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Apparatus and Method for Irradiating Inside an Object
3 Mar 22
An apparatus for irradiating inside an object is disclosed, including a lumen having a longitudinal axis; optical fibers within the lumen and aligned with the longitudinal axis; and an illumination member moveable or fixed within the lumen along the longitudinal axis.
Filed: 31 Aug 20
Fiber optic light delivery, monitoring and apparatus therefor
8 Feb 22
Apparatus for illuminating comprises one or more fibers, the one or more fibers including fiber portions meeting at an apex and a bottom location to form a three dimensional cage; a detector attached to each of the fiber portions for receiving light and transmitting light along each of the fiber portions, respectively; and an illumination member situated within the cage.
Lothar Lilge, Arkady Mandel, Wayne Embree, Don Lem, Jenny Wu, Roger Dumoulin-White
Filed: 10 Oct 16
Apparatus and method for multiwavelength photodynamic therapy
6 Jan 20
A method for treating a condition in a tissue, includes the steps: (1) providing a PS within the tissue; (2) irradiating the tissue containing the PS with a first light of a first wavelength; and (3) irradiating the tissue containing the PS with a second light of a second wavelength so as to treat the condition in the tissue, wherein: (a) the PS absorbs light at the first wavelength and the second wavelength; and (b) the second light is more strongly absorbed by the tissue than the first light or vice versa, so as to achieve a predetermined absorbed photon density gradient.
Arkady Mandel, Roger Dumoulin-White, Wayne Embree
Filed: 28 Apr 15
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