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2021 Q3
Earnings call transcript
16 Nov 21
to the occasion and got the job done. This is a major customer with significant expected revenue and gross margins that will impact our business. Once
2021 Q1
Earnings call transcript
21 May 21
to refocus on COVID testing. However, we were delighted to reach a major milestone accomplishment a couple of weeks ago, by getting approval to offer
2020 Q4
Earnings call transcript
1 Apr 21
employees put their personal concerns or need for basic care. Instead while majority of the counties stayed home, they showed up to work every day to take
2020 Q3
Earnings call transcript
19 Nov 20
that COVID is not part of our core business. It is however a major opportunity to harvest the technology of the test we have and bring it to market. I'm
2020 Q2
Earnings call transcript
17 Aug 20
. First, with IV-Cell, we received feedback from some of the major laboratories we're working within the market. And as mentioned previously, we embarked
2020 Q1
Earnings call transcript
19 May 20
waiting to hear new major lab adopting IV [ph] one of our proprietary technology. The reality is as you can imagine, those customers put the evaluation
2019 Q3
Earnings call transcript
13 Nov 19
of the results of our work with completing the validation. And I want to assure you that we are all still moving forward towards onboarding major labs
2019 Q2
Earnings call transcript
21 Aug 19
by Precipio and has a fully executed release settlement. The fourth item, also during June, was completed settlements with three remaining major merger
2018 Q3
Earnings call transcript
19 Nov 18
of the relationship with a major industry player, Perkin Elmer. Perkin Elmer is a multi-billion dollar market leader in our space with annual revenues
2017 Q3
Earnings call transcript
21 Nov 17
. Now in Q4, with the majority of the post-merger integration the capital raise and the AP restructuring behind us, management can refocus our attention
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