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Electric Power Software Development Platform
4 Nov 21
A power software development platform may include a platform adapter configured to provide a connection environment for a plurality of communication devices each installed in a plurality of power facilities, a platform gateway configured to collect data through a plurality of power systems to which the plurality of communication devices are connected, a platform interface which provide a distribution service for the data collected by the platform gateway, a platform data hub configured to receive the data through the distribution service, verify the received data, and provide an access environment for the verified data to an application developer, an analysis abstraction service configured to convert a plurality of physical analysis engines into abstracted services and provide the abstracted services to the application developer, and an application gateway configured to receive an application from the application developer and provide the application to an application user.
Jung-Il LEE, Jun-Sung KIM, Hee-Jeong PARK, Ji-Kang SIN, Seung-Hwan CHOI
Filed: 15 Jan 18
Phase Current Control Device for Dab Converter, and Method Therefor
9 Sep 21
Disclosed are a phase current control device for a DAB converter and a method therefor.
Jae-Han KIM, Ju-Yong KIM, Jin-Tae CHO, Young-Pyo CHO, Jee-Hoon JUNG, Hyun-Jun CHOI
Filed: 11 Nov 16
Data Transmission System and Method In Physical Network Separation Environment
1 Jul 21
The present invention relates to a data transmission system and method in a physical network separation environment.
Jong-Kwan Kim, Seung-Youn Lee, Seung-Kwon Yang, Myong-Soo Kim, Dong-Wook Kim
Filed: 4 Jul 17
Ami System for Performing Phase Detection and Synchronization In Ami Communication Network Using Relay Communication Method, and Method Thereof
17 Jun 21
The present invention relates to a system for performing phase detection and synchronization in an AMI communication network using a relay communication, and a method thereof.
Byung-Seok Park, No-Gil Myoung, Byung-Kab Jo, Jong-Mock Baek, Han-Jin Cho, Jung-Ho Lee, Jun-Su Shim
Filed: 13 Jul 17
Apparatus and Method for Generating Data Quality Information of Electric Power Equipment
3 Jun 21
The present invention relates to an apparatus for generating data quality information of electric power equipment, the apparatus including a data collector configured to collect a piece of measured data of electric power equipment, a storage configured to store a previous value and a set value for the piece of measured data, and a quality value generator configured to generate a quality value for the piece of measured data by applying the piece of measured data, the previous value, and the set value to a predetermined logic circuit.
Chung Hyo Kim, Jun Churl Yoon, Young Sung Lee, Yong Hun Lim, Seong Ho Ju
Filed: 22 Jun 17
System and Method for Automatic Diagnosis of Power Generation Facility
13 May 21
Disclosed are a system and a method for automatic diagnosis of a power generation facility, and a system for automatic diagnosis of a power generation facility which include a data measuring unit for acquiring vibration data from a rotating body of a power facility, a signal processing unit for signal-processing acquired vibration data, and extracting and quantifying predetermined characteristic factors with respect to a time domain, a frequency domain, and a shape area, a characteristic pattern storage unit for storing a characteristic factor pattern classified for each failure type, and a failure diagnosis unit for diagnosing whether a power facility to be diagnosed has a failure and a failure type of the power facility, on the basis of a classified characteristic factor pattern.
Yeon Whan KIM, Dong Hwan KIM, Doo Young LEE, Bum Soo KIM, Jin Pyo HONG, Joon Ha JUNG, Byung Chul JEON
Filed: 23 Aug 17
Apparatus and Method for Diagnosing Battery
14 Jan 21
The present invention relates to an apparatus and a method for diagnosing a battery, and comprises: a power conversion unit for discharging and charging a battery; and a control unit for controlling the power conversion unit to discharge and charge the battery, and diagnosing power fade of the battery by calculating a maximum discharge output and a maximum charge output of the battery on the basis of a voltage and a current of the battery measured during discharging and charging of the battery.
Jin Hyeok CHOI, Ji Hun LIM, Sung Eun LEE
Filed: 24 Jul 18
Data Concentration Unit and Operating Method Thereof
30 Dec 20
The present invention relates to a data concentration unit and an operating method thereof.
Kang-Se Lee, Hyeong-Ju Lee, Jae-Wan Kim
Filed: 10 Aug 17
Metering Data Management System and Computer Readable Recording Medium
16 Dec 20
The present invention relates to a metering data management system including a metering data transmission module configured to collect a piece of metering data and generate a message containing the piece of metering data and topic information corresponding to the piece of metering data, a plurality of buffer servers, each of which has a plurality of buffers to which different topics are assigned, configured to store the message in a buffer corresponding to the topic information, a metering data processing module configured to extract the piece of metering data from some of the plurality of buffer servers and process the extracted piece of metering data, and a broker server configured to determine a buffer server, which is an extraction target of the metering data processing module, among the plurality of buffer servers on the basis of state information of the plurality of buffer servers.
Yong Jae Joo, Jin Ho Shin, Jae Koo Noh
Filed: 20 Nov 16
Vessel for Transporting and Installing Offshore Wind Power Generator
9 Dec 20
The present invention relates to a vessel for transporting and installing a offshore wind power generator.
Jun-Shin LEE, Hong-Kyou CHO, Yang-Ryul CHOI, Young-Key KIM, Ji-Young KIM, Moo-Sung RYU, Min-Uk JUNG, Dong-Ho CHO
Filed: 9 Jun 19
Electric Vehicle Having Watt-hour Meter and Mobile Distributed Power Source Operating System
25 Nov 20
An electric vehicle having a watt-hour meter, according to one embodiment of the present invention, can comprise: a battery provided in the electric vehicle; a connector provided in the electric vehicle, and connected to an electric vehicle charger in a wired manner or a short-range wireless manner so as to receive power from the electric vehicle charger and deliver the power to the battery or to receive power from the battery and deliver the power to the electric vehicle charger; a watt-hour meter provided in the electric vehicle and measuring power delivered through the connector; and an output unit provided in the electric vehicle and outputting or remotely transmitting measurement data of the watt-hour meter.
Yong Jun KIM
Filed: 27 Sep 18
Exhaust Gas Purification Apparatus and Exhaust Gas Purification Method Using Same
11 Nov 20
The present invention relates to an exhaust gas purification apparatus and an exhaust gas purification method using the same.
Yong Seok Eom, Jung Bin Lee, Jun Han Kim, Joong Won Lee, Kwang Beom Hur
Filed: 28 Nov 16
Bent Rotor Straightening Method Using Low Frequency Induction Heating and Bent Rotor Straightening Apparatus Using Same
28 Oct 20
A bent rotor straightening method using low-frequency induction heating and a bent rotor straightening apparatus using the method are proposed.
Kwang-Ha PARK, Doo-Young KIM, Hyun-Ku PARK, Jung-Hwan KIM, Yong-Hee JANG, Jun-Su PARK
Filed: 19 Mar 19
Device and Method for Detecting Failure Location of Underground Cable
5 Aug 20
An apparatus and a method for detecting a fault location of an underground cable are proposed.
Chae-Kyun JUNG, Yong-June SHIN, Gu-Young KWON, Tae-Kyun KIM, Jae-Sang HWANG
Filed: 23 Aug 18
Over-voltage Prevention Apparatus and Method of Distribution Line Connected with Distributed Generator
29 Jul 20
The present disclosure relates to an over-voltage prevention apparatus and method of a distribution line connected with a distributed generator, which sets a range of a dispatched voltage based on a current voltage of a Pole Mounted Automatic Voltage Regulator (PVR) and a voltage at a connection point of a distributed generator to control so that the dispatched voltage is output within the corresponding range.
Won Wook Jung, Koong Won Nam, Jong Nam Weon, Chang Hoon Shin, Seong Soo Cho
Filed: 29 Jan 20
Combined Power Generation Apparatus
24 Jun 20
A composite power generating device of the present invention includes an engine (110), a first flow line (121), a turbocharger (130), a second flow line (122), a third flow line (123), a compressor (211), a first medium line (221), a medium turbine (212), a second medium line (222), a working medium cooler (213), a recuperator (215), a power generating unit (214), a cross-line (233), a first heat exchanger (251), a second heat exchanger (252), and a third heat exchanger (253).
Gwang Nyeon RYU, Jin Ki HAM, Beom Joo KIM, Cheol Hee LEE
Filed: 21 Jan 18
System for Evaluating Performance of Carbon Dioxide Separation Membrane Module and Device Therefor
10 Jun 20
A carbon dioxide (CO2) separation membrane module performance evaluation system and device may include a simulated gas supply line configured to simulate a gas composition of boiler exhaust gas and supply the gas to a module unit part; the module unit part including a CO2 separation membrane module and configured to cause the gas to permeate through the CO2 separation membrane module and separately discharge permeated gas, to a permeation line, and separately discharge passed gas to a passage line; a discharge line configured to combine the gases and discharge the combined gas to the outside of the system; an analyzer part configured to collect each of the gas, analyze components thereof, and evaluate performance of the module; a refiner part to remove pollutants; a measurer part to measure a flow rate, a temperature, and a pressure; and a controller part to determine a state of the overall system.
Jung Bin LEE, Joong Won LEE, Kyung Min KIM, Jun Han KIM, Yong Seok EOM, Ky Yeong SHIN, Gwan Shig KIM
Filed: 4 Jan 18
Damper for Reinforcing Earthquake Resistance
10 Jun 20
A damper for reinforcing earthquake resistance according to the present invention includes a first supporting part mounted in a building structure, a second supporting part mounted on a support structure movably disposed to be separated from the building structure, and disposed to face the first supporting part, and a damper part connecting the first supporting part with the second supporting part and absorbing energy generated by an earthquake.
Kyung Jin LEE, Sang Hoon OH, Kwang Yong CHOI, Kyung Won HAHM
Filed: 21 Aug 18
Apparatus for Controlling Ess According to Transient Stability State and Method Thereof
10 Jun 20
The present invention relates to an ESS control device based on transient stability state and a method thereof, the an ESS control device based on transient stability state according to an embodiment of the present invention including an input unit receiving phase angle information from a power system; a calculation unit calculating a change rate in the phase angle of the power system using the phase angle information; a determination unit determining the transient stability state of the power system by comparing the change rate of the phase angle with a predetermined threshold; and a control unit performing control so that an energy storage system (ESS) installed in a power generation stage is switched to a charging mode according to the determination result.
Tae-Ok KIM, Jong-An KIM, Gu-Han KIM, Chong-Ho RHIM, Yong-Gu HA
Filed: 1 Aug 17
Electric Car Charging Apparatus Installed on Utility Pole and Based on Load of Transformer Connected to Distribution Line, Electric Car Charging System, and Method for Controlling Electric Car Charging Apparatus Installed on Utility Pole
8 Apr 20
An electric car charging apparatus installed on a utility pole according to one embodiment of the present invention may comprise: a first port for supplying power to an electric car; a second port for receiving power converted by a transformer connected to a distribution line; a breaker for switching the state, open or closed, between the first and second ports; a control unit for receiving load data of the transformer, and controlling the breaker so that the first port and second port are electrically open to each other when the load according to the load data is greater than the reference load.
Seong-Man KIM, Hyun-Soo RYU, Bong-Kun JIN, Jae-Youl OH, Do-Jin YOU
Filed: 11 Jun 17
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