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2021 Q3
Earnings call transcript
16 Nov 21
on and envision internal lab operational issues, which ultimately translated into service issues to our customers. The challenges resulted in us losing
2021 Q2
Earnings call transcript
27 Aug 21
was the organic growth of new customers and increased business from our existing customers. The second factor was the improvement to our collections, which reduces
2021 Q1
Earnings call transcript
21 May 21
existing customers and certainly potential new customers have maintained a policy of not allowing visits by sales teams, which continue to make
2020 Q4
Earnings call transcript
1 Apr 21
to customers, operational and other limitations to what is already accomplished workflow, yet with all of that we were able to double the number
2020 Q3
Earnings call transcript
19 Nov 20
customer count has more than doubled during this time with repeat customers increasing proportionately as well. And while this additional case volume
2020 Q2
Earnings call transcript
17 Aug 20
diagnostic services to our customers who are oncologists and hospitals benefiting from the combination of our CLIA certified specialized laboratory
2020 Q1
Earnings call transcript
19 May 20
side of the business. I'll this begin with the customer and business side and then I'd like to take a few moments to discuss a few operational
2019 Q3
Earnings call transcript
13 Nov 19
to us by oncologists for diagnosis. The business has been growing consistently, driven by the continuous onboarding each month of new customers, who
2019 Q2
Earnings call transcript
21 Aug 19
in the growth of our revenue. Our customer base is not only growing, but it's also changing as we evolved from working with smaller practices to adding
2018 Q3
Earnings call transcript
19 Nov 18
cancer patients and meet our customer's needs. So what does this mean? We've invested in the technology to develop a robust offering that is becoming
2018 Q2
Earnings call transcript
23 Aug 18
. This expansion is bearing fruit with a 200% increase in our physician customer base and a corresponding 60% volume increase year-over-year. The lag between
2017 Q3
Earnings call transcript
21 Nov 17
now have new ICP customers’ orders and revenue. In the time since the merger, we've achieved with ICP what has been previously attempted for the past
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