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2021 Q3
Earnings call transcript
16 Nov 21
at the very center of every action we take. And as one of the largest shareholders of VirTra, I daily strive to reward our shareholders. We have two goals
2021 Q2
Earnings call transcript
13 Aug 21
value to our end users and shareholders and, ultimately, greater success on our goal to save and improve lives through truly effective training
2020 Q3
Earnings call transcript
11 Nov 20
goal. In the last quarter, we've made substantial progress positioning VirTra to grow our business in the military market. The $1.9 million contract
2019 Q4
Earnings call transcript
23 Mar 20
of the team of VirTra, we were able to achieve that goal. We’ve now delivered our fourteenth consecutive year of increasing revenues while also investing
2019 Q3
Earnings call transcript
12 Nov 19
parallels to the military market that gives us optimism about what is possible for VirTra in the future. As you know, one of our goals has been
2019 Q2
Earnings call transcript
13 Aug 19
of you who have followed our story know our goal at VirTra is to both grow the business and improve and save lives by providing the very best and most
2019 Q1
Earnings call transcript
13 May 19
Our goal is certainly that 2019 would be stronger top line and our goal would be that the stronger bottom line as well and in 2019.
2018 Q4
Earnings call transcript
28 Mar 19
to it. That's definitely our goal. If that were to happen then the STEP program would start to become a larger and larger chunk of our capital, I'm sorry
2018 Q3
Earnings call transcript
13 Nov 18
founded the company in the early ’90s, my goal was to make the most effective simulators possible. Our V-300 simulator is the best in the world and we
2018 Q1
Earnings call transcript
14 May 18
for the Board when determining the best location for our capital. Our goal is to create value for our shareholders and we will carefully contemplate the most
2017 Q4
Earnings call transcript
30 Mar 18
, thereby helping officers be better prepared when they encounter the enormous stress that can occur in real life situations. Our goal is to ensure every
2017 Q3
Earnings call transcript
14 Nov 17
All right, thank you, and why did you tell us about this scenario production is there quantitative to your goal; you're looking for, monthly or annually or something?
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