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2022 Q2
Earnings call transcript
19 Aug 22
29 years in the simulation industry, he is actually actively involved in VirTra at the highest level for both sides. He is in communication
2021 Q4
Earnings call transcript
2 Aug 22
. To conclude we are pleased to be able to resume communicating our results to shareholders and look forward to filing and announcing our remaining
2021 Q1
Earnings call transcript
18 May 21
sales into the future as well. With the amount of demand we've seen from both the law enforcement community and the military, we intend to expand our
2020 Q4
Earnings call transcript
30 Mar 21
the United States and our federal government, states and local communities responded to the pandemic. Fear and uncertainty were rapid and at that time
2020 Q3
Earnings call transcript
11 Nov 20
VirTra community has been mourning his loss, and our thoughts and prayers remain with his family and loved ones. Mitch believed that when VirTra
2020 Q2
Earnings call transcript
12 Aug 20
community. More than at any other time in our history, there has been a very specific focus on how officers interact with those they are sworn
2020 Q1
Earnings call transcript
12 May 20
day to help ensure our communities are safe. It's an incredible privilege to have a career that serves those who serve us. And at the end of the day
2019 Q1
Earnings call transcript
13 May 19
and gratitude to the brave men and women who put their own safety at risk to ensure our communities are safe. It's a true honor to be able to serve those
2018 Q4
Earnings call transcript
28 Mar 19
growth strategy and competitive advantage. As some of you know law enforcement is a fraternal community that places a great deal of emphasis on reputation
2018 Q1
Earnings call transcript
14 May 18
. In addition, tomorrow May 15 is Peace Officers Memorial Day where we honor the men and women and canines that have died in the service of our communities
2017 Q3
Earnings call transcript
14 Nov 17
enforcement and military communities, and believe that our overarching mission is to provide the world's most effective training simulator, giving
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