Suzanne DuLong VP, IR
François Locoh-Donou President and CEO
Frank Pelzer EVP and CFO
Chad Whalen EVP, Worldwide Sales
Kara Sprague SVP and General Manager, Application Services
Sami Badri Credit Suisse
Samik Chatterjee J.P. Morgan
Paul Silverstein Cowen
Alex Kurtz Key Capital Markets
Jim Suva Citi
Simon Leopold Raymond James
Jason Ader William Blair
Tal Liani Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Catharine Trebnick Dougherty
Rod Hall Goldman Sachs
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Good afternoon, and welcome to the F5 Networks First Quarter and Fiscal 2019 Financial Results Conference Call. At this time, all parties will be able to listen-only until the question-and-answer portion. Also, today's conference is being recorded. If anyone has any objections please disconnect at this time. I'd now like to turn the call over to Ms. DuLong. Suzanne begin. may you Ma’am,

Suzanne DuLong

where The be and the are on call. welcome. archived Investor and A Vice of available press questions or Q&A today's today's the Pacific website January CFO, and also version will DuLong, Pelzer, call. an copy of the Time on Other during FX.com members on I'm François call release is Locoh-Donou, hand of Suzanne XXX-XXX-XXXX XXth, of midnight XXX-XXX-XXXX. will discussion and can our Relations. President CEO; through at available executive available April telephonic Executive FX's of prepared will FX's accessed remarks today's FX's today's team President be through FX dialing tomorrow Vice Hello, of be be making also President XX, Frank answer replay XXXX. portion and to by

follow-up s.dulong@FX.com. to For out additional reach or questions, information please at directly, me

presented contain includes may to cause Our These results differ call uncertainties the that by that risks today this these expect release the in information or words and summarized expressed SEC forward-looking actual affect are statements statements. results statements, results target. those anticipate, call. believe, our will in may turn announcing and materially our With our I'll to and discussion over implied detail as involve such forward-looking Please that in press to from FX Factors any duty which update financial note described that, filings. our in François. has no

François Locoh-Donou

growth in We solid handing revenue X%. drove to I growth. Year-on-year sequential will growth quarter's XX% our the you Thank business Frank revenue third Thank today. to software QX, of of earnings talk us drivers afternoon, review you, quarter our Suzanne, everyone. good on with a product detail. joining and briefly of delivered overachieving over to before for results

Firewalls. in area software particularly increasing also to this public security saw be cloud Application growth Focusing our demand continues on for Web quarter, software, solutions, strongest our we Advanced

software Virtual in new also models, including contributed subscription software growth Edition consumption ELAs and Our the quarter. to

QX, customers deployments. XXXX Our to to our of evolving XX% shift ELA pipeline we to continue as continue Horizon accelerating us expect our time sales frame. our in fiscal our to XXXX pick to target year to and software story to up X on multi-cloud grow, to to ELA putting Overall, plan, pace fiscal XX% software growth is achieve year continues in

robust support margins, services initiatives another efficient gross Our had business delivering expertise and transformation improve out already a an providing us. clear for it support resulting we we’ve remains scale, been with from strong XX are executing business. rating our growth unmatched with to for satisfaction of and X% in the technical a levels of team industry. differentiator quarter, of scope is customer services The And team, X.X effective our at

our hand end-to-end results will Frank? Frank also our year the outlook quarter, fiscal call the During QX solution and I manage and high-performance most to used point, application XXXX to choosing XXXX. over to systems second cases. the in want delivery and At this fiscal of for to quarter as control expected appliances customers traditional when with the perform they continued our review

Frank Pelzer

Thank François, everyone. you, good and afternoon,

EPS in noted, growth François strong the solid delivered quarter. revenue and As we

revenue. well of up was was above to accounted quarter guidance First margin, than million. million range for GAAP up revenue that behind $X.XX Non-GAAP of EPS million within year-over-year per per approximately hiring total $X.XX income. to share The plan our X% $XXX $XXX by beats for guided was of driven were $X.XX better slightly was per GAAP million and of revenue our $X.XX QX EPS $XXX largely non-GAAP other of and year-over-year, gross share. expected X% of $XXX and product EPS approximately was share. XX% strong

XX% XX% made and XX% percent approximately down revenue Systems year-over-year. million year-over-year. was X% of was revenue product than $XXX up grew Services approximately product of revenue less year-over-year Software a grew of revenue XX% and of total On approximately in EMEA Americas overall of basis, year-over-year XX% and flat regional QX, year-over-year was represented for total XX% and revenue. of a revenue. revenue. grew X% revenue represented accounted revenue and

APAC represented for the combined to view for federal. which U.S. way XX% accounted Micro XX% accounted XX%, quarter. total quarter, total of sales for Arrow, XX% our This Japan’s of reporting Revenue region accounted reflect Service for the XX% for Westcon for sales total business each XX% XX% year-over-year grew government of revenue. we which the to were In enterprise total had and this earnings QX, we've customers three now we distributors, Ingram and for from and of external providers than revenue, combined of and including and accounted revenue. XX% internally. XX% Sales greater

in were from $XXX strength well GAAP $XXX was than margin gross was Non-GAAP our QX million. our services expenses mix product operating software benefitting of better driven GAAP which to gross margin margins increasing million. expenses as expectations, operating in Non-GAAP slightly margins. improving Turning results. operating continuing by were were an XX.X%, our XX.X%. as sales

our was driven and our operating strength mid-XX% by operating Our guidance XX.X%, was efficiency. QX operating largely above range, non-GAAP margin margin gross GAAP the of margin expense in in XX%, and

the Our XX% in rate was our XX.X%, GAAP to with XX.X%, non-GAAP XX% tax was effective tax range. line rate effective guidance our quarter for

DSO billion of the sheet. totaling balance in cash at generated and Turning the million quarter-end. to the of flow $XXX contributed quarter which end QX, million. we of the operations, were Capital days, by end investments million. end from $XX Inventory cash at renewals In $X.XX quarter at service maintenance expenditures the quarter was at FYXX. for was $XX.X the driven to the XX

XXX, XX% half quarter million was Deferred to over had adoption our minimis did due Other $XXX.X now sheet of adoption the to the service assets quarter, a from year-over-year capitalizing of increased increased the to changes contracts. XX% and XXX on billion. balance our on which by and statement, adoption previous revenue we million few sales Approximately due While long-term experience $XXX.X receivables impact de increase commission note our we income ASC XXX. are of as is for approximately $X.XX paid a the of previous on of items. current of

to Finally, people retained earnings a we $XX the of up million. total million approximately an price average by quarter, $XXX the on ended XXX. with In share areas. hire growth approximately QX, repurchased We $XXX.XX the quarter in in per of common approximately QX for stock million increased our execute our shares by which employees, at as $XXX.X driven plan XXX our from XXX,XXX aggressively X,XXX was we adoption of of of

business long-term driver We believe the we the please with Now, launch market the offer QX operating opportunities note all solid let today will for and software comments first in solutions will trend and momentum. me reference Unless non-GAAP the a we growth environment fundamental otherwise those multi-cloud in that ‘XX. for Overall, toward calendar share stated, growth of the of my in position we and the is remain metrics. our XXXX. guidance for our confident be strong half in

we our is positioned strong, believe architectures. is service as While to next providers to customers of traffic application to well a in remain near-term of softness customers the increase to generation anticipated are it in in sales but very massive vertical our larger customers XG FX with on prudent architectures, softness factor service seen the our outlook. capitalize with provider we their within measure have some continues enterprise some planning our application

February. guidance With Our of are the U.S. does shutdown, $XXX not targeting in extend this mind, we million government to include the revenue of federal in it impact into range the million. should $XXX

XX.X% the XX% We margins expect gross in to range.

of $XXX million. $XXX million expenses to operating estimating We’re

QX. last tax fiscal mentioned year some down we the will for We moving range provided upper QX the to margin XX% in quarter we full with XX% the XX% and that range recall QX we anticipate You'll effective our for the fluctuations year to operating into previously expected rate in remain before slightly quarter-to-quarter. move in

we assets. share $X.XX share. compensation Our in $X.X QX of purchased $X.XX the and $XX per based expense approximately quarter, million amortization of expect to target intangible million earnings In is

of a costs Seattle Capital are that, over million in turn to $XXX range million Downtown the of expenditures space occupancy headquarters to corporate announced back includes the $XXX anticipate approximately to as $XXX As we of be our year. million in will for related million range year. we move to range this be our the call $XX the reminder, for year. François? stock-based With of I FX François. the to Tower in previously to for This expected million ready compensation $XXX the to

François Locoh-Donou

Thank you, Frank.

customer FX. minutes across released wins the I industries, XXth, Before will our of respondents at January we view report. to Application Services we and spend fifth in a impacting X,XXX a seeing State annual trend our the range report on we're into some nearly input Q&A, customers provides the few the and trends innovation of quarter company business, roles, globally. move a highlighting to just applications With sizes from from On talking

focus in key Bring this to remains some license reliable customers, wins and areas out customer reporting service Enforcing has strategy for evolved time as who they in multi-cloud ensuring transformation from efforts and provider that AWS and with multi-cloud environments, respondents solutions Own with in multi-cloud The software customer and is These are real global application trends our you from cloud and these highlighted with reach of see experiment with can of challenging. already of and organizations key also and Equinix vital include last as multi-cloud nearly of win the vision across report shows role report takeaways and adoption. growth a are Virtual year One our services that align repurpose our including our expanding our from environments implementing other FX and on for them These Editions Your leveraging digital architectures. also in in to see they the investment These with business. survey security the XX% a consistent journeys, Azure. progress in performance year’s was QX. Marketplace a playing FX’s their on their an in a trends

Edition infrastructure. This per the per quarter, offering we And platform. for through wanted increasingly had They solutions and security Customers, ability Google's native supply the differentiate scale cloud Cloud public best-in-class tools cryptocurrency BIG-IQ robust Firewall chose app FX’s transactions. over deployment exchange. cloud public for for a basis. decisions and its manage to based and with a they on blockchain QX, software-as-a-service to to procurement app a making services performance customer industry Virtual more during Web Application licenses on This cloud financial purchased for U.S. per the app chain are its their

using to match cycles. with There and end Edition model highlight consumption provided the wins clouds in stock and policy Cloud a isolation, service application includes international Europe. energy customers development. for subscription also through both their user the across We development BIG-IP supplier Cloud Edition production an environment large a multiple application quarter. In enabling simplifying soccer into from cases, agile are the from exchange, are self other templates. move two billing with This One ensuring compliance the service and

use driving security and of of shows see new to you report deploying consider applications services security our and our data. surprising significant services combination to cases a net their continue not increasingly customers customer are That's conversations data that customer portion from when protect a application wins. We

and trend that Our mitigation into differentiator. Advanced solution Web Firewall and detection capabilities our are right a Application significant bot plays

enhanced Advance beyond its capabilities. police During major have generated solution anti-bot U.S. functionality number traffic city’s a set department and been and monitoring the quarter, using. that our includes the customers WAF features of blocking machine select This native tool needed cloud a we and that had for they

to Turning service providers.

capabilities. the provider continued infrastructure we of customers globally. QX, areas DNS driving our of the our DNS for our These closed integrated along scale leveraging the solutions service with customers. our offerings to with ability deals that with protect with multiple in NFV are are our We new security of Xs extreme business Tier In infrastructure adoption combination

technology significant and to be able will do migrate upgrade instances minutes. FX FX we be What continued they in see for or we customers mobile addition, a pivot different will ways. cloud GPRS technology our service now business, their Protocol. point and mean, be I where will mean in win FX. related see XXXX able XG customers, able hardware without to continue We Tunneling FX our by will also consume owning I or use cases native try buy deals a FX In in experience new a software. to to XG with They They that? and to as a our as including begin firewall point strength

Over customers our basis software-as-a-service, and was and in use our experience continue app Cloud hand to applications resources customers excited XXXX. in continues the wanting DevOps net introduced ADC or orchestration, software in investments of we new we innovation to will months, Edition not to SLAs offer last cases be towards better wanting first significantly a and consume capabilities are to BIP-IP BIG-IP Cloud traction shifted new before. and with automation gain and XX Cloud-Native these to Edition majority per The addressing for on we were users. May their

reach our to innovations continue new new we to As evolve. role customers, FX’s to bring continue solutions and and will

application we that of and internal XXXX. of tell are of for for have are have you, Cloud-Native delivery. half now with our so and of are our of to and to will and the a They FX-as-a-Service digital a initial drive first first moved These well motions the commercial two platforms and necessity paper Both full the at customers the We ahead early short track digital required support It’s have that on providing disruptive FX. in is ensure proud to new on in from I service offerings solutions time, touch Both the incredibly of teams. change innovation reality forward transformation but taken are relentlessly constant forward. these And period in software hands of I’m kind frictionless to paradigm platforms moving offerings. innovation beta for an and nonetheless. procurement convinced feedback these believe availability continue steam renewals stage teams same development Our innovation different time. features. our we’re these At robust calendar

innovating So, we’re new ways. in also

supervision disruptive in year each Chief Tom Officer, led a business dedicated staff by innovations dedicated have technology, is team and focusing or than employees. Operating the on of more to new customer Fountain, segments. our For models we teams now, testing under manager general Strategy with

to environment. broadest cloud services innovations of app We most and will the expect our be complementary consistent across of goal portfolio and delivering on-premises

During of announced this one of beta to program the the from come Mesh innovations Aspen we first and our QX, solution. open

still container need the enterprises With monolithic service increasing micro monitor, at deployed run to a based there yet time. number shift service control services and of micro for being environments, rapidly architectures, in help from is applications applications are a that manage

Mesh In Istio, features support top of Aspen early got These critical days solution, FX very applications. platform customers. to movement provides but team. an and for benefits our forward a our exploring thanks partners enterprise the It’s very the to needed are speak we've global our in forgoing already and drive in it. incredible entire who represent interested the and dedication and without customers the closing, enterprise to of source on built of so organizations my innovations team, this features, guarantee approach enjoy power open

FX. excited we're our making about progress for are long-term vision toward the We

our play our reach the role, We traditional public role our data With beyond and that, will for providing expanding taking and services. industry-leading into additional, and Q&A. clouds, to our reach we high-value by private and call now expanding applications the solutions open are centers expanding by we


And Suisse. Instructions] of Credit is Sami our from [Operator first question Badri

Your line now is open.

Sami Badri

questions. for Hi. Thank the you

be is is, so partial heard U.S. impact of great That I does your government would about guidance from And for far shutdown? past, was government calendar First that clarification, and a talking one include XQ a in just partial color. then, customer it believe that just second kick shutdown if not off as there or coming earlier. any up, I piece to the it any XQ

Frank Pelzer

Sure, Sami.

I’ll first. it’s one that take So, Frank.

answer So, first. the of part question the to second

in expect. We way might an but have impact, it's seen not probably the that you

Central have no Procurement actually business but the to there's process won We the actually one paperwork. Agency in

go actually of going so, does in is which that route this impact the anticipates we’ll If go but orders. to quarter, remainder some is process this the there probably expect this anticipated find on guidance And find some that not to our that we in process not be would another quarter, throughout continues through we to guidance. where those our the of to

François Locoh-Donou

on business Just government we an enterprise our to of the outside And no, the have federal in that not question. to-date. complete impact broader seen

Sami Badri

potentially to on GAAP are us And EPS that the the through the Could then, reported hit in the my expanding this services that continues high expansion? second and beat walk question margin ELA with in gross expand, attribute driving to you quarter the of to you continues do quarter? quarter. has and margins both that dynamics to top that the Can services was of a record what it as are

Frank Pelzer


better possible We've cases to gross resources dynamics different to we've AI Generally, there's of So, better leveraging also can, on our but a support two are essentially the year a put bearing of of efficiencies, transmission better services automation of are and have more efforts many distribution are more resources. in set benefitting the having we services, tools margins. initiatives allowing where and in how deflect these on place to it's globally business, there we as we’re that and realization geographies, and as fruits. our tools our us both initiatives last in specifically, embarked


Morgan. questions you. Thank The is from J.P. Chatterjee next Samik of

Your now line is open.

Samik Chatterjee

of that XX% in just XX% I to François, year. the with terms Horizon alluded you of to have, of start wanted to X kind growth which you targets software this

the expecting you’re in acceleration coming quarters. So, clearly,

from the in of that year? you’re the if Edition in this as or also more thinking are that understand the coming driver by contribution Cloud-Native of there is that acceleration product kind of ramping on want year, be Just FX-as-a-Service as you Cloud up to to software of this thinking about driven you later expect you're through this are how well products of coming apps kind terms that up

François Locoh-Donou

with we X Yes, we’re target. Hi, acceleration. are track feel we Horizon expecting an this on Samik. Generally,

So, feel and benefit, that be. when said be to growth for going XXXX, XX% we in still to in you everybody’s we range. X aggregate, to where these XX% the is XXXX in we’re which look years that’s expected we Horizon software at two And

acceleration. going XXXX, Cloud in The is growth. to that expect be an be to Samik, there to I Edition So, contributors, a meaningful contributor do

QX just have We Cloud did traction seen all Cloud actually of Edition on for past Edition. XXXX. more continued with we We this did in deals than

a XXXX that in our I contributions we So, also customers. XXXX, And see new License also be platform seeing Cloud-Native that XXXX, will FX-as-a-Service, consumption, gaining with newer The the modes traction of we and calendar services the SaaS half products our these the in there. released and for would these these expect pick-up that will which Enterprise Agreements contributing will meaningful are subscription offering, of models from meaningful are lower comes ELAs, more specifically, app the in first start in expect contribution they specifically propositions. I but ‘XX, our

Samik Chatterjee

quick it. allocation as period seen in thinking Frank. blackout or Got cetera, pace capital the of last Frank, last is something of procedural of more follow-up like reflection had this over over that a just year? repurchases you’re we’ve what a the of about this And how moderate pace the for -- terms a I Is year. et

Frank Pelzer

in to cash on but we We we our not I other return will broadly strategic think beat. the actually interest the asset. think operating on income. on a allocation, time, That's beat top-line on capital We saw getting we’re say, some other as how strategy. it beat -- that the think time for income to well. not line year on the would is take just first very our about necessarily long want want we this we clearly And but just where rate it decent a capital allocation just

for I Dividends things. and think, alternatives a share also repurchase M&A is other also one our several is a are of several cash. possibility, possibility

the as XXX million to going we’re business. to And the we quarters also we XXX believe likely million view to And range so, to be this the in for strategic come.

we’ve set. It’s given. the that be baked the that think what I into expectation So, you we guidance should that


Thank of Cowen. you. Silverstein is next The from Paul question

is Your line now open.

Paul Silverstein

you’ve made over the was segment what insight If low. that the on you down could ‘XX. million time fiscal at throughout was know looking give going years to François, your just hoping I us comments It the more in is prevailed as going the segment, during we expectations $XXX-plus-million on focus we’d last plus if looks go have call $XX some telecom forward? I drop. million numbers of I’m been That's that around five like the some back from $XX correctly, and you the but could terms telecom in

François Locoh-Donou

yet where -- number are projects pretty that picked-up. haven't XG projects and more and than we prolong The as service good marked XG XG generally, deployed, be on of traffic. what we in get providers in soft So, of North expect feel a are of generally line is going tailing the particularly XG I softness bit had position QX, actually to globally. we're in we off, a quarter XG that that say quarters. in our had couple and related We kind And between would projects seeing about softness for a radios for XG to was transition America of because that we’re we a of related a

from expect to to core. other, the So, that's But, starts we XG road one not place the see a are the potentially as bit upgrades of we yet, that traffic and a hitting in significant in we between. we’re transition think capacity and seeing GI down

this by we’re next in projects were we’re trend couple transition the won the a which QX, seeing, also of will XG. is sorry, and kind -- saw in you up in that the if providers But, we We look pick we pushed is of XG think that soft our quarter broader at in out in -- that way, service between also QX quarter saw quarter. last a trend, similar that we

Paul Silverstein

to million -- the in where But, million, $XXX it’s given softness to from dramatic just the this is visibility magnitude is of or that past rate function hard is this to XG understand of three speculation? fall François, a to this $XXX you off, years, hard is this, true project I or the How how insight, situations quarterly have like has XG for much again clear, prevailed that run this the primarily forecast. it's of just a this transition? much -- of do be

François Locoh-Donou

I always -- would can terms is look of think hope in of middle we more of are already areas it of are generally execute are we areas transition. insight. look, better. we you are course, there in experiencing I go-to-market there this can the Paul, out and say where

are in are the provider we strong service you of business. we’re in fact, to architecturally doing future a North of know, We’ve James developments that we and the actually of hiring some we In think well-positioned. getting where frontend process one around GM, in on In hiring in the because few is space, months clarity as going significant lot the We back, make. Feger brought see internationally, opportunity. a of America we’re our new and a we both are area

So, generally, in or feel two. to a where business going provider just to do service go. softness we’re think going I is is go good away But, our about I quarter seeing not the

I that think see for quarters. to we're going few


is Key Alex The Capital Kurtz from next question Markets. of

now open. Your line is

Alex Kurtz

the taking question, Thanks guys. Yes. for

done accounts, you’re and provider your enterprise about adoption size, your accounts How your Can the sales it’s for outlook what Any organization maybe as and what of ELAs qualitative, it? outlook. in And as of ELA system you kind what’s talking enterprise ELAs? service your of seeing reset within share top accounts, kind of for long to long been enterprise wins? feedback? the it’s kind been sales us on organization for far how quantitative outcomes just Just deal to kind multiyear from has the the

François Locoh-Donou

motion. the of will traction and it Thanks, introduced the then Chad as add seeing excitement Alex. in our it. sales sales launched Last to significant of with sales I with I'll terms now November start ELAs just in team. essentially really the year; and year, we’re the pick-up Whalen XXXX and last experimenting ask We’ve and we’re team to with we

based. ELAs, our of we not terms multiyear the some in ELA Horizon time in subscription the around to X the would enterprise in space. extent the a And your service In of I be for believe our will over if -- provider to provider software outlook say both in the question that we meaningful the of base time majority or see portion we for business, expect and service

So, it of an amount is a us. lifecycle a uncertainty customers development flexibility they the around meaningful gives or deploy and more our when lot they for And where It licenses. around their have important the application don’t of capacity they’ll cycles. them some they to uncertainty, to faster that much deal to have them great also need for it application, a deal it's with and vehicle with because consume for allows multiple procurement

on have a renew them good we when seeing signed, opportunity those ELAs So, for XXXX. sometimes we’re expand to we first ELAs that in actually the

Alex Kurtz

account out certain clarify, certain it quote pods And and verticals? every is ELA just can in or to exec just

Chad Whalen

as embracing of ELA. our digital of complexity can we it’s that a Whether them. driven account away Hi, pipeline are they the suites. this of increase Yes, through vehicle Whalen. And just going And these all it's because the of the cloud, exec out to Chad Yes. aggressive end campaign is an the launched and At really every Alex. This appreciable does day, that's for in quote our of incentive customers fact, really great the they’re it’s transformations. consume easy commercial kind that application any take services an different can in or on-prem across the some to vehicle want in construct mode opportunities.

year, more lot learning testing in velocity the quarters. the of and and are in opportunities sales friction now about size What time customer spent out understanding how perspective to market, get our the it take we time of motion process. team, translate the getting that a last to in pressure adoption takes of in pipeline of the we that that seeing we're motion François now future terms are from the In after we’ve the terms and talked into from a right seeing it and


The of next question from is Citi. Suva Jim

is now line Your open.

Jim Suva

walk some just about should your FX you the you margins Is frame and software on impact dollar gross hardware, generally we the and without and mentioned specifically detriment could through dollars? and about for to When amount, and uptick how solutions it, that such the to premise about continues buy margins the having us of if the transactions think Cloud-Native economics to this way the there increase? us hardware to any or

François Locoh-Donou

margins. with start Let's

as going the software are margins in As our know, XXs XXs. to our on be in gross early early gross you and the margins Cloud-Native package in -- are by bought hardware software

So, there our margin. was difference. We an a which that Horizon XXXX, is not a guidance our bit see uptick we in of in said huge would gross XXXX, potentially X, in

in and We’re XX% horizon. the XX% that would be to range in we in range the XX% now

The Application to actually The our it hardware year is the today, on-prem, unit Services address releasing, of the going each have or ‘XX, platform of applications. than in longer and happening out past you As our applications the volume out the These first hardware, that's Edition cloud. price that largely cases those have rapid would up applications is unit Cloud Edition package simple of big have we that opening customers relates last greater. it, Editions. top-line the but and this new are consume less a to been when in buying are software Cloud very Cloud-Native and products characterize the that we those of course, the we fairly can half of the impact address in new today not of came for a tail of primarily growth addressed applications for per now much The be to us before hardware is coming use though as consumed what the we price that equitation introduction us. are Virtual allowing of was

us. an for And look addressable And at platforms opportunity that so, market. we address an these as think market our we extension incremental it of incremental an and new largely


Next question Simon from is James. Raymond Leopold of

open. now is line Your

Simon Leopold

your understanding the renewal, I you wanted see can understand if XXX back to steadily recent The XXX a wanted logic if you then this the some X% XX [technical And can of per of dividend has that? most be attractive set the Company back logic billion. to I or to us at pretty wiggle least until to you help allocation. to our better perhaps we of updated why a you and with yield. a additional Board's capital topic go difficulty] million That to maybe you million. Could of institute X% quarter of wouldn’t and quarter, buying up give shareholders. been for million dividend larger come room

François Locoh-Donou

we Analyst our will Yes, said bring Look, in Meeting at back March. Simon. Investor what Simon to I you

growth, to We cash we that pursue are want financials we a acquisitions. of what used to we asset a our growth for the said we And that that think and growth laid use part strategy could potentially which of some is pursuing of strategic out are strategy. as be

and opportunity that. plan And take we’re to use part strategy see so, flexibility we to our don’t pursuing. want or that that we to to we our strategic de-risk want the lose do asset the if flexibility the market the that’s cash, of And in opportunities because to have our accelerate growth

Simon Leopold

tuck-in just outline actually larger towards or size you acquisition require would the what might on you Company technology your of could philosophy deals biased or And that terms maybe take in be debt? of deals type

François Locoh-Donou

We philosophy growth relates our able to anywhere. application have we want be in the that opportunity we going I reach here more every with to to reach We it feel linked you terms would anywhere. reach acquisitions. is believe Simon, application is as applications. what a every our extend We world centric. share to is significant of to And about being becoming think application our to

offer number we have that, today. more of offer believe to app opportunity to we And our position of application because role. addition a we extend an services and In services our

tuck-ins We or the acqui at things may what hires are that us even of will or look look our at are And may to it we call within the that when or small that accelerate for opportunities and-or you look of role. our be acquisitions things you expansion would acquisition the expansion there allow reach bigger. context, at

at it we���re looking big. of constrained small not just We’re in and not it or terms is

for and on course our priority that to an if through remain value fit. of explore a that and that we through focus go have at we And make FX continuing it, value terms disciplined there outside. as creation We’re we sure thing truly a of, make being really acquisition from sure we strong is and have as a making discipline innovation that opposed to in transaction. in result very these first disciplined create is a most of inside when organic we how The we me, plan thought of through it important looking the opportunities, as having as potentially asset terms about to strategic in


Jason The William is Blair. Ader next from question of

now Your line is open.

Jason Ader

have two questions. I

any looks us app platform set of and First, strength? on can secondly, the And we about XX% the so Cloud year-over-year there? happening that then, between the love Edition you François, the could It get the upcoming and grew just comments can remind there. comment what's kind level federal to Cloud-Native like you services difference on differentiation

François Locoh-Donou

and I will generally fourth first one. the have second a We the take federal. on will question take quarter Kara strong

So, good in We quarter that specific security solution. have with saw and we our specifically in traction there. SSL orchestration space, a

inside we traffic build were solutions we that to customers. of to security XXXX and coming for in chain decryption new with large provide services SSL encryption, the stack So, of enterprise market announced

the result, strong early there. pretty pipeline traction these we’re off We’re our for seeing And quarter was as with federal solution. the enterprise for across a base And actually this, had we team the have we about excited very solution. the a blocks

Kara Sprague

And Application few out Services, with a Cloud your Cloud-Native and regard the question of call to I'll distinctions. difference Edition the about between our

our platform. is delivery based Edition on Cloud BIG-IP industry-leading Our controller application

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question is of of Bank from Lynch. Liani America next Merrill Tal The

Your line is now open.

Tal Liani

slowdown the service it also or enterprise? remarks. I prepared within limited there see wanted enterprise, to slowdown general what the the more general I'm understand kind service of discussed about is discuss noticed quarter, deteriorated then, slowing -- just and/or to trying in if just And you the you you the purchases? what do quarter understand during what providers, in and quarter? providers, was the it the the to why I still throughout of the seasonality government slowdown telecom there if the if is don’t it's kind down the

François Locoh-Donou

let's take the segments up. you three So, brought that

have not So, few cannot mentioned the be that Frank have one no, slowdown. to next over situation weeks. now in we you resolves the federal but right we the itself hope where processed this we space, we business see a did

globe. also our are change generally in being their been it in there customers space. the from But the in off future haven’t linearity. look change behavior change into that space, cautious to seeing any federal wasn’t a picked no that and new in We general particular believe as hasn’t the So, microenvironment space in I do service buying hear net what we we’re and at provider about tailing really bit between translated yet cautiousness specifics government watching plans. potential has a seeing I and the There XG if Largely -- of enterprise across are transition they was I behavior. and the projects globally, as no XG terms yet. being I said, would a say enterprise, In buying the that projects up it

we business quite the As be service can provider know, lumpy.

particular a associated linearity wasn’t there in with that. quarter the So,

Tal Liani

be more Is edge data centers, a do vendors? how has it centers? your or it to generic from lot data edge solutions playing strength you XG is Now of to other participate in going

François Locoh-Donou

core way really XG on first participate mobile traffic ways XG, this in traffic So, core. And are the but those in we service is to potentially line to a lot we’re going of the for of more several in providers. bring

core XG role, think see future from But, a expanded to-date. an role that get will that, And result when ourselves a we capacity we the not every architectures architectures our through see into to service and so, different generally, an in expand upgrades, provider in but evolve these we calls. to I as will we of probably to will expect When to XG the deployments. a opportunity core XG a and have what go having evolve we have

Tal Liani

we and the the side, that of product are and to far just your terms think for potential portfolio, the coming have launches side, verticals. supply what the changing trajectory, going growth of XXXX in the what the not -- demand customers market, the things? and discussed just the about supply So, what things you about other side, do What out than more are is to could plans materially

François Locoh-Donou

Tal question to service specific Your providers... is

Tal Liani

give at changes changes cetera? you're the planning outlook we’re that could you for us material things spoke you But meaning about of question is et verticals. No. demand given supply, material question the other year, that your be an the is offering, kind more things paying XXXX, for beginning of than My portfolio product your think my more your Could general. about based just the XXXX. We on now,

François Locoh-Donou


of couple Tal. things, a So,

actually We going The lot brought XXXX are had Web very first a in solutions months products ramp looking the of to point that the our of And I three. the through up gaining a Applications and traction. Advanced we’re Firewall we’ve year. actually if that security to One strong is, would thing, to in quarter. at six market are context it

-- bringing defense bot the one That’s enterprises. believe is defense differentiation know unmatched and service on are a around both bot on very we’re become And our products and throughout that And we performance We today. as and bot theme WAF Advanced we that’s year. more in and industry. and specifically important you -- for unique features our the providers has offer

much in that Edition, third offering And is security around SSL is also Second was our much Cloud an easier about customers just our that by orchestration. past throughout services. ramp with professional That We year. the the deployed be significant We offering solution seeing solution. continue we’re traction that. had and will enormous the talked it the new released and I’ve of involvement to can faster but that offering required

that in fourth I So going I on to think about, of have I provider a pipeline that exciting we aggregate, supply it of I XXXX, you our to release side, things which the of our space your will expect When at in term, offerings contribute in NFV will released all in to going contribute the products are bigger the and XXXX. we’re going expect of start to also contribute an but forward. to that to top XXXX. quarter products in the to And half service the Tal, use work have to contribute first again XXXX to operating line we numbers these then XXXX. new talked in


next The Catharine from Dougherty. is of you. Trebnick question Thank

line now is Your open.

Catharine Trebnick

picked-up. use little outflank Avi to or ago, we cases quantify tell heard five of a what's Avi -- run-up nipping strategy bit -- the then then, them? can number the six you or and the you you And talk heels. on AXX against months, Can maybe your your about Networks? buzz always has us Four types that five at last years And

François Locoh-Donou

of specifically, competitor, any so, however they be. dismissive may of our So, we’re small

both to haven't do probably long them actually we in When much the often. And Kara mission-critical of Services market And don’t of we’re heritage rate. platform we the bringing Edition see think and are support decades of in is a as them mentioned scale, earlier, that applications see really a we as model for And with and nimble, supporting lightweight, that's anytime consumption on that seen tail our XXXX. much as our long And so, be win we as we the haven't like of as Cloud -- the and case them going two playing the we going because per I don’t tail match our applications played anybody overall in in capabilities Cloud-Native combined well that to customers. App of and Cloud-Native applications app we service described, our as and to soon. Avi,

occurrence. competing actually when it's feel frequent with we them, about confident very frankly we not very a them, so, And see because again,


The question from next Rod is Goldman of Sachs. Hall

now line is open. Your

Rod Hall

then, would may too You at you And you wonder guys reserve kind follow-up. mentioned guess us where bit have us you aimed sorts areas deficiencies of at the I'm to a talk that be of in might earlier, you technology places like capital I that's understand think, least more of part interested just François, the about I little that where without want expand what core have just plan. or mean, maybe capital to business you of areas thinking are I could the acquisitions help some a business? much, you something think giving or in. I you for

François Locoh-Donou

Yes, Rod.

want of expanding expansion might more cloud; you one, difficult services offer. look our reach is one to role if see that around revolves can around our more you expanding role, our software revolves imagine. this you we and as other So, that application I and you, tell reach would will at and

of look think if something that today I interest use, world we the that filters And if those the be, would we in about would for give we horizon and so, fact we the us. the and you those you find filters at what do might way is are to

Rod Hall

important? two you or of those which Can role strategically is say reach more

François Locoh-Donou

are. Both

Rod Hall

the question. cash just to housekeeping have you feel then, that balance need guys you And run a minimum you Okay. like Do business? a

Frank Pelzer

$XXX probably of million the Rod, I generally think $XXX range. we in think million to

Rod Hall


of kind right? you’re that there, is Frank, If

Frank Pelzer

there? Yes, our minimum. X.XX more you billion. do sorry. mean I’m What We got than we’ve certainly got have

Rod Hall

so can you that you Okay, XXX and of total to comfortable? below comfortably; investment, be down that or wouldn’t XXX your cash run

Frank Pelzer

That’s right.


Thank you, Rod.

it And question Thank for conference. today’s for that concludes today's that, with the last So, was you participation. conference. your

You disconnect may this at time.