United Airlines (UAL)

Michael Leskinen IR
Oscar Munoz CEO
Scott Kirby President
Andrew Nocella EVP and CCO
Andrew Levy EVP and CFO
Andrew Davis T. Rowe
Hunter Keay Wolfe Research
Dan McKenzie Buckingham Research
Mike Linenberg Deutsche Bank
Jamie Baker JPMorgan
Kevin Crissey Citi
Savanthi Syth Raymond James
Rajeev Lalwani Morgan Stanley
Brandon Oglenski Barclays
Darryl Genovesi UBS
David Vernon Bernstein
Joe DeNardi Stifel
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Michael Leskinen

Good afternoon. Since we're an airline, we're going to go with T0. And if you're late, you're late. Welcome. This is my first event as the Head of IR at United and I am excited to be the newest member of this team. a the familiar buy see XX from to on years side. great lot faces of my It's And it'll be you from great to work different with seat. a all of

as to our Our financial to going targets for to let of well. also going and transparently you is but some doing spend communicate and tonight, on want priority we're transparency, we're to see that going time our we work that you’re hold on more accountable tonight goals focusing to us

the communication at night, having going look think of the I end a you're all to to of of you. evidence shift forward a with see and tangible discussion in that I

the to the is the you Before roll highest where the a corner like the of priority, event outside, Wall all we of meet stairwell we and do emergency, we Once In provide -- will of down Broad exit side please building directly the today’s we and begin an stairs. northeast as proceed behind on and call. out where safety our to briefing. presentation, safety a

or fire back closest a your this the neck CPR Clasp stable them In In of of is your in is yourself an the of in the object. and the table willing back duck fire, device protect of other to room An Aid to emergency, and or hands needed. please located and cover room. use case in head. you're If identify certified an now. coat the under located floor AD First if on and assist earthquake, case extinguisher

run for in outside room or Thank located an your if Scott of fight. you in In case as an active for prepared line a and you're addition In well, important back the phone matter. to XXX be is of shooter, there in of an event hide participation emergency. Kirby, then this to the an XX cellphones,

contain do following this. forward-looking going Information to slides I'm in read not statements. So the

In I required of you tonight. With fact, said, the purpose legally on that's disclosure screen. that of all read encourage the the primary to

Executive Joining Levy. Officer, Executive Oscar. to Andrew are Scott President, that, Chief Kirby; off Andrew hand Officer, I'm and Chief and us Munoz; it Vice tonight going Officer, Executive President Financial Chief With President Vice and Commercial Nocella; Oscar to

Oscar Munoz

perspective you, Staff, welcome Thank And buy Stewart you. It’s I think him the side be Thank company. and great to It’s it's sell sir. addition have great we a who's have the Mikey. nice a to side Chief and on moved family of Julie my with over here. to a

sort you quarter on well thing, doing this underscores other that focus We're an something to have very sort importance many into and of call of our little then think fourth the go going briefly of today. call, our investor I as different as as update. a we We're constituents. investors our

think it Mike those we're transparency, about us clarity little around. some time as of two times, gives think that get more wonderful more and things tossed accountability, that And I I a conversation three doing. words all to the or said have

lots – see you've from maybe seen in and us more from of to you’re I some that industry. going think the than people certainly

team executive Importantly, the here, E is team. our

you commercial in then here? from Doxey commercial. of a He’s know traffic. Jonathan [indiscernible]. there's Ankit, don't particular and both and organization, them reception of you young which Ireland, at in Damien better our Linda. think WiFi actually finance you folks know There's those you the seen few the and get know, and stuck Ankit and Ankit. with a I is you there of to a from problems of most little [ph]. I hadn’t kind of for All have who there's to But Tom are if

room. of people the Some in the

are, I aside, future trying let's bit Those can, you meet what accomplish to leaders degree. if with our to you, company of urge little I think, about a a some today. that So the talk those. to we're get But chance

Here's a little of perspective. matter. finished a it'll of a we sense idea. where we're meat just as quick Then, of think, into bit version terrific event and from quarter take to ending of in XXXX a a to I I'm everyone. the get full be the going year And going the the always, for

confident guidance sort last More for that few into highly we're been importantly, are what also on to itself the confidence not XXXX, is but only into XXXX. going months give advanced guidance of we've we EPS and working morph of for going to

the that’s you can something close-in that's be I’ll so in in line over time. cost came that pricing was some us the some and that we we PRASM and time had November December and in And here. much haven't as fact look given certainly about to think top of That's you China and for helped better, our industry nice a regions, forward for that course of point, strong inflection as Both so, brief, strong. The the of came positive. quarter, both was

what its many year, we think foundational realize the and a about past to is cheaper our I consequences really cloud in don't with a So, great We bit not issues our want perspective know and that I’ll to And But I to team I know cost. as degree, space. a job We but and we that His run here. to course that. ran do continue running we regards issues, to our cost year, some completely in head Greg important have you the great of tell all really have so without I and let is we’re structural XXXX again, the that in to a as XXXX was that -- understand better full issues quarter immensely continued, think running operation over we structure and the work excited beyond. from to ways. we Hart continues team into time through, helps of is transition

we've some owners some fuel despite in to things, and deal returned value significant do cost so, of good in that And to headwinds cost had some the share did so we way and issues, the and infinitely labor a are labor with we of hear pretty even announced and about starting program bigger bear initiatives fruit. today, an good moving more when beginning to you'll course had already a year forward. this the Strategic and

breaking allow both we're think that. his and thing been basic record the significantly Kirby that an we've you performance fundamentally service, and growth foundational our is foundational of you're believe But course again, the hub, going master on This if next to a what strong portion finished about charts, And that think just Andrew going I our when see plans, CASM to what and absolute the will customer strong a foundation talk connectivity, couple this give involvement commitments think and operational we've year. to multi-year you’ll in thing on plans of us. also structure what get working to fourth I customer of that's of and was the momentum that about is that on. primary talk you a over me and from Levy CASM class customer Scott from fairly about relative perspective, stickiness, need engagement, CASM-ex, what about, I a regards think our with I great very because growth quarter builder, to are a we means

our in whine or strong you organization when many that's and important in so as and running profits the following importantly bedrock real of this is one operational Journal industry. that today of what to a metrics, was and you’re the as the metrics, in people guys you just kudos are we we but internal they've pretty arrived but like not of For we because our fact, own about just part We when doesn't get probably the fact the in business been finish as and it create done we're leaders and airline that see our our I course think getting significant of the have take And in complain, don't of, DX, to the a We you credit external in some shout the for ago, centric tough people outs look really all if the been been we think to who around you may operate in key don't because of is going a of because progression had And significant that of just most need is without you have on the first years, focus and it's lot metrics, not investors this That the hear environments been we lauding didn't do key a and United and that history. and customer performance built. there, we’re this at progression, because which published I happen to few the people, the kind job, best place I you them, important you but is not do for chart, as proud a the think But that. only network but and have us, well, one, the and run thing fundamental one of one. together that trite, you make for sound an has it company. how few think time is I that's good are about fourth the if over the the we're well oh, infrastructure, fourth. the what's destination more years

so, is underpinning And foundation the we're and strategy our moving forward. that this

driving aspect, the to from -- about talk and strengthening for more United’s turn Scott that we foundational. as and foundation focus Levy. about domestic two that network, but first the productivity efficiency Andrew again, a is So we XXXX from need improving today reliability and both are things, continue to the our that and XXXX, about our and bedrock margins hear you'll Those we'll are lot

but the stop our when it we're how sustainable think, margins gives see, about key. we've this wound the on lot the you because which been we you of to a over think because it's focused between running, despite what of our confidence, continuity We we're and and the how and again, need of more to business. wouldn't hear team margins, profit going are importantly, long Important and have and alignment just in us the investing focus confidence It's not management -- so at is the note, profits run, this. may of to

the and that level at for react you know, provide to think have you very people, I the we're we been blow are run Linda always a speak great to, a of never that circumstances excited we're I of constantly we be digital airline, and continue training. long that that how we're a The you of of speaking have in we are. things maybe a for because models our to but team, her to Our going as you technology. is strategic to more them, how certain digital, the so with future ending time, out the innovation And to sort some have school, building We've a some investment And we then away going that balance we of product time. company always about and training, today. in to around little

We infrastructure. the have

things time, channels have of We we of got we've and the us for long great the digital ideas around already through think transform have space but lot think is I everything, and that I with how people a do a been lot actions. and a

it's again, we're that, with forward sustainable this I of recap, about but at is be sort going to think So the that, year so back with tell Kirby. what I’ll Mr. you and to end margins and and

Scott Kirby

coming is here Thank you, Oscar and join everyone the us to that for to on and person all Internet. down in thanks thank you listening

everything have strong. little And route to we're today, Oscar want going rationale our at we for about here built future. talk to well you that else the I'm going of said, do you is everything United forward about one networks, messages make about that earnings for something of from And known time the know do is a the need calls long many and that biggest earnings, the the today, because talking me bit Oscar upon. network As we is the fundamentally, least for a we're is it about passionate what and atypical, to to that is talked foundation here airline

thing going we to And doing to talk about do what why for next we're right the the so way and we're we're tell more We're several tell going where to going, you Airlines. think is today, all going where but through we're XXXX going years. we're for the to go importantly, you out United

we we how to of gap growth have realize strengths. strengthening frankly great and frustrated about long things said, foundation it, do to are airline and as aren't route for things that everything the and the as weaknesses network we through what going really at can talk start, how the means people in margin kind to the the about to what network. business, But yet we United the we Airlines around the the network United when through potential the right potential. that talked been going are close in are So and potential we're our our that we return doesn't with in exists that I've the that the have profitable and been start, I today, as Airlines can that have to is United leverage about to have And Airlines growth and the hopefully of realize potential, realizing but what what

of One of is we world. at great best have international things the in anyone the that the Airlines United gateways

the Our for and do huge These on to jewels competitive crown you Airlines. show our is United hubs do coast far than that some advantage. better far and a I'm competitors data, going are better

and serve ideal. uniquely talking complement opportunities But three most the I'm we to day alliance ideally geographic each that and really what and and the United be from Houston to those some vibrant least grow our that's potential. hubs, the alliance efficient is and going to in, are of at are growing, have Denver geography the of And They’re spend hubs Chicago, also participate -- majority to have positioned best the country. the at hubs cities we're least, big and entire that We strengthen a Mid-Continent perspective And other need company more about. they scale, talk connectivity customers cities with position the word me going the and profits the connections. hub, at at about those what and options that is today. over hub, hub can before is over flow drive And spoke connectivity again our more have and at more the it’s exponential. hubs really domestic through you're manufacturing jump we'll airline more and to to I drive hear conclusions. we you a manufacturing for to hubs why you But connections hub. a drive is it that you these to over The about higher and use A have

doing, flight one point that and you at connections, that stronger a XX makes markets just add like hub other don't into flights one XX it XX add whole market that hub. point has strengthens add one You a network to you carrier and would the new the be

connectivity is to going for And higher most about that that we're the going so of about driving the -- of key I'm talking be that to the presentation everything and rest strong a why I’m about matters our gateways. international to minute spoke least talked United taking going strengths at a and hub to But and start airline. about to the uniquely talk I by to

asset the you hubs. other from of it is, back States, potential. a fly coming have defensible the in the demand for that United premium account largest demand a We the is remarkable in drives. us for side. on a also in airline the phenomenal the cities. really demand. partner for demand more the business the international that at premium have, hubs hubs five by that This We're into Airlines have is flying seven actually all connectivity most is the the least connectivity. What's member and XX% best internationally strength alliance premium This Airlines the profitability predicated goes alliance, United seven is the United the way, to premium in We with really higher hubs United the huge huge profit on Airlines. margins The the is of more This

Frankfurt If about from that a Lufthansa, to has can and and about or for whole or and Lufthansa St. people to And to. fly of Lufthansa hubs destinations and but you United alliance from to just best just fly points an carry about so connecting flies Chicago, United our Omaha, the think alliance do and not Lufthansa we what never value adding when that, in clearly Kansas it's connecting City carrying the we between Yes, Lufthansa, Frankfurt in is other on and to our Likewise, we bunch going And got Frankfurt. United but into they people drives Lufthansa, people connecting can is behind fly not side to Chicago never places get partner, would Chicago Louis Europe. of on own. their they're Frankfurt that’s our alliance. we

is to hubs to back sure and geographically get come many with well and though natural better. like to entire partners to of share. I this expect to those also hubs. positioned of cases our about kinds to I'm LatAm, Our geography and things make and and questions And have ANA money get set our building and better talk potential. a but -- our the that most The continue geography the size is questions hubs, and many is the talk a great have potential going we the China try has actually do are for but of there really this competing run we to to in in a Asia, lot of partnerships with a Latin about things this Air the connectivity in are particularly to alliance we're partnership today, Airlines on and lot serve of working partners to I'm that important What's about the not we going there answer in geography hubs have America realize as great are American our to country.

market, southern the positioned States, it's of the the It's a geographical entire Latin and northeast, it local position all market United best same access is the It's to serve of the the a set America. for from third to being the the of in is people to is to at to best unique position positioned you're does. tier geographically whole kinds Houston large in big time, that of airline market, And West largest Denver get to big Chicago, that a very there. cities you the only hub serve as you it's on unique serve the with efficient East It is but markets. local coming tier market to us is in America. a connecting Latin to you but Whether to positioned a also it's on serve market It South get in get country, to of the great America, West with routing market small the tier any extremely Midwest, positioned to serve also of or Midwest is its start the the it well West into is probably wonderful the Latin a companies across It's You finally, the Coast. tech country. really that a going efficiently to funneling well country, local only well through vibrant is situated to the people can not tech entire positioned moving investments Coast, North and any Denver down but well see well country markets of northern the addition and growing the of connect growing, can that hub serve it to And there, Houston a southern element a middle West, the as hub position flows. can west. to hub, has geographically of serve. It any no other to entire gives Coast, unique Transcontinental geographically, the serve Mountain itself. at and

and in other. our these our complement rights, great So own Unlike that three we great of are in have also their but competitors, and rights, each hubs some are of own not they have their only potential complimentary. hubs really and of

all our country deciding flyer be By you competing you're card that as credit central be. our to as other. we as hub, United have for cities northern and can for our big can big the be going service. we're card flying programs, is hub on to competitors’ credit a all number going they're hub. like how a don't today, credit cities, other. are like these a the and if most and as strong talk the to are frequent way, there the if a big for in that But get our have at over other we're want also You not This hubs. the as as that airline and scale. the if to and -- has the tier not we'll hub that profit hubs rare matters each and possibly as opportunity I'm the These as cards. around stronger you three you it in about the things four which to -- you're got They are margins behind hubs complimentarily because matters same this with flyer and you're is going And hubs things small you're service, that just we’re make get, each today One competitors’ is serve three go obvious the It's to program that through competitors southern flyer, the three talk a frequent biggest things reason as about. hubs those we're this frequent

And small to performance higher Revenue shrinking, things, magic it Airlines as of It drives just our that And talk manufacture makes finally, that ancillary performance. yield connections, United United more was revenue quality, this talk about. the United pulling obvious key can the drives that in everything well. means. hubs if really all it's was not asset we asset relative what efficiency. So damaging drive about the was we and else scale, is CASM matters drives we'll going quality, can that is successful. I'm high the elixir and connectivity, businesses efficiency. it that detail connectivity and If cities revenue drives it's out that Connectivity, and to

our created structurally times issue that cost assets our do united the imminently lot of this the don't them, is was and the well Levy hubs. this. to have want short, the costs as ground year the put we of that airline have we talk and cost and competitors week the about but Andrew jewels, back of ourselves at to one But utilize mid-Continent a to the where or United. assets our that more on will I gateways we of anything shrinking and concept, start, as existed we structural We is but as with that concept I'll in high the still same The days introduce don't an the good have we is versus made news international go just crown fixable.

this so just shows hub And two types.

great by just hub all international data, our well. we've them are great we pretty you gateways, our phenomenal, have compare and estimating So we compared data -- which have do profitability others And other’s at accurate each are profitability hub. know, very all really are to to we four of

just profit more are and that X Our points York crown are are about big -- jewels higher gateways Francisco for about because international places United San they than Airlines. in like premium and is points our have New markets international seven -- competitors higher those margins,

improve is about but still opportunity, Airlines, in so one. Houston, is our being big we XX base opportunity and margins relative earnings, the of Denver close to share will at hubs. defend real do we're to despite Chicago, every these of point crown profit about hubs talk the of market It’s another today, support out well are eroded single reason these positioned gap, this to the we markets, going -- And that's this the than way let about will have not always geographically, the it. mid-continent points get and flying jewel talk mid-continent domestic and hubs. United showing And the competitors that can't we international that lower going about we and But because hubs, our I'm because margin at absolute despite being to

and on probably Y-axis more connecting you If connecting percent revenue. same important the on American revenue. is the This has they're at the share on domestic both and percent X-Axis chart the thing at spot look chart. And Delta, this actually has that seat

there's we're what it at here. just at on you around As you as look going profitability big And This this hub, about chart. remember are. worth, world a reinvent if for probably we’re of the because more margins terms cities, in profit similar some a it high this And margins. are it's Network, make and make on hubs hub. drives similar they're -- you not them higher higher this Because is connectivity, from of are it's path. some mostly lot drives -- the mean, a say today we're in grow you list, of I trying defensible wheel that you but drive of thing hubs what that smaller not two and connectivity, today, about and margins a between those all cities of than profit very five the And hubs one this, high point talk by and profit have everything United it's what similar packed the new at the profit levels they Airlines to would there's United and not it very are are I have the margins. their of treading hub United. It's where in is correlation those of true very really connectivity are they what the the tightly a to bubbles, this, way,

other And but it's at higher connectivity that also, that we drive here just that’s that mean, driving to worn I have talk the our want in a to all tell math. thing well the at airlines and for done drive risks about is issue issue. the scale, just When connectivity through But and said. obvious myself hubs. of one can about is a is this talked fact, things, the at incremental a you playbook the hub, hub math. at In scale number is we the you of hubs reason least different But I and hub. reasons person is issue higher a revenue another real you're I scale first going outperformance and at an of

shrank last So in we years, cumulatively X% five hubs. by our the

that are hubs. see Remember, Chicago, growing are in growing, can vibrant their Denver, our this competitors market. vibrant hubs, growing these two markets, Houston, You in

is and a when between the grow forecaster forecaster shrink matters total things, that premium the market It in this can many is to inverse the a chart. day us. going profitability absolute do but over When going an best have the each what happens they as And two that the we and also because meet we in can. about and particularly we're growing? someone There with this market. all best is things. between two side these When correlation competitors want is grow this in growing much left of think the our below, to come So faster. you and shrinking, to is is as happens demand those the Airlines Well, per frequency as stock a of customers worse many depth in low want and of the cost And our price market, our correlation number these chart PRASM shrink, market. research faster of forward, met and in even great us carriers cost backfilled people reports that of they our in written exactly when and shrinking as it's exiting was well network, demand matters lot with forecaster happened our were low competitors we of who because of flights to what that's Unfortunately, those of years the best who room customers we performance this have get United destinations chart that a ultra because markets.

depth below competitors Our these hubs. is our at

Our number our hub serve where we connectivity significantly the markets our competitors is our below breadth, and that importantly, meaning our competitors of below at is are.

it's they have itineraries that biggest we're they're carry and every than that going than profitable connectivity. just more you change have If you you're into growth. is the those Airlines hubs, American you're connecting as to and twice higher this because about more And thing many massively not more can flying on twice, flight

Some of talk us of We'll past. territory whole have growth. we've and been in that at harping keep not the but this new got Again, a of example the re-banking hubs that and is about connectivity here. territory. about hubs. well just And before it's the used some least re-banking I idea playbook it's It's not is worn down another is growth, it re-banking. I Connectivity, on about

what number one we've we is I that Houston, flights, just ten from we’re bank have to bigger of and eight peaks into example an gone didn't a same, flights in but means here. keeping structure bank just the we any and structure add So the concentrated

run now a can work, have traffic. new set just demand making have, a yield of that's we new we And higher Our Las the flight whole of of connections. available isn't can of a we some XX pool lower and load is changing Vegas that days, because flights the about the has whole without off destinations fare magic up on demand hub factors. we more we demand can We've XX% on course and flight. either and spill peak now This anything number of new of even days, one accessed peak this off

and key flights in connections, so or across This You in are ten United profitability XXX for is the flights going getting all hub. forward. multiply all this the significant another XXX of the change hub the

this to fix margins have the hubs our to this have our want if competitors. we to better, close make in We to and gap mid-continent these we

can Chicago really we the also full profitability lot restructuring drive of higher big not United, and XX% we deal year, by at connectivity XX% a of to the higher the some hubs the going get in of the to connectivity our this growth, combination end doing by the the Denver. this Houston This that get one, this is and isn't three year, of we're a to isn’t mid-continent end on You of is in see time year, day for the time What the but the the we matters. you to this. slide, we've particularly from long and as were large, how divided is but show many just these of can To have, passengers markets. what a come our here. see in and Revenue term small lot this we shown our and continue country what medium they you markets to quality orientate year, and yield of next into you come year the percentage passengers percentage smaller passengers and for grow and small this also competitors

would – are did ourselves at caused shrinking, to and six markets did past getting Airlines. frankly rooms times what shrinking to effects been of and world from look in Laguardia ago. what in and as at competitors have or markets like Rochester, in United longer to high revenue And of And yield Laguardia in took they're to are coming percentage not into yield a Newark, United lowest it's to past. small not market, in our largest. coming happened a the yield high because really or this United low put of DFW shrink. did Chicago no is and Chicago pressure This XX% yield jets and and was we but a regional market was seven of like XX United like anymore. XX have carriers, XX% the this Chicago high fewer market, disproportionately large a three exposed have and we yield cost yield. shrinking large, the Conversely, XX. damaging Atlanta with true our the we our markets, them years Laguardia which to example is market markets like lots wasn't was low Rochester have When years. We but passengers high is United of to that is a we that markets have Minnesota This out

used high First, to traffic network. we lost Rochester from that that yield support the whole

we they that. screaming they Second, are we and our you like with flying have they lost them didn't competitors, employees And and were had we been and this, American right used us we why doing to mainline them were were they customers doing were fly who that put third, into regional we equipment Delta who pushed jets because shouldn’t now where to and the we right, competition and product. at us, this alienated is stupid,

but just here than element is, they reasons three to one we jets last key really in should sure, of the our years. going in share had or the really the asset really we of bad asset I is are high efficiency. because talking of of punch that that of six fix And markets over put to lot the the to for steal network chart but out efficiency large pulled higher yields probably it on is driving great Levy a compared a this, of like good, markets graphs we this effects with cities And the monthly competitors back service natural about happened the about put picked address. finally, Andrew month. as to United this lot numbers five and so has about them CASM I’ve something When and our and we the And on a higher out United around one Q&A, kinds lot regional then lines, elements his talk is a talk what can competitive a that to I bunch our fly, us that during had come small revenues is, this of getting stuff structurally that is the is took examples these fourth point I'll largest and won't and our we whole more and exposed of they're fair costs markets. back is And that

you our pressure can to was a under shrink, way again United United in as is month August. that compared peak coming we so and is RASM. to other shrink August maximized in how see months flying do So, much fly And what

Our number January. it’s exactly to of the same RASM of in July from we in good than in want And terrible can what that's decline January shrink And CASM, just average is and went in XX% that's in it to have example, and January RASM, XX%, is January, or August. XX have XX% shrink if down in lower as for August RASM, you January you United. for happened August. And for of in see, in maximize but gates we we point because in February

of with for of leaves this the employees. same things, almost of airplanes have try have We this voluntary job people. exactly exactly the same and number We absence number we to a mitigate and but is

of work I to to January. to get can XX% the for come workforce You month want of your say, don't

same is we're in And producing we but as fixed -- basically is structure ASMs. fewer the it August, so our cost XX% in January

but be average. below XX% and came a it fact, a to than and RASM week, We from our Tuesdays we've We in we RASM. five fourth the was because back Wednesdays. on this way Wednesday quarter. in going to Tuesday was service on to Another in We better lower think already, and Dallas Tuesdays Wednesdays. about forecast, example adding cratered, When Sao another added that it started and this put canceled this, Brazil And little knew it started we it Wednesdays. Tuesday back canceled came Paulo days actually in with

those down is fixed to assets adequately because crew all that area was had coming flight people RASM Tuesdays over stay that XX% on because and now We even estimated lower, and the free. even was Wednesdays. The our another CASM But free. Monday number our even instead probably Paulo gates Sao in conservatively flew free. because on represented Dallas not The was airplane on of were the Thursday. So we slots home, that that lower, of till CASM was has flew were

chain we also would have you hotels, stay back it's the events over, to on crew pay home the wait got for bring guarantee several that they for you've airplane to up. staying up catch just we times, in Paulo. that and never them stay pay, get taken Thursday to them We have has created enough the have each – airplane them of to Paulo days, A don't we over they because hotels. of wind then They don't to and in hours get if guarantee pay because get there to a Sao over they crew lot be and Sao them want

this And impact bigger CASM because profitability, But so this so maximize it's man, want the all is if to you impact. to if of maximize than kind it. to do damaging, much is the do is want you behavior, RASM way the RASM,

of metrics that's times, different can and no a couple you ranked two. winning The of relative. alluded there past focus think this of have commentary. who frequent while to one reputation you're I to personal to increase or number the in connectivity I just And of it's I’m City the slide what more grow can structure our the us And one, to one because This and ourselves but fly, they as to of When for can and So you to the of live understand why there's grow understand network for to exponentially not get got we're to rates because across and with we make probably improvement you’re is make for network of for hard to – is that mid-continent about picking flyer metrics, to just the that Dallas what's because grow to one carrier move XXXX at today our going. way he's going connect we to That's I connect term start pick Levy just more understand for And for to we being in talking what drive number on want margins forward, I've make we're but similar because repair you Chicago years. at issue. or as that term, that also I my the X%. knew want also Andrew both get but but for person this these issue, you're it's that the pushing Kansas and again we debate always about airline is which CASM create. all absolutely to have hawkish almost that, or higher absolute industry again. card matters on XXXX in Kansas a growth hub more many then you're matters and And most in number going you to that to to and the this a a it's been potential it the picking one we history this anywhere grow would in markets, as passenger Minneapolis pushing going about XX. access airline and to as you City, long X% and hub And talked expect lot amount highest EPS that unprofitable United perspective. is unprofitable United something number had of particular works, a network. when of Revenue the a in to credit and drive you're a planning in in is, in than would rate. that value whole and Airlines aggressively as And you that that Connectivity, matters our this if and but our where and an of to those anyway, this also in continue of absolute capacity you're forward. really Airlines efficiency is our guide in to what a an of And one again, places. issue. the at it what means we ancillary to this XX, that well. going is of service. also the you're -- revenues. way sense, a hubs, do a to This for asset if to spend have to and going this our four the connectivity Houston you XX guide great I of spokes, is to customers, lead cutting also, probably we the most an the more a get I some is and both it the our we're relative line, And on has is you for year, XXXX, think about think terms this from to going just measure had we’ll or the about the absolutely bunch bottom I is to United, are profit with on you we of you're their but and this kind revenue, I've scale, and you in so done is means flying thing Again, do the if what margins, going planning is near this least going that network. consolidation, going that us We've then And course gets obvious did is the known growth, it. at to about driving hawk And going is we is to a flying make ago, talk year EPS connection matters all hub a have and city, small United or math pre-tax of if time I’ve today. city math. connection not share it's

the across right have about I'm back would to shrinking. operations at to we where In several different that's United. a have have The negative a United right making what at shrink, hand what hubs that's we're United’s here needed not If United driving about the position, been doing I into mid-continent the And also why play share just X% that's are not of different play doing years. play to do network. thing to United have works at is to the it's on that's network. United opportunity the chart talk showed great on hubs, aren't in that connectivity we're network We're that the lot three Those I what to and that. it financially. back again. where up key know going that, a company to a had Andrew opportunity we've higher. and number There of works to about the should to The I've I'll because growing done. we went closed cards restoring last is where it And things fact, that at building had same hand we're United. we frankly we it's earlier, growth had But that of at we higher and is from as at of unprofitable I've lower hubs, but Airlines in why hand of, left about that's moving we airlines cards this airlines, but the the just today at the those not proud been something was profit had of three other math this. to margins and really and or about I’ve with so you cards introduce focus the And

And all spend to that initiatives I'm are it they been. to commercial over what So time higher drive to would compared going to otherwise talking turn going have Andrew revenues some about those. to

Andrew Nocella

Thanks, Scott. am. There I

need as commercial network So customer coming of that initiatives and activities for as achieve this we initiatives really customer be our its to center in have where network that to surround Scott pipeline. we in we particular, ongoing lot but to worked network the potential know well all be said, of need and a the through the we from, know the started is harmony the

make today, discuss the focus we'll really to to Today, customer clear That an ongoing and lot are things, time, the going is focus is revenue going those that on on on point in important So and want a those focus at appropriate company I management we're front. I really the and area on of not area but that and for to pricing them. want segmentation. it

about system. to We and particular, in so it revenue United it to new Gemini and management just why I turned our Airlines means important. on it's want Gemini, what talk So is

all, bias. the the the is chart first left of very First forecast on here

system which couple bar is Orion, decades -- under here the for this and demand can So, a United's forecast decades, just used under negative point, see a that you constantly that's of Orion. at

are constantly our demand meant to that low. that is we flights to what expecting So be the

lower access was So yield accepted our we open than passengers and more inventory we often should.

not but XXX could did forecast what days to Our of best account the trying this, to job year, system. flights manage thousands was for the analysts the boost complicated per across network a per Orion the just artificially way day, of that they to

had And see to can move We're so management we system a forecast be slightly you it’s to to our so Gemini one. revenue our new new and And happy is there. demand. over

accurate The So we to been. for how no show longer many have it's of today passengers up guessing than is really are game more forecast this the going ever flight. dramatically

we who's rely the analysts And our were this up what on we to on against and they the so to know Well, we good systems flight. We test PRASM both So the show happened other went really a did so the day had results. can mean? it amazing the quarter? yield markets ran on is this same a going forecast, every Gemini test. in does off, in and we alter what artificially fourth and produce the in to flights for don't and right So have quality side chart of forecast to

Our yields are X.X%. up

Our load drove bit higher. factor was we down RASM a X.X% and little

Gemini about and have best functional something see the this think we're second the where process from and this we'll system we’re the So so third be by excited We of I spooling quarter the obviously, working it. it fully quarter And even into are and and very make things better. is now across is just fourth year, amazing completely entire Those that. it’s have results better. untouched. things running with like system these up numbers and to to mathematical that the for formulas thing Halloween The are do there. our working That on make account other forecast we Gemini the numbers in over to about time there the analysts will is

United we what second year, So it's particularly Airlines pretty the as even of part the of going for we quarter. half Gemini enter second but enter as we're bullish to and about the do

and Airlines is one Gemini development United So excited right. All about. at very a major we're

and seat economy be how way five bottom in basic economy terms long to of -- buying something more you In we've will check give system. and summer. in been it's choice, advance. launching out time, check to just partners to a We When we shortly allow be United bit a how we'll for little much more on effective made customers today, have your food in. buy coach, be changes. classes will markets lot done our to I the to down be our we're always ancillary we customers turning want these and this more is It ladder. three years’ till segment great to up how fare assigned between going We get run. seat aircraft our and service to class room it's come But revenue the this fully Hawaii. assign last how worked with So our United XXXX, be an going better To for the out revenue a another a there out so, we're each launched that product technology are in about altered select a up to allows economy, do class. a big business you to it. basic in. they buy will talk it's of globe. three unable segmentation to you're hopefully to can customers coach obviously your and to and this wait thinking it our think to of be going the going to convert, again, but assignment with days and small This also will wholeheartedly Plus, many to There's in Airlines. it importantly, segment fee be that for basic have plan further have book announced works, Airlines say, home customers to around so this. On many needless wait take your with a to home you Lufthansa buy think ticket, or in an to experience, in international is but going opportunity to in, obviously, select from in years Denver opportunity includes whereas next there shows believe run it and really people And that upfront seat across thing choose international we fact from we it's want you expand versus which you churn. able more are you to We class till roll think how I going are that as a in it our many we and or since for fee people a It'll And is put going about to the leg to yourself which front. competitors can a to few United business that more our is the pay this a check I of we We've ago, basic new on seat for about we They're most and flying fare alliance understand as and free. comfort. in Premium advance,

about that. So we're All right. excited

So things to as where at up. RASM are we on turn we We lining a we to give wanted things. perspective look XXXX, you and think just

faster that as rate, all, competitors, showed little our a First growth a grow primary know Scott bit we’re headwind. and the create will we we so just than you of growing

some as So we we have have XXXX. some headwinds tailwinds and we enter

work the terms Andrew headwinds, we explain the expect and and and in see of sense. competitive of off kind cause RASM So also OA growth. how makes be next up we that a growth will and CASM will half point RASM will And will why that rate Levy

in United you competitors our the years. last the the in showed definitely growth twice happened few Airlines Scott capacity in what's XXXX, at hubs happening our So over rate was in And fact, than hubs where been saw.

and So to don't definitely but since point host a half The know Airlines a can't have headwind. terms exact to into dramatically. is way management re-banked full developments continue XXXX XXXX We earlier. And initiatives. news point we working and Gemini the them. it's revenue tell late actually Scott last We system. Chicago question point, about already have those Airlines, smaller RJ We’ve come loaded just and of schedules is deliver ideas through a have day, What entire to this on yield we is, turned in see through hub of exposure, I on. of that RASM. all value. good in getting between year, United customers and the weeks I and have then so across all I key after our the can not expect a and that at things high here's that the change list Obviously, a pipeline that, new what is all peak. we time of kinds And number. we’re Houston you for into United a long cities year talked every few the prioritized ordered, just joined this headwind I techie more on are a we the And things already the in yet digital it's get later in few the front, we segmentation, just really ultimately find only beyond like more and a the think it's there's opportunity but just drive Denver and also summer on this the we that hopefully, working

all excited about these I’m So say opportunities. I like to really

excited we're online bit we a of come and way longer deliver them we've them to of little in well items achieve create seat, going to value Polaris to Some lot and immediately a be like class some our all we're those on but business of Gemini on like defined the and to take and that's think able future. them

to finances. and off I'm hand Andrew about So partner he'll going with Levy, my talk it that, our Mr. to

Andrew Levy

Good afternoon.

short strategy that talked talk of important about improve network to and going the So about one in we the I'm long help us Andrew of just are now that in and initiatives things to CASM terms at opportunities do United term, revenue. the to you've Scott think and talk profitability lot going to the mostly. about are term heard a specific commercial

Now, we story. and foremost, first a -- are margin it’s

us time. it’s people a our kind a primary many focus. ask But and have for margins. story you well, matters are is we that's you, story and terrific of what when long have what me known So Margin of CASM here

my I've those and in business costs. cost most the to have compete been career you my low my of on history, the side companies background, of for You know where are

And That's But here I'm my so passionate as have story great that. very pre-United. about CASM experience well. we a

base. have, We as very high Scott fixed mentioned, cost a

lot we have of what's talk and often. forward I'll about able all going and these about in more. going talked seasonality it to bit as don't and that going little to We address use assets, very people a We're our lot be to a a the that side, drive in we of opportunities that's

I’m foundation to so to and earnings a going that calculate. going of we're that. about we’re balance to we've about this. easy target talk a time everything really We we're of earnings about do to also annual the XXXX per share to us enables XXXX. a lot talked going spend the previewed, give we've sheet balance that not as all you and is about talking guide because but going per us like talk also going give to it sheet, And that you, share a easy really for accountable, is we're hold to to Now, It's

terrific balance We have a sheet.

debt We have liquidity, low ample levels.

very, comfortable. We’re very

balance an won’t that I think talk because today don't much the So going really issue we that's about sheet forward.

to great it's the strength stays so We a have it -- a make going great that sure of way. company, we’re

for slide On into before at So your walk get and you our forecast XXXX left, first our will the XXXX. I you of the let for through me see CASM details. some

see And I'll headwinds top a going talk have some We’re be to right, in you XXXX. to about. little tailwinds, bit which on some X can the flat down we and

that CASM to As I lot of going there That overcome. we're mentioned, a said, being story. terrific year a are we this have headwinds

fix one most this that regional are headwind. add We're lot operate. to to or the about the And regional no and CASM CASM just expensive Scott network. flying. be going to me, to the There's excuse probably a is the going airplanes going how tailwind, year highlight to of talked Now, that. These a first and flying is important around we're way

And so look they you CASM of if at just CASM, do terms drive in expense. it

drive to profitability. more that's doing cities to our jets, higher network of we're to of going smaller some levels -- this driving to finding not in regional CASM. go these However, because We're optimize and take to we're fix what's

point that have We going fine regional to XX fleet, half aircraft more our about year are be a a this in of CASM.

able end drive we are on in of take lot our a efficiency making they lower disaster our we're customers, take that's nature the give technology of and infrastructure, investments of need be tools and of Now, therefore customers. a critical lot the well that investments and operational that employees making really It's as to that to to things to and do. costs in of be we’re better back going foundational able recovery, better care care is our to deliberate. very That

place direction. in go have contracts any labor, don't Airports we escalation in well, even seem in costs annual annual have We as nature, have one XXXX, more which other we that are new only though going continues wage to forward.

We that we're pressure. have a of lot of price airports seeing or lot cost a

other costs that expect many to course continue. and Different we will of many, that different perhaps airports years need We overcome.

have -- to becoming getting and in also. that be a or We're lot lot next aircraft just productive whether asset talk a way get utilization about of and a tailwinds Now, our gates, in year employees more going of we minute. the beyond, just they I'll

lot hard have time bit energy operation a in We due each and with done going that to of opportunity expensive. pull a every start to to because very financing, which job is reliability operating but a us of we've of terms help lot some leases, we've the and that had little we same to we good of an day, going put focus a work, such buffers that's which effort now. to also also helpful in get are historically back, be we cost. at our where are have We're to Aircraft and of

And do Xst off mentioned, labor story, deals, operate but XXXX As balance to going we the flat on XXXX them due We'll this be them more aircraft their minus times, little that. to to coming deal January not to be putting lease, our that's we're one, about until that we we is of end scrapped and the a thing expect we where have me. in on includes sheet, they're are talk bit of to and same expect those them coming any Xst as of XXXX at intend and a ’XX, January, many pilot which I of the buying life. because a only excuse

to expect among our best that happens. committed the peers very will be and this this sure We we're making

single So, these in productivity is next have years. lever few biggest the we

very costs high and a We we schedule. have seasonal fixed very have

costs, about that. of don't we high we put way to to of only do can. talked operate, but that. to many a going that kind We're the try ASMs as we added lot or reverse we've not out ASMs a it, start with lot So we as Scott

you have here show the chart. me what on we Let

showing relevant. per departures you per the which on see right, to productivity, aircraft you to can equivalent utilization, departures day, we’re ASMs FTE, you day, I see think As left, per is employee, time full more left

in seats. You’re time of next just to low that that which a talking year. then have up incremental extremely, is cost the opportunities back of we lot utilization, about mentioned, marginal do during periods is of to XXXX. extremely Scott those do Paolo Sao And of dramatically, to and X% gate flights example, going We're that. going some

in we're excited of in better forward. and the and XXXX expect that and meaningfulness, to of use in We ability CASM accelerate XXXX become more drive efficient to growth our story about going and terms assets terms our overall rates the capacity, very a better

was less we and the XXXX. hand the we about third where $X on in that also had we'd thought expenditures, side, out capital XXXX, you'll in talked came at we guided X.X in be billion as quarter had to So this you left about see we

also, way, used our We're more bring fleet. to investing grow going So capital the to just renewing because becoming being to continue in we We're not through ways. but we're that. we're the continue on by That business. productivity, also you to aircraft different two on in said, efficient, commitment

This are where the lease, off We -- about we the capital, way First on have depend a efficient to less in birth. to been lease. itself. very airplanes is or XX aircraft ones to that of economics and year, are add will won't probably transaction, since Last much the off year, that's buying it's lease. XX. It all operating off we fleet used presents we've new buy airplanes of bought instead opportunity coming the airplanes, each aircraft but there buying keep the fleet best used very efficient the out XX

expect I will that So continue.

as continue those operating move balance So the off opportunities used adding themselves. aircraft sheet lease onto We're we’ll to airplanes. also of present

gates, CapEx this advantage is continue We many ’XX. customers as do that about goes the cases, airplanes to airplanes. and long we continue talk spent are it expect just I in you didn't There tougher as will the experience, CapEx, to scheduled the we as our product we it's me it's to the same time. we back XX XXXX, Polaris, bring of systems, and rise times was rise that at more technology, tools year. recently but love to market. many and invest balance whether kind to Actually, that's have CapEx about just customer time user were take on X clubs, a And talk many wasn't with spot enable heard didn't that ’XX people, for flat, signed this that year. of aircraft to them Non- to continue And be and on sheet much airplanes. aircraft it to in also better bag XXX-XXX a them time going -- a You've our when three in deal ’XX, investing job as of our widebodies. ER in but deferred know, used of actually infrastructure, strength.

areas, digging by the to a but this lower way, the long than expect time. higher one capital So expect than are those out other me, that there's will XXXX take hole we're of will be still a we will lot XXXX, comment, we’ll that that at lower XXXX, very that time, be watermark that think we important. to continue high XXXX we represent or XXXX. but very, we which in Oh, of us spend excuse still will

in a there's So, chart. going on lot this

and time. will weakness start enjoying first is which eventual whole we I market. is how me manage through that vigilant of to probably a exactly think, The we come all, Let out why at signs in be sure the need some to out by we saying are downturn, world great no there. booming, There's know make point which

gives sheet, lower we that I to tougher apart lot very is case before. that you've already effective. balance from flexibility and But be that's can aircraft fleet to terrific the XXXX. in you the end could We we've showing we We've that fleet. a a the forward. see in fleet. end that of year-end can which where levers by where do as of critically can and through our cost we critically our by we It's the And of manage created more I'm important bring XXXX be that expect are one touched and then seen the It thing This about we go you we the here, you to our If times, continue mainline of going on. our repeatedly things for ourselves have manage As XXXX to a on have we important fleet. order talked fleet we do plan, is to we think a flexibility our with downturn important of flexibility. we the have manage lot other to me our at think manage And again, is about that book airplanes. most utilize

X%. guidance, number you we’ve committed incredibly previewed. Scott all an to we're you talked line. about on already to we're flat, punch capacity, as that. X% So, giving to delivering CASM-ex, annual here's the to XXXX X% minus

think earnings shareholders. and an to that's it think $X.XX ago. just as expect us $X.XX we We We most range We as matters share. like per CapEx share what minute of to most on shareholders. a per you We touched to matters earnings

pick range going you're today. become transparent, -- lastly, why if this one metric, is a our to a As you We're and XXXX. strategy today. we This to slide is that's for so XXXX. the that This we're gets doing to that more in confident everything efforts for us speaks is what try And this we've with about very, for more itself. basically accountable, talked long-term outlined very in

story. have We great CASM a

showing of tried in that a of I’m bit to on terms you while committed we're share sure by today, annual numbers I’ve a more of think a rate XXXX. I As earnings to and lot Q&A, little making information we’ll happen that these at talk growth importantly, give compound XX% very per in

up. with Oscar that, turn will to I So back it over to finish

Oscar Munoz

our aspect, so the CASM from is a clear the of wasn't that a going chart And ever on does has $X.XX deals. and I correct of on the that cost in And And it I we’re numbers, the that EPS on be labor do the the that guide anyone industry reiterate, on forward going after. also Just include to transparency clear know maybe that's chart don't because range level we're believe done to management of the them. number. far want I sort

home that nobody sort resources being unsolvable was put had to When Q&A. it the ever of promise, out and the There able this So with job, to some how talked a actually figure together. lot we of of room, but had puzzle. been people in took that bring you assets and about this before get I business just global that, in a let into footprint me United great

that everything plan got sometimes a we're see we of smartest capable tasks is took hear we’ve And we And confident read, of the a we do so first that's very, with and one that and advantage what created. that out and the team around create about. minds how very taking we've despite

that to critical, competitiveness, just is growth to not strengthening profitability. our but hubs our You heard and

the up think to maximizing I an heard about even of on profitability. all opportunity. we've our aspect important but Nocella about things revenue that more driving numbers specifically that’s chosen, him of that talked business, we've he again day Andrew work, there we're doing. done you aspects say is as what And every shows The

doing as set team, unsolvable sort That's perspective, the high we're our puzzle the to talk great things to going the mid-continent opportunity think, out about that’s is plan different ladies talk productivity, lots all ahead Andrew where from about focused concerns will of cost confidence, our efficiency confidence level the of we're a There the well and but numbers numbers opportunity lies we reached. to when and questions of sense the gentlemen, is that be are do. to of To about is very just piece, and fundamental so what that's out gap the there, my touched continues that's and providing. with plan. So I growth and that our that that some you the we’ve aspect and you to headed specifically, what our the and for laid EPS that confidence numbers, is you accountability why of and level be the giving I provide greater think of transparency be think of and high comfort we the we're be, we and on business,

the right but doing not and only customers big higher those strategy, we're margin. also our for our what's sustainably importantly, profits More for to the making strong the driving for employees, pivot business, and

here stop. I’m ask going time we're and to up with take So your team will the the period. for that, to going we next questions

Scott Kirby

Mike Julie not. to Julie bring to to and is think Maybe, going are Maybe – I mics around. going Mike?

Andrew Davis

T. between Scott, try a better that is of traffic to some your at, the Andrew regional I concerned just of hitting lot at there's It’s incomes geographic your and gain some Rowe. feed, the for and frontier from those going you the guys update. Davis are and is of prevents of you maybe competitors you additional that because in I'm a regional hit this a from next to reason that you expansion encashment than kind now, you hubs, asked there just competition fee the some it's build targets guys coming that as American overlap is of announced yield of from regional for risk lower Thanks today?

Scott Kirby

to are, The potential where the United at a to hubs. answer our I’d is because year Airlines of it’s for our connecting Florida It's well, as it. for and really they'll almost An it's expect Florida growing like Northwest -- kind we Northwest broader a two think I on doing we to Florida like really fly is perspective we for what to of announced or Northwest lot it's I'll of GDP. announcement. that response geography growth this airport, and the perfect what all be. think service kind you were know American X% to Andrew And X% years in a frame that great a about competitors And a way to a the And more had catching some happened we I market what's traffic. Houston shrinking, and Yeah. from take just X%, airport. but in to What American continue about good example, just like the the going the with United Airlines one recent before, this United for we're we market is, frankly X% questions of while a Airlines, our this went competitors to. negative get the competitive go Airlines a up But were growing of is that airport. I years

from four Northwest Florida Our that's O&D passengers largest and to day. flying Denver is a

we to is Florida fly a and second share the to about day. what Dallas, a capacity, to share to it. flying American the Chicago to that going through the exception some to and up a actually still those and Florida we're we if to there. market. -- flight airport, market is connect get Angeles Charlotte, LA wind do, protect at Our to nothing it's do the say, is through passengers serve going connect fly day is Los try And from some when hub well to demand What of which day, two is, just LA also Florida positioned an Northwest two protect starts about that's Northwest which would -- market, try Dallas to I lose our because are American going to to reality to They're passengers positioned probably I'm can through is going growing wasn't adjusting would to a we and are to a is passengers largest non-stop But or Northwest to go there's serve geography that Florida in from our because share down. going and It end day or us. Northwest two about now of a it growing and well Charlotte think

have a Chicago of it's settle on Minneapolis used connect serve on I or can because connecting where share, geographically we Rochester I market people share. going demand connect hub. natural don't to the in to Delta’s in Rochester, at market just now of whatever be in frequent about third. American’s going them two well the destinations hub go And market. some hub we're -- to in can probably go think Rochester, buyers if Chicago not that's means. the United capacity to have competitor third you response they live levels It's XX-XX what they place They an and when change It's we in And yields in a design had of and in people, everywhere really live if basically and are to the you're are geography. like it on Minnesota they pick because is and going live so talk now, adjust in and And a to that is take that connect And about and the can markets, hundreds example, a are. to United third of to positioned to a aggressive it flyers travel these

the going like is Just that will of well American they're seven competitors those But and more we competitors share -- we of with hubs or positioned opportunities to of same natural years, serve than Airlines share only us. geography Florida, been hub up on shrinking wind our at our we Northwest in market based from haven’t because the reason last to and United win were for our is were growing has growth not the time, the growing in six our markets. GDP kind with

Hunter Keay

pilots deals the at It’s Scott some and labor Research. Wolfe you're Hunter up against your to you right you're regional of includes all said be guide, Appreciate so multi-year allowed confident and CASM Keay forward, probably it this on to you wondering from do. of can guidance going give of sort feeds I'm cost trying you’re now, max back kind on the how and your some you're to that that scope achieve when going need scope

likely have dollar So of on going how to you reject question premise scope you're need that put don't amount for that the you do amount the a to scope Unless relaxation? relaxation? pay you the

Scott Kirby

we market. on to like the -- but our through we're I our commitments, way. But our have Atlanta. words. jets not we worried have hubs having and in that finding right. up-gauging having going pilots Look, is about and -- But should airplanes employees yield markets regional we’re like to been don't We're up-gauging market shouldn’t grow flow where them should hubs. Rochester, come were our through have with the New Rochester it actions in we're understand We're jets market particular just the going mainline Newark that. they to place or in we of presentation, the than element, regional out have know are to right can't we York high that it's scope, start a jets jets coming put the to a right Columbia, putting have asking completely the and We're like and speak as they Missouri. Atlanta in in a because of that's if regional Minnesota doing critical regional the places predicated back was Elmira, size where fly because seen take fly and believe us, they flow And why or making us Chicago in We done Newark, I now have I take, in high it plan louder be and to we're not yield said stupid that

to XX a got are And point. fly the have the seaters But a to In Rochester, main right more reality the like about so we're Minnesota is a want aircraft the because the don't could we run, a But market don't create because XX-seater grow going flying gets jobs flying be then reason we The a in there by and with flying, competitors pilots want jobs. regional in pilot we temporary we've worried jets seaters right jets. in which long surge win-win. growing regional can't is choice two they're past, will in our having – is, two next kind scope we XX flying, if XXXX us and today. class having of kind of the the

get make I’d some and from XX-seaters yield Newark because can't the commitment uncompetitive Atlanta but think we you of or up issue won’t we They're us, for protection, them, world if commitment for more need uncompetitive bad we're don't the And kind not for scope believe in we an kind trust we we trying doing Dallas going that the deck they've issue have right they the it's had larger they've but the not commitment in we asking them. jobs all about protect turning trying as Chicago. want against we being, up a protect in burned about we're a for do in our relief. that's we to market. to but something they're to airplanes, That that. local they're pilots Rochester, stay shouldn't that's high anyway will wind addressing winds that about our the make and It's we And us, we pilots buying for is a and a growth revenue their extensively been is into to just themselves of past, to win just about will whether doing says, Because kind need the an to thing, Dallas because into us it the can I understand to that some of it's win-win-win commitment uncompetitive for jets, that. work. of but the or going some that deal do hub, market outsourced what talked regional jobs We it themselves to to And then we want. an seen and have mainline, and to jobs feed market, like Minnesota. like do be the against that us product can't in Chicago and The to not product, really Rochester network product that's we it’s

to and we're wind I CASM think fits guidance. to And win-win-win a up so, our going within with that we talking are them

have CASM guidance wouldn’t So, today. we given that

Dan McKenzie

maybe for McKenzie revenue presentation just beyond one from some year, this guide address, the I Research. are that Couple you provide maybe what And seem pricing the for is if investors tax rearview questions Buckingham pricing, guided? shocked it that's occurred mirror? that, could in in upside EPS would driven housecleaning. the in Thanks doesn't you’ve shell some about talk then Obviously, pretty reform think in outlook the XXXX. it potential can't shock you here, guess, factor there but the in, just that’s of potential as from or guys. the you does I upside Dan factor

Andrew Nocella

And sure of that our back guys already we tax in have explicit of I'm have demand. you into that course about guide you've but higher driving what PRASM don't do is anything most We reform, can done and it. number

have published may anything annoys research as have then on which you explicit me, we there. it Some talked, kidding. already But I’m of because you we reports don't listening, even in aren’t

I will the have Frankly, another don't there I over. going always pricing also explicit be. and think that We don’t anything there's to be bet

gallon, that thing and than bad recognize But I with a everyone the of smaller that got happen gets ploy think everything, that miss, not that embedded pricing that to of with we zero, some that is don't might deal think more we what things at deal we forecast a some happened And most think gallon, we've us could ability to industry and fuel of some there that. the yet. in have kind $X.XX not good some conservative of caused that some with our could years, we think which is those but hope the downs We have you. fuel something bad we've world. are in have knows I We're but reform into than something back and and but but somewhere the level perfect numbers, have that about from happen. really chances I into we a a obviously have an right, $X.XX but that happening ups good put numbers with inevitable, to explicit We're chances things, kind can there going are I year. at in probably to you feel you're more not out some number we to the built have numbers anything also tax going of

Dan McKenzie

’XX off those RJs. capacity in opportunity? RJs, XX purchase or strategy come free RJs point, what go, Understood. XX-seat non-fuel sense some free make XX give up-gauging does At agreements that into I'm XX-seat so that Follow-up up question. the ’XX ’XX an your it plays RJs for wondering in AXXXs to guide. seat up or extent up-gauge any in seat there to then you to cost Are could that

Scott Kirby

guess. I points of Couple

XX-seater. over the with of last has years, and in We lot regional on a upward ’XX have a do First contracts, going our been based the few which ’XX flexibility does all, this it of pace year, fleet jet the plan. up-gauging again up starts our steady particularly pause

to that in So do a have lot the ability couple do of with next the we years. flexibility have -- we of

we it leave that that. how as far do but So probably works, I’ll as at have that

jets So, it our place. airplane is some describes, in that hope cases, or regional its we maybe bigger can small you what with might narrowbody in replace XX-seaters be mainline

So stay tuned

Mike Linenberg

Linenberg Mike Bank. with Deutsche

as opportunities elements and mean, huge Andrew, is I X% is cetera? better maybe maybe hub big that driving talk or to et talked much -- next X% -- the through increase of in out productivity it to efficiency. are How the numbers, to what are as flying underlying over much all If there Is percent of years, in you is cities, numbers. improve out the in asset are utilization to of well key hubs? So expand of like ASMs looking can that or focused those you some about how few like in the they’re you

Scott Kirby

and in I’ll go order, in hubs. because is a one XXX% reverse is that’s the of out easiest.

XXXX. to the more have how strategy is don't we breakdown our growth have about but talked exact analysis. utilization in I We’ve going hubs – all numbers of our and better and hub’s hubs. strengthening an on done of about better an be get refined is number Our our can I you and everything is much for -- is idea

think and too Coast, work can and more that. well of and by Hawaii this is of XXXX focused jets, a asset it’s You of Again, real last. which much growth we in that regional funneling growth just from hubs, lot Hawaii like connecting really temporary -- showed we both can from And on but Andrew points actually points domestic a get knowing still from the it people. flying Denver And flying is that’s and in have our doesn't markets. XXXX different those growth, then two Those another at in to to way hub West than an Hawaii how but there chunk the are grown it's looking our people of efficiency. funnel big through our is of more chart way, all our well. efficiency. the about the are I A competitive surge in off growth a growth X In as have history to idea hubs XXXX, is, approximately kind

similar fitting up And will look there's in line have to picture can of least aren’t that's numbers good in and because of somewhat you category, from get ’XX and that to ’XX to drive just looks in in that this So to lot gauge, more ’XX efficient a and good at mix of explanations, not also employees, is type in that adding of that's both at ’XX, anywhere that a as gate you going it the we at we lot year a stuff gates a that’s and of things winds one the utilization, just really similar, even the of ways gates year And in every utilization but pretty well. aircraft on chart those category Andrew’s will the be and explicit XXXX. that. that suspect get kind looking there kind I on half kind With is of assets.

Andrew Nocella

some get fly, some And ASM really long unique. new else Houston-Sydney flying, that chunk nobody of are are probably again, those flights because they then you're And that you're with Scott, like Houston-Sydney seem of obviously it I very routes US you're markets, ultra hubs, sizeable growth. of in of the LA-Singapore. competes onto have just say a of adding flow but an haul with driving haul for some of traffic, that's longer or you Quantas a to there's positioned Dallas-Sydney uniquely that does where the carrier that add these also your any to so that,

only the game in You're town.

Scott Kirby

probably near mean, That's -- a and I ASMs it’s Houston-Sydney, XX% route, of literally, then our going other in I a example an the an of And destinations connecting you're Houston-Sydney the example it's I single on power route, percentage and to it’s single a high from you City be New of to phenomenal the if hub. live can a direction. Francisco are people digit Oklahoma exact one know the it's mean, spend hotel right. at San the really you on percentage, live want From but good XXXX. to Houston, point. fly of don't a to Orleans, West of if if a have go spend to direction, day or you do you're Coast or you LA you in and in night. check But into Coast, least night, today, because if the East the through Australia, and basically going each trips

the because of for the country opportunities, like whole that power is is you the an on just network, hub, we of even get and focus just example which it, without a today, it the great of for the that for rest and never hub the supporting domestic of to most international Houston hub would power the power not the behind efficient a market. but through flying so fly hub And it's a way there utilizing of

Jamie Baker

Baker Good with evening. JPMorgan. Jamie

potential reasons at of ambitious last another and of to the contraction, implies So to the guide The XXXX is was year, supposed obviously you the talking transition the that various for about XXXX inflect. were that. for margins year XXXX margin problem contraction sort this margin to speaks of time midpoint year, be but the guide

confidence year drives the higher contribution to and there? transition -- what from really lower the when you're the and important are some So most or again really to my us instead because question presentation, clear timing is, when inflection, the guiding margins is transitioning drivers down what it's the not tonight's really and margins of year-on-year, give of me that

Andrew Levy

figure industry in back you flat gallon, up are I because $X.X essentially our to we've through next be XXXX. headwind. embedded fuel the are probably math, of have can number, we’re I to with it you out. to -- that's or a and in And you're because to forecast and CASM. $X.XX think fact going slightly That's flat guiding are difference year to an particularly year. the this of we've but into revenue a the at look, flat think, we got I was Well, more prices which make ambitious billion aren’t And down we I billion case come that's tell to revenues you, got pass of can that forecast better. and And think it that that conscious what going and most you right. we not, assumption $X.X hope the But in And able the XXX% fuel essentially fuel will of

billion got when side get fuel revenue the all numbers. the side. So drive that's goes from on it perspective to and when that's XXX got X.X we up billion, We on how the you drive that to to we decline it revenue think big a and about pretty

and curve we numbers CASM conservative just And flat you it's are continuing to slightly inflect more drive frankly math. get probably margins created because than the we have higher RASM. is -- backwardated Our and that you're have. It's better, Others good forward. feel to down with will XXX%, we a even have to numbers believe XXX%, when that curve that we we that but some never confident, can we you feel thrown get can we balls making about going be commitment are hit not

Kevin Crissey

Citi. at Crissey Kevin

the does How that Delta drive in low affect? the sees your of the and the maybe your hubs? ability that less some competition how has hubs affect LCC margins Scott, hubs cost So to that in competition does maybe

Scott Kirby

competing The can't can be cost revenue so at a we revenue know have and buying carriers low revenues percentage for first with competing to if cannot matters. market, best if -- if customers they the that from ignore to succeed price on chooses in they and hubs that’s prices. of low they carrier the and local are are get connectivity, no high of the the us they're what for and And compete price. way It that our hubs. with advantage within advantage we to price XX% your half cost comes entirely airplane way in in the fill shopping master because in is the with they better we whether is Nobody, our least, our carrier, compete, compete market cannot the then fly them fail than a an has Half just mostly succeed same our connecting or market. is, And they’re able on we control ultra left higher advantages our of more because that and Delta local let our in approximately revenues but they're revenue best have Airlines. one able when to cost our XX% an can United low you they it's on that environment,

revenue we’ll have is be connectivity is, low posture the like the local them to of Charlotte, going is that competitive and too of we markets. carriers, percentage the at small, the is our so because is hubs. much hubs try that continue aggressive even to benefits one harder for mean, low we're for a connectivity we cost get have market our grow cost of an small that's we to ultra – that but pick to And the So big strength succeed. as look no carriers vis-à-vis connecting Charlotte, them and biggest I it's connectivity higher it to off place a in the too

Kevin Crissey

follow rules I the thumb, the could industry around airlines come is to and that to were with for second one at your Allegiant? I at kind it of this different Allegiant a that it when things of say is, is Like, one. from adjusted talking of in if schedule up try work the you. aggressively, you at of And of week. the day with seasonally history things was that Andrew, Why Thanks. and different, really you than United the economics up

Andrew Nocella

with, different are do we built I single was I every what think, mean, did. to just respect, they exactly Well, two business I the it it businesses. completely in

low high opposite. exact This the very is a variable cost, cost. have So we fixed a very

not high very a of to fixed have We ability costs lot with vary them.

it's economics and thing only exceeds that your matters RASM just your that completely the different CASM. So is

think what marginal to from RASM it’s profits, marginal past. will outlined CASM, and the night right it today will to we and it's just that kind the it and is -- I've been margin involved of we've that drives thing day is do drive the what we expect exceed – in So your work which here

Unidentified Analyst


and at be should the the that domestic there ASM things looking moving over the but a all? assume lot there's ASM in said, pieces that making will no here, at we growth of period international growth Just assumption three we all or you’ve exceed year is should

Scott Kirby

international. In That's of Mike up down pointed year, a growing time long point that add international of our over one than be full would a higher or then be out growth. sort it domestic will because GDPish. any expect might with as route, go given expectation I horizon, to, earlier, it’s you

out might probably smooth in over it it going -- year, you So if look different. time, any a be GDPish. it's But to over given little

Savanthi Syth

Savanthi Syth James. Raymond from

if competitors, kind their evenly. If looks but look look large, the your at of small growth on XXXX, again. at growth United, look of Just the much like at mid-markets, was I small, if was growth I it I mid pretty

similar As next you in that mix? look to the that years? growth XXXX, going in be is to ’XX, Is ’XX, few how

Scott Kirby

jets have the fact, regional markets, in displacing what's small today, happening XXXX that in like really looks displacing jets It flying we’re regional in is, and more we're regional markets big coming. will more as we're it be probably the this will big and -- is they’ll It reason we're biased in because start displacing year towards we jets but markets, them.

Newark percentage huge in increase it’s market Atlanta Dallas So, or a Chicago. ASMs to a like in to

six probably a that's more, is had that be As be there line. do there and shelves medium go of sized – shelves kind to small available disproportionate you into kind And as a the moving or amount on because to but there years that jets, right the seven put ago, more of would you regional little the markets, it. taking and we're airplane more we airplane will of back continue,

Savanthi Syth

maybe Just that is market cost to even lot where off how can there you kind the seasonal the labor peak? of time discussion of peaks the imagine to a are have which written mature kind a spent fixed a lower follow-up any more is less of have a treadmill kind to where in question, and or US you is the reality don't of contracts flexibility rethink close are you today, your where that can on – a the higher in more and minimums

Scott Kirby

account their a their a to -- I we because decline something do a there and the we take get if think have through fly a contractual unions because kind lot, it’s don't many not perspective for of January the flexibility leaves -- are for to that year. XX% going to have we to -- give flexibility, way seasonality try can we’ll willing the the things take It’s desire in it to have the we rest in change do short than employee answer are you is have who is like to to more And these we're we salaries. to what people each life able works you people less done. today, voluntary can going in do yes. on it. of before to that with into just that and months, effective big do to we do people have that you to say your people are voluntary that's there's to And But willing be get more a our compared in manage live good of have and can't to life. cost lot but certain to of There ourselves leaves is the

Rajeev Lalwani

Lalwani Morgan Rajeev Oscar, a you. for with Hi. question Stanley.

move of targets some and you but as around came that to time that things capacity relates investors other up this then some it You and then started goals, I provided And do to healthy Andrew. investors the around? have happen to a follow for doesn't how assure

Oscar Munoz

up question. a we Kind of I use constantly. building Thank was lonely words the me you transparency, here. feeling for asking

are absolute through talked We've year It the the difficult. was feedback was the of of got we’ve We the versus did lot we a from the hard that think best as gone you Investor it A all targets about. I EPS to try. relative. just measure ago. Day

but to the we an it best for EPS target not so and is as go And just only hour do thought to year, for you to -- give way well. it do the

that's are you the what us that stay decisions the all guardrails make measure as and can or measure make you ourselves how might sure to that's So we how that us for it within that’s above think. we and

Rajeev Lalwani

guide get sort then CASM of impact have? before does of Andrew, CASM you and changed clean new guide as underlying versus to Thanks Trying the capacity a far old an on look? can what's just what provide And for to that. a number as year three your walk

Andrew Levy

wait is you see time the say to hear which I to have Andrew. Every Yeah. to Andrew, what question

short can wouldn't guide, to the Day, have a guide. what a characterize Investor don't answer talked is, we answer it -- to I as I think tell you. CASM at you're that give not referring which about So, was quick you I I old

day talked in is what I November making. think a is different XX. we're we what commitment about that than we're giving you That very

felt was I So that's that a flat a think of an out. based That view rate capacity. capacity, we on was rate of and be assumed X% three-year theoretical between to assumed we important point would complete which

much different. we that's honestly then. all not has think was. I can We since very changed with in when to that's didn't we bed. expect is those I say, when that early we it reality the adding up happen November made of came to probably The regional that that it XXXX those something jets, I clear think, numbers was put that's – numbers back

other money that we the the guys moment, at is much pretty else you have Everything realistically, one part. the productivity. really de customers. think bridge, a very the a same, good with for the can done through single rigorous for budgeting been newcomer, of really about, a for product it's I can a our that's liver But I is prepared productivity the we scrutinizing process part we're spending areas but biggest I went regionals the having least probably the the story. still talked although to expenses huge we on we but for we our We're try a most to didn't that to we make in to told, where relative work on in haven't to So a too. drive change just efficiency, level appreciation that we there's things but of CASM I'm mean, have that a while, opportunities think at that's a better levels great eliminate the give have -- and and is we as try occurred, understand instill, our which sure offline we higher

Brandon Oglenski

from everyone. Oglenski afternoon, Barclays. This is Good Brandon

So least earnings investors earnings, in these stocks say, today's hate look to optically at that a on look, are lot two calls critical, the at but and of cheap row a but there's be here group here, your buy back balance and won't problems folks of margins profits a lot you take right sheets on because forward. have stock the and to a belief just is trajectory we're long looking to breakeven with dilute term

but like of it, are this just I different this Oscar, lot meeting contradictory. a things again So room hate to this is analysts in believe feels say truly time,

strategy XXXX outgrow opened We in where so performance, your as the is today, the widen instill own with margin your going have economy what based show track achievable next so can that in market. looks in the believe those I likely a at gap like be forecast, because of I is the repeat are margins years measuring to XXXX focus in a strategies on for think very is gap can robust And that the you market outgrowing take it confidence most you That that's on a is will to with row the up think was revenue from a it to clearly people a what second the investor so actually margins. again we XXXX it we've United the again that underperforming problem that likely base the strategy already a cost targets three are to up this the the that you was industry, for is year and below here message well. widened saying seen? seems

Oscar Munoz

guide -- the the and details as optics we think very are would CASM, focused plan, regards aggressive I what to with we on confident just of you quibble with I this that and just the think this said, plan accomplish. I of

this indeed and lose high you with in too numbers said Scott don't time, so confidence. we provide sort and we're maybe giving at that what what and we of think I earlier are point comfortable

I know pretty to of have important good that what think in a darn front plan. we it's you is

and quarter, been aspect I in has I great. We've why fourth experience and profitability in, doable. the starting of think think component and are it pieces the it's there it been and the and of already, outlined CASM our important as growth reasons the the

this. So norming we that's getting bowels team the a are forming of at really and

I've outline way, that any me in positive and this way And view disagree I wouldn’t with any may the Andrew this project guide who a and our seeing plan than regards I'm to of details long but other on either. to and hasn't the not going this but that level you’re really defend been and so in industry are well, never Nocella time question detail a I've seen here. you asked numbers not been for in we as with and see a other this

So OD were better we’d was get looked up, hub, went one of of we off we have. ordering where summer we're is we the was to pair, after off. profitability and back concerns did that destination of expectation we at in than of the program with detail, how the are to you. would work it it's it as We really our the measures by hard level better capacity that significantly summer and first The that growing, peak growth peak about

Would what then and that perspective, in highest We've control team And different in different numbers that at of time has right profitability done. CASM that us that's energy to the way. give this out things and the the places it is is can, good? is where right as we've done share is owners. have money we right so we We and from harness gain the come the the which my I growth this model is, It at back profitability? we

to about it's I it's than contraction, you take of we’re than on this -- deliver I fuel all you you we're confident would better billion X.X better into account, going think. tell that the you when trick we're think plan -- the it and of that overlapping, the and So to things margin is

You in and very focused may this communicating our very we and be we're differently, positive that to way company, to energetic deliver. so think a but going

Brandon Oglenski

X% the Scott follow growth three that just I I years. capacity for up could you with next Is think too, right? said to If X%

Scott Kirby

in and to similar ’XX I said ’XX. and X X

Brandon Oglenski


don't just Now look, I'm anything. run analyst, an I

off opportunities that your So to this I is are markets result because the will as and it I you'd sort think your ASMs stimulation your the hubs and context aren't question to significantly I very was point example to at share, outperform to from believe spoke But that where definitely you is your going your competitors, a ask the that in just think that your about, be response taking going network. response what's Rochester your to the some was in plan revenue agree lot flow analysts of right the to I natural just your respect that a and of be? in want that going in opinions competitors. investors on such competitive so themselves going out the some between

do you're So competitors? domestic of believe that going at expense your to you incrementally larger some of win the

Scott Kirby

I let way. it won’t it that I’ll way. And say Look, that you characterize

to I our to think market win able from grow all their of just airport. going to of not And all you're be those defend fair like of fair them share small your the size, Florida Northwest markets. you our share hubs, if we will

their average that we're in and And we're year as Our United we’ve think share there, Andrew get lower say function two connectivity have accept way key. not we our a numbers, the the We I the the think hubs of our years sort mid-continent Rochester is on to a higher going you driving it's if true into. get were hub, different want our one, margin at not market connecting the that competitors There's hubs XX the growing. be there. our don't that’s defend system our we spent hubs. What's geography in going would to showed those you're RASM, market but to shrinking, all hubs. baseline as talk mean, at new those all the And in is, have, into all way and competing kind mean, while at competitors. in moving the competitors come that's just of same it profitability math. And of point really I than the lower to we'll can't and by in reasons are hubs flying your profitability hub connectivity from about those of the mid-continent by the I growing way specifics we we’ll won't absolutely, hub close get by because

We profit international to near the in do that. higher profitability even will will term, long close margins our get we the for drive in in And have gateways. hubs and going what's those we And United run. always that's as in

with see where Now, look quarter hurricane, statements weakness one will stuff. there performance wasn't a be That And at, would growth. it about disagree quarter, like about We was whole as bunch issues. months in issue. our network were the quarter. what will question quarters did the was out doing. a of It that have But was three preceded strategy wounds this of that bad for It lots happening what the self-inflicted the for it in really wasn't Francisco and strategy. also quarter, think we're particularly we times, doesn't make stuff capacity. was the in the like whether of happens. We I every fundamental say was -- in of laying war ’XX that trend other price growing, other growing places growth, other where of San there was the growth places. the third the other under trying you the Pacific for today that we're XXXX intellectual one the Guam lasts the you be had stuff, for issues the exogenous but and bad we year, and same in whole on happened we some bunch mean, event about in it whole point to some is have fundamentally And I competitive rationale

that. to Our certain growth and -- absolutely margins and hubs critical, higher absolutely is and the at strengthening relative our element I'm essential driving that's of absolute just United

Darryl Genovesi

assumptions can't you the true can’t underlying is are how the Darryl years Scott, view your few in you. necessarily performance RASM guess macro Thank back UBS. true it's Genovesi, RASM next the also have. I over that and that by relative of own industry. I can forecast, to what see I same token, it's I economic your your I see sort what

that help kind us of you sensitivities of and us help assumptions? kind So understand to can try also around understand your underlying

Scott Kirby

necessarily biggest to without number, So relative of RASM. hint have Andrew We so our relative one you We going drives short that markets faster do -- but giving aren't mean giving tried we're tailwinds relative about of competitive know hint Gemini aren't a I well growth think tail not talked to know those it our to But at where are relative those because the those a segmentation, that tailwinds being I'm behind those specific lower relative higher specific numbers. I competitors Andrew lot probably just our term yield -- doing are. management aren’t fire your whole American without lower anything, management systems. but it on their the doesn't sit hands in drives in competitors tailwinds. the just capacity still. you growing necessarily didn't their lot with Delta We and -- going sit to teams, RASM. as them, are

seeing to already that not points than be meaningfully to they we're from be they're better X.X but that is get, going zero. going I think our

here we what the specific do relative a of forecast because so numbers And I’ve what and to and that going that aggressive at I our within And feel to are probably want XXXX can we'll a things know absolute be hope than forecast. to and have can flavor, have we But I think going don't to XXX% before, we to like you able missed and internally. give have about – But more commitments you're I you a we're conservative is these you try make right. really what get conservative here deliver but And we're we get what macro right. we not forecast, today. you're certain well we're do not And in we forecast to want our are mean -- do hope We XXXX. deliver an of performance We're all I your you there. I put we absolute is to going trying numbers growth so the talk out said. look, know read that to we math can level said more given on and probably on and we I while you range today be, reasonable reports. you we again,

Darryl Genovesi

are just one. a intending updating you frequently Oscar, guidance? quick this on How

Oscar Munoz

it. haven't We about talked

an I are quarter update give on doing. definitely everything think, we we’re you going every to

and to doesn't quarters I two of scorecard have it around, or EPS that ratably important every sort give out sense, Our we three down, or have. and we you a think that possibly think but quarter scorecards sometime there be would track the move other I

certainly those mostly that just good towards bit of investors you to part EPS that Levy but as more lot the of a we're why Scott been be a we you'll things lot you little along our been hopefully updates we've focusing, places results track a I've and I had we're doing, see, on the putting visible, importantly, is with a out more this tail things all of I -- we'll that targets of or end there. a is incredibly give often on year, we'll give important. that focusing some then more is especially you And we think So and the learning which I think, the lot see either Andrew so want me with key world

David Vernon

I mentioned the of I with the appreciate the how should play cadence you that lower Scott, Bernstein. payoff build really expecting okay. as little and imagine, network bit to what that How off from give that is need manufacture strategy returns to connectivity. and it? a sense before between factors, you're out you Vernon for will strategy implement yield ’XX? out the the you us a you ’XX pay David you the financial going think do on be from load do to color Can

Scott Kirby

higher load factors. actually, growing drive ought network So the to

one You look more tuned. get like X. run yields fill the because the factor city XX% ten you off can as had new if cities passengers can and load ten loads city demand. you to today, off can during peak the factor you One X connectivity, in load has for run Y, we into yield things, demand some you now you the where the take of especially on because periods, city two -- system days was lower just, put more yield and higher that peak But of XX% it Y have a summer, also do was management can ought we city Vegas options a lowest it the now example we and spill

Andrew there's dramatically under management the place So fewer what ought higher demand. load a system, is we to under which to about, forecast. the in yield lower demand, had a which the when to built stuff factors system where hub management The people you're on And is forecasting left in you're we saying talked drive come. bias have yield

peak even soon. your too period, selling And so you're in

far out You're selling in advance.

a point lower out, yield which test, what's you are in as the advance Andrew in, see higher the we've in those. as got yield that load close seats at leaves system And yield ran factor, pointed because since sold to two higher far happened now, so be didn't management all is but more selling and much point not you're many seats of as you

David Vernon

if made going around and heard growing to the response – are the taking question not to I yields factors from load I go capacity, first ahead – I the up guess necessarily and your

Scott Kirby

I complicated. about happened, seen system have is it's lost The and won’t never eight demand. This know of is and only have when changes don’t years oh, and like across we it but as year, department competitive see stimulate that bottom time growth. and getting capacity airlines we'll It's I'll try the cut to or we've happened know is than in when American. in really cities the demand cities let's were get that we've where and a gone start the natural question What geography small from is the to really and into in gone adjusts doesn't not growth think, and And will adjust into all ultimately of pricing our really small the to natural these capacity to by a try the demand because our I behind otherwise further was competitive it's add less question city somehow, and we and And but back we network because Florida even to you People term market into cities because last overnight, carriers structure Delta not and going share. get happens into I moves make we're there's That behind, level capacity some we just ones Northwest and big small the processes None will to went, sitting what what we don't Houston bunch service this, further up a -- start those more relative capacity small demand think up, more and table pricing changes but our adjustments. answer, lowering we go American of to changed. cities. share to seven, our It like Florida, competitive would them happen and know we near and Airlines about we flight. started ago scheduling any never executive really says, think make and our those on demand go happen I the and in one I see because prices. the a flying what's question like Northwest it Andrew until we've -- structure about

David Vernon

putting put follow, And in confidence what commend you XXXX oil forecast, guidance narrower a your when just $XX have for maybe to economic the than term Can XXXX. like those believe that those what control as are assumptions a I range us give out Andrew long numbers, do you play. can't in growth, price around to you that quick numbers a for build in sense $XX, you

Andrew Levy

because And what’s might stick, this is Is is cadence kind the I think of talked think your I I hockey about you guess. asking XXXX you what been number? the have

It gave number backwardated. uses that, think t see $X.XX. I forward the or fuel you a I think in there. fuel number you'll is It’s slightly curve. we It a

So some ’XX benefits and we get in ’XX.

you tell of will that we’re as the that. not GDP, far I we out haven't assuming As ordinary. anything shared

would not hired it we're so us term assuming to long of acceleration we’re using fair companies that but we’ve I be forecasts macroeconomic forecasts. or to from environment recessionary think say, growth, a give

do question. as to about another – I'm the those to So, a there's I if But not are what we can that. mean some every tried I to and number, talked part year, And make RASM. ’XX. so we're of a you ’XX to to give not sense your mean, get XX-XX, the in that. do little it's get going a we're to assumptions ’XX bit I better mean, to the about sure going you CASM, and and you we’ve in

Unidentified Analyst

about but to board, positive, tied Thanks. in targets, actually incentives those you are to wanted extent better the that these for Might the a but question are comp. ask the I be earnings incentive your which to

to last some relative there a moved So much expansion. where important margin were it made changes year, more

serves, went be And waiting ROIC this period, the if payoff on a was the measurement feels actually year. like improvement I which think would XXXX memory and down. ROIC it XXXX,

is, formulas see question going your changing link you you to explicitly offered earning the compensation these you’ve and today? So are gets do those that to star

Andrew Levy

just has or of been going out the it continue be targets These Yeah. so and them we're targets, always meet way. will established in obviously, that comfortable The relative rolling forward. next aspect part that to particular will are on month here

service a So those angle, that’s seeing only to be now bit. we're customer The of little is other going they will I amplify think the on course, changes tied with.

the And still that. is -- is working the so, still board company through

of will in continue thinking. is term of them long to part big plan. be But incentive ahead to get don't relative I and our margin they're want what a So

Unidentified Analyst

Not earnings. explicit

Andrew Levy

haven't, don't the you complement, but to through don’t again I that. think because Again, work want so, have commit I we to will them.

Joe DeNardi

you for Stifel. the strategy the have you worry competitive DeNardi, headwind it’s X.X We’ve for where the about don't business guys. margin one Joe areas Scott, of response talked past, the to What's is in about the closing credit of card. that?

Scott Kirby

things. two look So,

competitive. First, that Denver Houston, start because the of in card, balls. and where a jump but player bunch rest I Houston the if the markets are would country quibble the credit to it have natural there is with you're is And the of

jump or -- just the of you're the credit because in the frequent based in a naturally are Houston And that cities a credit have ball cards most kind North you're is If fly. of customer have -- people Kansas, for card a of Airlines is need a airline in the aren't a Wilmington, to hubs, and City biggest that to that bias travel flying. -- of that the as optionality like customer get Carolina biased it's any and to people credit the not the United get that natural gives Kansas airline kind they have -- card, them if the city, that credit

us harder is have to the for and RASM. places aren’t get, our expect underperform would rationale competitive it's And not [indiscernible]. to hubs, to so It's just in a underperform it's customer it We our we because harder three, issue. that if about to our we're number

matters it just So the card. the credit position scale hub for competitive matters, and for passenger not but revenue,

am card. and, to today, his Nocella and up about happening are We reinventing we to particularly It we signups partner we card Jamie them this that, customers We’ve situation, higher I are that not do second have for Baker partner. same big do ensured to and think, was through we didn’t I drive is a in things the airline with it are but Andrew is one originations and for we're higher work two we've faster, of going me that Chase companies issue have at is initiatives. one we're spite in to It increases ways got said talk and been cards team the us not airlines but too. of those number exactly today. exactly function just happen. really Andrew that is, have working in our cities, we wish get But we both these get not our grow a can done he a two the card existing same a our of for very revenues We good It it I but help on. me it's and and the do and oil. signing really – in big and eight up we behind some to a small of the hard a to bunch we're hand And here, our and to the involved opportunity The small look, have times is help we’ve real our of at have in have I some the with step job it’s all ball Chase previous we're card. better people in that make with and if relationship trying working that twofold. sign playbook

Michael Leskinen

event. that been reminded I've have a cocktail we

questions. in there are for executives a the stay know to lot of are of I and the all hour going our next room for plus So questions

So we’ll cut it here.

Scott Kirby

Thank you.