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Favorites & Content Creation
Favorite companies 50 2,000
Organize your favorites into lists
10 1,000
Record your research and ideas
50 5,000
With file attachments
Create notes via email and web clipper
Create private and public annotations
Personalized dashboard
Filings, news, social, calendar, transcripts, etc.
Alerts & Notifications
New filing email alerts
For your favorite companies
Personalized daily roundup email
News and about your favorites & top stories
With up to 2x more info
Email alerts for filing search
Email alerts for new filings that match a search query
Up to 10 queries
Up to 100 queries
Email alerts for news and patent searches
Email alerts for new news items or patents that match a search query
In-app alert stream
Stream of news, social and filing updates
30m delay
New filing iOS notifications
Real-time alerts for filings via the iOS app
20+ years of SEC filings
Search titles and abstracts of USPTO patents
3 months of Benzinga Pro news
30m delay
Filing data tables
Search only in tables of data
First 5 results
All results
Download Data
Company financial statements
Company chart data
Historical fund holdings
Institutional ownership
Filing search results
Tables in a filing
SPACs list
View Locked Data
On Institutional beneficial dashboard
On Insider dashboard
On Reddit dashboard
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