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2021 Q3
Earnings call transcript
16 Nov 21
subject matter experts in the industry with the best track record with some of the largest agencies and some of the most respected programs out
2020 Q4
Earnings call transcript
30 Mar 21
certified training, working alongside experts having training that can improve skills in the real world -- that's the key of everything we do, whether
2020 Q3
Earnings call transcript
11 Nov 20
the fact that they can get world-class de-escalation from VirTra without having to try to hire a bunch of experts from around the country and figure
2020 Q2
Earnings call transcript
12 Aug 20
, there is no SME, subject matter expert, being involved in selecting the product and making sure that there’s actionable training value, I do think
2019 Q3
Earnings call transcript
12 Nov 19
. But, of course, even great products require expert salesmanship. So in an effort to market ourselves and our solutions more effectively, we completed
2019 Q2
Earnings call transcript
13 Aug 19
and a highly respected expert in the field. And we're proud to have him as a member of the VirTra team. We are optimistic that the combination of Joe's
2019 Q1
Earnings call transcript
13 May 19
through uniquely effective hi-tech products and over the years we've established ourselves as the industry leading experts in simulation and de
2018 Q4
Earnings call transcript
28 Mar 19
and save lives through uniquely effective hi-tech products and over the years we have established ourselves as the industry's leading experts
2018 Q3
Earnings call transcript
13 Nov 18
carefully crafted curriculum from the world’s top experts to propel the training potential of VirTra simulators to new heights to benefit our customers
2018 Q2
Earnings call transcript
13 Aug 18
is very, very professional curriculum-oriented. It's designed to take training to a higher level. It's incorporating some of the top experts in the world
2017 Q4
Earnings call transcript
30 Mar 18
subject matter expert and quality testing regimen. Financially, for the year, revenues were up 6% over last year. Gross profit for the full year was up
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