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2021 Q3
Earnings call transcript
16 Nov 21
is to provide clinical results to our customers. And the second is to support our R&D team in continuing to identify, examine and develop technologies
2021 Q2
Earnings call transcript
27 Aug 21
can tell you that through my ongoing interaction with our R&D team, there is nothing more rewarding than knowing that a technology that we've worked
2021 Q1
Earnings call transcript
21 May 21
of the laboratories outside the U.S., which we've been in contact with will be more open to exploring bringing this valuable technology into their own lab. Our R&D team
2020 Q4
Earnings call transcript
1 Apr 21
in selling and R&D initiatives. Within R&D in 2021, we were actively working on the development of a suite of HemeScreen panels and as we build
2020 Q3
Earnings call transcript
19 Nov 20
qualified -- high quality service focused on diagnostic accuracy. But the laboratory way to provide services is also a playground of sorts for our R&D team
2020 Q1
Earnings call transcript
19 May 20
an improved version of IV-cell. While this is still in R&D stages, initial results are exciting and we believe that we will come out of this period
2019 Q3
Earnings call transcript
13 Nov 19
revenue dollar heals 55% to 60% margins. Moving onto our operating expenses. The company's operating expenses consists of sales, marketing, R&D, public
2018 Q3
Earnings call transcript
19 Nov 18
; IV-Cell and more recently, HemeScreen; these technologies were created internally in our R&D department as CLIA laboratory receiving hundreds
2018 Q2
Earnings call transcript
23 Aug 18
-recurring expenses attributable to ICP moving from R&D lab environment to the production lab where demo kits are being prepared for evaluation
2017 Q3
Earnings call transcript
21 Nov 17
setup ICP in their laboratory and assist in the onboarding of their technology. At the same time, in my discussions with one of our R&D team members
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