneration tower for removing the carbon dioxide-rich absorbent transferred from the absorption tower in the presence of the flowing gas to separate the same into a carbon dioxide-rich treatment gas and a carbon dioxide-lean absorbent; and a separation membrane module for selectively membrane-separating and concentrating the carbon dioxide, wherein the carbon dioxide-containing flue gas is transferred to the absorption tower as a carbon dioxide-lean flue gas obtained via the separation membrane module, and the flowing gas is transferred to the regeneration tower as the carbon dioxide-rich flue gas obtained via the separation membrane module from the carbon dioxide-containing flue gas.
Tae Hyoung EOM, Joong Beom LEE, Ui Sik KIM, Hyun Geun JO, Joong Won LEE
Filed: 29 Nov 16
Transformer Hydrogen Gas Monitoring System, Device, and Method
29 Jan 20
A transformer hydrogen gas monitoring system according to an embodiment of the present invention may comprise: a sensor module, which is disposed to allow at least a part thereof to meet hydrogen gas in a transformer and measures a resistance value of a member having a variable resistance value according to a hydrogen concentration in the transformer; and a multi-task module for receiving a sensing result of the sensor module, generating hydrogen concentration information corresponding to resistance value information included in the sensing result, and remotely transmitting information corresponding to the generated hydrogen concentration information.
Seok-Kon KIM, Jeong-Yeol HAN, You-Jin LEE, Tea-Kyun KIM, Yong-Ho AN, Byung-Tae JANG, Jong-Kee CHOI, Nam-Ho LEE, Nam-Dae KIM
Filed: 17 Aug 17
Protective Relay Test Equipment Operation Device and Method
15 Jan 20
A protective relay test equipment operation device according to an embodiment of the present invention may comprise: a switch unit for, upon reception of a trip signal or a close signal from a protective relay, changing an electrical connection state between a first port configured to be electrically connected to test equipment that generates a test signal and a second port configured to be electrically connected to the protective relay; a measurement unit for measuring a voltage and a current between the first port and the second port during a test period in which an operation time point of the switch unit is a start time point or an end time point; and a calculation unit for calculating a plurality of time point-specific impedance values within the test period according to a measurement result of the measurement unit.
Young-Hun KWON, Ki-Seob YUN, Guk-Tae KIM
Filed: 17 Aug 17
Power Transformer Asset Management Device and Method Therefor
25 Dec 19
The present invention relates to a power transformer asset management device and a method thereof, the device according to the present invention including: a full cycle database managing full cycle data of a power transformer; a physical performance evaluation unit performing physical performance evaluation that calculates a health index by analyzing and weighting life information, a failure ratio, operation history, and status information of a preventive diagnosis system from the full cycle data; a risk evaluation unit performing risk evaluation by generating a risk matrix using the physical performance evaluation result; an economic evaluation unit performing economic evaluation by evaluating costs over a full cycle of the power transformer; and an asset management unit establishing an investment plan for replacing the power transformer according to a maintenance priority of the power transformer determined using the physical performance evaluation result, the risk evaluation result, and the economic evaluation result.
Dong-Jin KWEON, Byoung-Soo JOO, Yong-Beum YOON
Filed: 3 Aug 17
Device and method for extinction angle control of HVDC system
2 Dec 19
A device for extinction angle control of a high voltage direct current (HVDC) system, includes: a converter reactive power calculator calculating a reactive power variation amount of a converter included in the HVDC system, depending on firing angle control of the converter; an alternating current (AC) system short circuit level calculator calculating a short circuit level of an AC system by applying the reactive power variation amount to a short circuit level formula of the AC system connected to the HVDC system; an extinction angle variation value calculator calculating an extinction angle variation value of the converter, corresponding to the short circuit level; and an extinction angle controller controlling an extinction angle of the converter, depending on an extinction angle control value reflecting the extinction angle variation value.
Seong-Doo Lee, Soon-Ho Choi, Chur-Hee Lee
Filed: 23 Nov 16
Data Concentration Unit, Power Meter, and Method for Operating Same
13 Nov 19
The present invention relates to a data concentration unit, a power meter, and a method of operating the same.
Tae-Gyeong KIM, Young-Hyun KIM, Jong-Mock BAEK, Byung-Kab JO
Filed: 13 Nov 16
Fluidized bed water gas shift catalyst
4 Nov 19
The present invention relates to an aqueous gas-converting catalyst composition comprising: an active component; a support; an inorganic binder; at least one accelerator selected from the group consisting of cobalt oxide, molybdenum oxide, nickel oxide, calcium oxide, barium oxide, strontium oxide, magnesium oxide, zirconium oxide, manganese oxide and barium titania; and at least one stabilizer selected from the group consisting of magnesium oxide, zirconium oxide, stabilized zirconia, and hydrotalcite.
Joong Beom Lee, Chong Kul Ryu, Tae Hyoung Eom, Dong Hyeok Choi, Jeom In Baek, Seong Jeagarl, Seok Ran Yang
Filed: 10 Jun 12
Solid carbon dioxide absorbent including amine or a compound thereof for use in the capturing process of dry carbon dioxide, and method for manufacturing same
28 Oct 19
The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a carbon dioxide absorbent and to the absorbent manufactured by the method.
Tae Hyoung Eom, Joong Beom Lee, Chong Kul Ryu, Kyeong Sook Kim
Filed: 9 Nov 17
Solid Raw Material for Carbon Dioxide Absorbent, Carbon Dioxide Absorbent Composition Comprising Same, and Carbon Dioxide Absorbent Prepared Using Same
9 Oct 19
The present invention relates to a carbon dioxide absorbent used for absorbing carbon dioxide, a carbon dioxide absorbent composition used for producing the carbon dioxide absorbent, and a solid raw material for a carbon dioxide absorbent included in the carbon dioxide absorbent.
Joong Beom LEE, Tae Hyoung EOM, Hyun Geun JO, Jeom In BAEK, Ui Sik KIM
Filed: 17 Nov 16
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