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Ashwin Shirvaikar

Good afternoon, everyone. All right. Can I have your attention? Okay.

Let's get started with the keynote session here. I am Ashwin Shirvaikar. Processors Services Payments, Citi's am and analyst. IT I and great pleasure you all welcome my joining for Cognizant. Thank to it's as well Cognizant, Brian CEO, we from Humphries. And have Brian welcome. Thank this. for you doing

Brian Humphries

here. be Good to

Ashwin Shirvaikar

set-up tight -- talking new. So to a to advantage fact out and transformation be office will we're good the you -- set of of an seems kind your ask kick-off, so the going be might a transformation to constituents. And office, that the joined message about I opportunity keep a kind a Brian, center which the going this speak. with It be flowing. stage the just might when to that end, to you message of of a At way to set there lot am to relatively questions. you're fairly question, take

high at So kick off. talk of maybe you can it that and elements level to six the a about

Brian Humphries

Cognizant an me of the joke which April quarter, CFO but ahead missed of with April X Okay. Well, is my joke. in America. foot course, started back hello, later. Fools' felt an the basics. it of weeks like we told then a I we're X/X revenue. on in everybody. wasn't $XX start North April that and Look, And, the of About billion of is X Fools' April morning let's in about immediately five earnings

the we codifying of to have, our of member. we're tweak. the we reports, with set of office course a transformation; executive amount what we near-term transformation a transformation to we what invest my the one ability And a etcetera; to activity what we up of we, expected review resources period to we cost organization direct force an upon have, can how solve work is done. business. duplication wins, do suppositions get who view And avoiding set structure, that that to The understand Each we by growth, outcomes an human and to get for back led culture; elements sales and ultimately refinement, or a been what to build element set trying do the to was imagine so strategic to us like myself, of in lot or to have are some opportunity assets do would are delivery that transformation; and do those lever things out want etcetera; we where our of and scale call, trying to need you an hopefully overhead of that of that have office efficiency committee and, fit some I subsequent doing course, for also ensure in with we

are we start and after of path here in that. well year. months ourselves and we're the some so now conclusions the four a execute down a those coming all of into to draw And of position in them say conclusions I gun pulling would putting

Ashwin Shirvaikar

end growth up. to probably it's own points But number maybe you important start let's address thing is the with like thing Okay. one my conversations, since investor will the I'd One that in and to comes six base extremely mentioned.

So let's talk sales about sales structure. force force compensation and

up the mean optimal to way, us I'm that it You and when I that being is what and maybe the that's polite way it's not can you too noted publicly and that the in changed? path set you getting -- it describe maybe past but currently to say

Brian Humphries


those of how I'm to or little something Cognizant as surprised them stand So values sales as get say at values I'm always with a on historically a BXB trying something whether twist behind compensation expectations. we fundamental set has to company put it's any but a BXC is questions in around values, this. and important that's company. I really a

of so to an point. typically operated architect, I leverage, a seller. has very it's or more force So particularly say you're of leveraged. to with course, And I if which, sales in type niche lots I is system perhaps that don't Normally, solutions XX-XX compensation tend people and Cognizant care is year, example a XX-XX. XX-XX, demonstrate is let's versus when about do. that range is or unless say you sometimes of imagine myself the historically But a somewhat consultant have you're I a would sales use XX-XX fixed which $XX,XXX speak earning variable leverage, or technical plans, companies cars but to little $XXX,XXX $XX,XXX that

at breed sales not little your of fixed come best in to to going target XX% get you have we've to world length earnings. have That have the shift company says you a slide talked too recent importance happen to in people beta. top doesn't if because the digital. that, to on strategy you On a of the There's to digital. You're shift of years that around the

things the whole sales torque skills set have, but attributes, to of including compensation. need brand the you You also

not what means traditionally are have a force fixed, to to the hit beta, the dollar, to B follow tends tend low piece that to C, of they to was do business if for was have of resistance, mix have of did least dollar this fixed, our or Cognizant you've parameters. do growth, We digital. within have competitors, A, a opposite. who you're So Cognizant and plan, percentage which needs percent some a why going very is yesterday a variable a have of to the XX% was to sales leveraged and dollar path they going had have pay been portion a of this be anything except because variable, have their what Look to the XX% significant compare really much you that I of more salespeople compensation, you sold. that which a percentage amount quite

fiscal and change because it mentality implement on so this of the year and not be be of January methodology implemented have will something Now, at can we implement Sales that that it's the you immediately. X. tends to compensation start course, I

Ashwin Shirvaikar

Okay, talking Cognizant sales if out the of but understood. that employee you keeping constituents. What of on the clients, relatively your at going the been other things there short things with about time going because kind talk been very you noticed force them meeting like from you force, could you've own And feedback regards say, about here, top getting that? meeting are sales you've out to, busy, funnel, that, are

Brian Humphries

in bring in you out new first see week be the salespeople as say, are first would you because a clients, they I manner the the So, They a CEO, company, certain week. the that CEO normal happy. clients behave see a the to bring always all to happy happy managers will start if customers always

the have help honest. in my week opportunity XXX pressure customers chaos to probably putting into team I actually sales that also months. customers challenging that sometimes last saying, had normal really I with out see But But be regard. passing in three and discussions. of I visit I've few been is task the XXX was to look every team want my comes Let's please, because

upselling maybe multiple back the the is has So customer and followed very on And with news. and that's over of ingratiating cross-selling would say for customers high. at customers of NPS who at a happy by lower -- heritage the our way, growing most ourselves part rate, has knows a industry. anybody our therefore that remains years that the and Cognizant and been good margin I the competition, outgrowing the the

and and the or associate the the run Now with of in same. us don't very really news the cybersecurity us much opportunity shop their the bad position operations of is digital the tend they transformation same element. to Customers portion the vein, one in

with are CIO So save CEO invariably a or to you CFO, if view you're transforming. a a trying to money or

the take task Accenture have happiness business my bigger actually a pie that In they that the I every where head XX, in customer portion for And met our have, have meeting of our win so strategy. times you actually can you They of elsewhere their us legacy X aware for have get of and than ask I'm the look of of They're not grateful haven't them, And share. my they Are Deloitte while others the and to business sure make more haven't. of digital. the out portion digital? met I'm single strategy? we do our of digital head in, fair and I aware is

And weeks with the a I'd me absolutely back head six every to the a single the every at do we work focused Cognizant. in you meeting job, in course. who I after no, guys. who probably digital? has got now is, my of like the changed customers love ask who's love if your day. vision, come somebody has answer about We've Invariably, of meeting passion, on C-suite, So of you with mind head you for decades. story. We I We digital hear when

opportunity the same the vein. that's and So problem the in

one prevalent. more ago. reasons where reasons into hired want two a We stands have new the to to future need that's a be we amongst to that of have and of as I sort for the weeks We brand lean more well CMO

Ashwin Shirvaikar

okay. Absolutely,

Just just slightly there. gears to change ever so

was that of point notion other self-funded. me spoke we time last this The the struck

that whatever that how the patience, of to things Can you actually as about, be changed, company, self-funded struck the new of As have out I of the Cognizant advantage at things changes of to x say, potentially becomes, talk you going is a that? you organization a two potentially need the these complex being so said hey, basis but need to you without make points That or speak investor mean, be well incoming margin can to of look at you can extract years, list investment and, hundred CEO, in, self-funded. invested question of important. lot me as a that list sort

Brian Humphries

about about structure a billion have basis cost. $XXX is cost million, our per year XXX are thing is Look and growth. we $XX billion is, you $X which you're our $X.XX $X And of that margins And And billion. the is of efficiency of tells X every million. almost $XX only of points point that revenue getting EPS

data to me. and So really those awareness important is of the points the sensitivity

slowed and job, last about growth and like has wave this think our that a having in to go almost being ridden moved has and that XX and done your to you for never tend don't necessarily the house have not you outstanding When just you a has If more stuff you house, find years done XX an rate that anymore. been company years cleaning. disappointing of years, albeit lot next it's with to spring has you for in few move need and a to grown

a and eyes, and perspective what trying to of our I a what's our and have what are critical think new that in the that. we that it's set everything are is on have cost posture we structure strategic same Cognizant, set fresh do to else up accommodate hone in really and hobbies, do

from that and view structure think big but a And cost I'm look draconian a lot fund If have on about of terms you maturity I need market of growth our believer the in savings portion been that absolutely then have were we those emerging of are use declining we that to regard. growth, one future. historically Cognizant need make over the of growth I point the that model, And different. to well, is to in curve investments mature businesses cost sure, a

they tell some very years some to those while you mortem INFY. in that. it's I last at clear "Well standards haven't To honest, because it's the to because we I been me deals." a When two the let look bit say to high on or deals in an mean participate Now margin now that me post are investor deals bought Cognizant deal; TCS nonsense. will of people lost post what it's We've major little the the activist by able those so be or

take. cost efficiently. got have haven't And that that we been should take a able compete because structure, didn't to couldn't deals have to we we cost We structure

growth dialogue in the point in speak. I'm to structure as two. of expected we we mode already, pricing to start with have I'm that need Look the one. Point the more in So cost investing number number future

level the in op time, So in even charge at to just need or bit process operational hygiene lot of the ahead the and will There's restructuring to telephone of to tend tell companies have in XX It's a out you costs or later layers. announcing people Normal If of etcetera. process already the etcetera. XX When and as joined by ripping a discipline frankly a I more moment the something XXX gets level we call as direct it game. I'm message be had I hire time little rigorous spans this started goodness some a is of one otherwise. If in layers my revenue-generating Cognizant, different. this are less reports people I be terms like XX CEO I've you I'm we to and Cognizant. two

around costs. rates investments of one in of and have heavy Cognizant lifting today us margin to can agility. there A that's the tens So growth after communication. of I investments than I get that It's nimbleness are the do. by services one of growth. some in it's But comments some so lower normal today of I to XX, Street with Likewise opportunity not get a rates and I'm have growth. we if eight around we stand able lower And to that of people and to and span why to It's self-fund with in need out, industry to cost the there's four Wall people the for of reporting my pockets when them. just fueling thousands control view is less around

Ashwin Shirvaikar

Makes sense. Makes sense.

CEO thing changes make and a operation a management other to is talk to change. new The about when in comes perceives proceeds suboptimal

some. had You

and there's some the the investors it's the people constant delivery of or of leaving have think or like head what you under you. investors a you get normal head that? and what of of and extent do of how tend up newspaper is I beyond normal of how is management process. or there's And can that, maybe and pick it’s to head To voluntary, a leaving. stability drumbeat the that curtail process Some What financial understand you? a normal But not such such

Brian Humphries

is And curtail Banking Well course, our are had Services sometimes starting and promise But Financial and XX% it. want do want verticals. good. to single-biggest bounds. to of also of They it change two certain is curtail you you within represent Healthcare We Cognizant.

for it those wasn't to thought customers our We $XXX speak those answer. to I are resounding areas, have us see we them them, to top each how often few team and five have customers been been When of our million those years. ask customers, markets in very leadership underperforming which for I a what out leadership million have $XXX etcetera a

are so a people well need to decisions some as I some tend certain made. to people And We used the of personally fresh We demands a style Cognizant's different. I'm me. those look that them extent need ideas. you are Those below fresh customers are X.X to saying set every have like perspective. I'm team perhaps years. they greater week with working than cultivate their be better single quite been The year, on and in last with leadership

changes the of some I So forced. frankly have

data-driven. up. course, There's the have don't personally I'm XXX,XXX I more It's some the few you're to It's but been is with great a buttress has people X% It's in comfortable for And system. goes a I'm XX% other more much of the own -- but And creating range. trying from rest got to hiring The say other I've opted more it's outside. step company. fine. with, and who leaving, people then almost people had approach. on. capabilities actually I want opportunities Cognizant pressure to much quite out, employees some our Life left there's that because changes strong a have to that regret new in rigorous.

put of have He's But vein them the is all same a from the a Mphasis. Pradeep resources so leader Head guy. ex-CEO Cognizant joined He's may growth one new team with the invested our years. people years. America years. of I'm in some under outside, for North XX over delivery XX He's Ayyar who's me. So Ganesh in populating been Cognizant instance report direct the around DK. has our been I of to in of Mphasis you my as

CMO from tenure a capitalization market brought I in of from the I a outside. his outside. the new quadrupled. During Head in in new Healthcare Mphasis brought their

in loyal some you stage opinion you is it's -- also outside. have people to But vein to best the new from what there's external with at the what bets prove you And one over those it's top benefits already been same It's a get look employees. some And task then of that and to the very the for time on the have. Cognizant of rise to So years. make periodically people many my of complement the its at change. have

Ashwin Shirvaikar

okay. Okay,

many gears the also was at look just what But kind from by to right? point shift let's You again one platform. about diversification can on? inherited, issue different is B to a you And on You of your and talk of getting of the intend what sort which the digital frankly, call bit of do, mind? services. where touched When solve in to you of would investors you have you right a goes point lack Just you of terms, can investor only the candidly consider -- process you a what what in do and A that range portfolio focus it fundamental obviously. talk Cognizant just various in of but about a

Brian Humphries


Ashwin Shirvaikar

Diversification the itself you invest? where organization have

Brian Humphries

diversification. Yes. Look is there's multiple One different geographic. levels of

We are America. XX% North

very business the And Asia the very, Europe billion-plus small. $X of rest but off. falls a U.K. LatAm and have We is in rapidly

in example, two. months ago -- partners, have we Oslo and an say two I two I about client up as was So to want

So market had Brian. we'd five? we happen if Well, the what away would blow

Okay. It's approved.

five. You've got

operations. international our scale to have we So

angle. no that's saturated by one internationally means are We so

as rate. a of will Healthcare faster business get to At want if to but the of XX% around We follows. day, angle Services that back to and the be have get unless much want you Second to largely growth rate are I end I'm growth that to this declining, not those. needs get caveat or your vertical, you Financial aspiring in fix the to flat we to

spent been this leave don't us fix then, double-digits going diversifying. Products want please double got not growing Resources We diversify Area trying and away into and in and of down of I bed Technology to week partnership them So out to other you these career the all a for have our I've And indeed of strong can them Media vendor more again. our to business, we're course, whilst want some partner those with tech there. those I get to areas make And understand stronger customers like thinking my that to last as the a most room Bay Communications, on. out working in business to that from strategies and how them. industry, stronger that figuring major of and I to and companies of spent and invest become

the we however, within digital of we that digital. to is the the space says, And our of in from lots to drive, to a again, operation curve have slide At run we're go arena. look, the the the one CEO there's need do. happen, puts fundamental things diversify to towards together is away that So, end and doesn't strategy shifts day, of because a

compensation is to have takes to time that force all sales marketing. happen is That's kick You heavy is in. brand. and that make That skills. the to that do lifting That and

Ashwin Shirvaikar


Brian Humphries

quarter a enough our the had for care company into our we us company can't materially two, cap that that so their to in We number Healthcare a missed being can't companies run somebody four in we and he able quarter, that the and XX%. earnings. number EPS revenue worried you're missing sleep situation I make because not so where cannot because We and down company market and sneezing invest have goes miss the night, way first at to you inherited, about first our a pressed like merged health then

Services, important back plus. markets those because to ever and think really were before, XX%, were I Financial us years important more to is Healthcare when ago and diversification, XX% So growing we sometimes XX probably than predisposed

you're But in single-digits, even digital, into rapidly. have lots in we single-digits. to the within Nowadays, scale mid low to that low why mid growing to of growth there's which that is

Ashwin Shirvaikar



is very your you I do definitional Let's about has definitions. talk wide let's But co-elements strategy invest you is digital more of then What -- inherited? question. were you to range And intend to digital, What think not not a in? there know Where it? of also a this portfolio. so digital a this question,

Brian Humphries


lines. the digital three have we ago, of everything. put front had service few in somebody idea years So to A

it Technology; my no & not which have if of BPO At for in the it's will; end Cognizant we call rights, operations, if Digital number, purely and I've then if scaling you day, So Digital digital interest Business. digital. Systems the it's bragging digital

on very So, selling. digital what If sell we're even based digital, not definition a let digital native that's company. to That My something on selling me the we definition classic are Facebook, is portfolio. be portfolio, the my is clear. company not we to is the though digital

ability And way scale are have that curve so The our do many to onto things to at, are in as in the mature phase strong we historically leading the a to is now s-curve. actually our good our or parlay of we have indicators operations. digital the been classic declining market that rapidly news next

of a tens software. examples massive deployed So Cognizant thousands of having few Enterprise on-prem has services. that. let's practices of people traditionally take application

we of in as a course, need now Andy Jassy into at much to AWS. talk more I or tighter job SaaS with when a Of practice, do Benioff leaders, other much any bigger the to partnership SaaS-type a Marc scaling service

the have digital on really Similarly, much cetera. et weeks, are world. or of do maintenance you last We can are that to more But in EPAMs same Cognizant In or to assets the bed take we're battle. engineering I'm of modernization, forward software service value product engineering to guys the be something what aware a work put decided throughout argue out looking with that's of and Luxofts under application to application we that called companies world Cognizant's development, in in lines, setting many of them or has increasingly all six and of you the and customization, that's curve, the group. that one kind like Microsoft all is to. have been achieve. Frankly, like, things maintenance, verticals

an business. We million excess $XXX in that of have

We have I XX,XXX we digital ring or bought is get that. no about leverage doing put regard. engineering we go our engineering which strength XX,XXX digital people that have into boxing say, historical ago, and company the in a and around And focus Softvision, and a can look, to hesitation a few huge in years attack

I other will mobile at The thing we're XG, cusp in technology. technology, say five-generation is, the of

be the I will time and individually first slicing more more inflection in much BXB less And an this our it's point consumer your to and like scenario. security life. a think you in around of latency of people and terms network for history, leads that to

very very, So portfolio to me do edge is what with IoT of Industry verticals manufacturing terms cases in can in like computing, the point X.X. around use XG the of important we certain intersection and and

So, push around digital a you'll see huge and me also around IoT. put

where shaping start you So going we're here.

and that we and of data is about way think And data worth scientists, no dissuade does kill tonight, battles worth cloud, Look, cloud we years going it winning? the the to with planted am casualties and anybody's warehousing, I place? by saying SaaS if flag to our analytics There to battle future need has the us been Was to And many always worth very in, the a division cetera. tens come engineering all? in then and who've critical the is it's can in morning, panzer to battle, win me do et from hill over that first have what tomorrow pretty it How data. winnable digital the us? fight. Is hill? working Artificial you the going migration, winning deliberately and well. taking I IoT, thousands I Now of intelligence the around is is as big want Cognizant

is So had to us stronger we the those how pillars, historically. a you'll market or of with behind and then effort and discussion, see build we've to huge put than go partner, big some this again, dimension by partnerships then

Ashwin Shirvaikar


Okay. says, to partners There of goes It not you. see has to And for I it's believe and you the other I topic be shouldn't want way. shouldn't to partner do on into way where to one actually mean, those it -- got that one the partner the Microsoft just it I partnerships, that side. vertical or Is Cognizant interest it see? they be those "I go successful, they of to do AWS, with thousands on is be with the Cognizant." What What people? in expertise? of need kind mean, I

Brian Humphries

AWS. we customer. Head is before. Look, here in to I York New Financial want Healthcare we get week are partnership particular We'll but have ever of I to Last the meeting Tomorrow strength a of than interest with and workloads tighten firms. Services a want that Zach to and in that sure leverage prospective really strategy, are Services tighter I I We I'm to particular believe more hybrid moving [ph] myself and cloud sent make strength. AWS have joint to cloud. would of argue a can cloud Financial can migration. we want our they to -- those the accelerate to interest still e-mail

application layer if and the has As think layer. started been business the Cognizant's it at about And about heritage, application we well processes. you as talking

from Let's of this. stand back all

application immediately McKinsey very the but business postulating go or as Digital of as the around like to manage otherwise cloud, processes transformation. and very a the become layer. of hyperscale it companies we this, rise we BCG leads you why a to and in or well. as the at to we've transformation relevant play players relevant, importance and and historically digital to If obviously, the that's a helping play that's more where workloads to then, you course, have thought, applications migrate consult, move have as role And core thereafter conversation is very of

Ashwin Shirvaikar

Okay, okay.

strategy. about bit. talked we've And talked We've about so a talent. about talked organization We

about as think hiring talked let's angles we talk talked people, of various about right about organization different strategy, can of say just the the it's sorry say people -- way, the that of because -- motivating upper talent. ultimately organization? just let's rest the new the them of But terms say attrition, you you layer In we but let's in

Brian Humphries

organization the selling on customers road most India. and motivated our indeed the is some I've I'm in of with when or partners, people I was been client It's to

because huge we're solutioning do a XXX,XXX And a across India but amount co-creation, it XX centers. of have organization customer call we We as as doing organization, in delivery they employees a actually the well delivery. to disservice

been here. we because it's winning a many a it's there things a in the people was every day. and have virtuous temporarily so an or of is we're every of opinion intellectual activist three terms and we at whether in that an from office to the to through FCPA us years that and implemented and hearts cycle towards view to company of important In moving has delivering that situation; And selling series simplifying years etcetera, right my of goes our not CEO digital going highly selling course last then really now is posturing speed customer and The which successful. employees the there of property organization, distracted of all Look transition. construct of in frankly go-to-market our a opinion the was address in what XX day business. in for my comes Cognizant of have once. the an It's the And in the ways a investor; model organizational point foreseeable future building lot will future been at helpful sites over minds a transformation

And to assignments relevant. hire a We're There's is we're going to of to them an bottom progression -- if a growth, to back We're back to that? And at the pivot a of that the purpose? at place international going Why it's change the engenders as we double at company? an us set the pot we to it going Geographically why growth what But upward work. What's time. pyramid, moment to rainbow. great we'll that of good contextualizing mobility will I pretty important deal do a want for a in and to you so company? down. in this a to we back rainbow. we a for as an needed, to which rewarding digital there's stand accordingly. were graduates -- to before, to back requirement to framing context at great a to to should in employee? it why as and of it’s to back have Can do get give we the and going all which a in basics. and pivot up is we pivot There's it our path, end because we What's then ability as What's What strong etcetera. give us of look be career future focus. is get will gold

ahead the world I our organization the and of eight towards why to We're had course in to are in at week months. the fast-forward band-aid death it will this possibly the because time I'm time every it's our quickly every rather the to in I actually to ask three of employees. a a get doing present this So as pull be context is a like there Bay next you set don't thousand then six unveil bringing whilst will go, the to I employee that to get future guys as twice committees lot us single I'll can would throughout in with the that. employees. executive caveat Area an for almost cuts. our a very, in now and the team in we're XXX e-mail a behind us. field, we face-to-face all-hands us, moment off, I our we believe for weeks. make the as trying pace. going world-record track the in knows I'll India anybody news Last pacemaker and with our very coming I send earnings, who to to critical And of and base sure by that first months, say, leadership QX month employees

ahead too people forward you people of to but will run stretch want to ignore don't you. they want or You far

you out them and setting bring with have that's you we're So to what to achieve.

Ashwin Shirvaikar

make that, but any of there for Is things? okay. of, to it, I Are tuck-ins a time noise? that? you these accelerate to sort yes, big for mean, big acquisitions Got energy necessity willing acquisitions? and Is there

Brian Humphries

a So bigger acquisition be an is is a acquisitions acquisitions. big me it strategy. to not of depends tuck-in An a end. let very I'm personally clear, acquisition than what you mean means by big an But acquisition. fan

always are some few Christmas quite also first raining walk dog. -- to me idea. when so been been But the it's wanting nobody dark rejected Acquisitions since a here. acquisitions in the people It's a I've here. And February for wants I've since and a good dog. then approved acquisitions I've I've like at

very I And much strategy. comfortable better your of so with look, I'm the be first very question mode,

be At very, and you're when of a walk for installed or if snowing customer tackling employees. and and better can seriously. raining Second up in very February amazing show to the it's motivated numbers. great in actually the take stage going The very brain heritage, the will thing, Cognizant, blocking in that me I some an I it is tackling in moment, loyalty dog that company we'll amazing integration to isolation bifurcate my can and the amazing there's comfortable with which happen and base, in core and blocking

means to and achieving of foundation. on into would Unfortunately be It a will to that an end. to our lot to larger be enough in acquisitions. to a simultaneously. there's strategy, how rigor attention turn not ahead, but will stronger operational years we the do have patient part two the to then I we it I'm trying for years to and But make or whenever say the partnerships company that instill be Now strategy do to of discipline sure do short-term or will in my M&A a learn everything acquisitions

Ashwin Shirvaikar

can for opportunity for much obviously talk There I audience the the but longer, ask to we -- is Understood. did questions. want to give

There question of a time questions the around. and question. closeout ask just want to couple do are think have questions But I a you take We'll from hand If that I mics can be to we then me. More going your any a for audience? put -- Fantastic. interesting go up.

Brian Humphries

you. More for time

Ashwin Shirvaikar


common I the investors, one stock. a So get the questions I'm I regard of currently. like from minority in that

and you One you this in this fix come can I quite if unless this unhappy -- mentioned a of financial get these The along. believe clients? structural What's is fixing the be -- you process similar going to thing can services you seem of that of work -- secular? two to similar And you right and give on? of is much this healthcare and push-backs can't large verticals about a give into basically you Is it of talked and how the perhaps unless is need are glimpse break because M&A? If How us that much helpful. a that would color underneath, down philosophy.

Brian Humphries


look, correct. of our XX% factually it's It's So business.

felt And in hence Healthcare those have done business. in seeing premise onboard have to industry's lead to, made want that highly accomplish arenas. a view of going we changes have now leaders So get that And strategy Healthcare that the strategy. are have is our the their in take both point to I businesses both been to growth M&A to have understand get Wipro I have hired didn't. And something Jeff's you and that for we partnerships have we're forged to that that energized customers get starting fix six those to going weeks. an five, are business. about ex-Head of rates to the the we where cases I seriously of it's leadership

I almost of Head hire. our has used those day much, a the input impressive of few and months. as IT almost quickly of talent people of year? customers. days This back in working gives a have that I -- them I wait with is in believe I talking the been company that in not a was Healthcare markets having etcetera. either Corporation been not markets Years called greater it some most in this started take banking from longer. it first engagements I nimbleness, But in macro I'm like no XX faster. for greater be choice spend. to course, dissimilar. no is actually which for We If I over our And, ago, I'm point. earlier. hire all rush Windows the when and business to right who's I open somebody do to to to hire of early what talent talked Banking, no is met Cloud is not an those a was greater priorities, business, Will discretionary can used ago. possibly as or open want the a them grow about are is search decision this in longer. no Healthcare, deploy spend. years. have of is for And And of year? growth was security Will They decade you the terms the much there not actually informing Application the those half to speed, layer a a I Banking 'XXs discretionary is IT longer customers one it's and their a Equipment about of I that and Digital

regardless And cyclical sense are some are my simultaneously. to is are is, two have of us or happening buying, secular as trends, need the I bad news news industries, and buying. the fix I So, are that is, still customers for there good trends large they

of find having fuel are most them the about run efficiencies them out to in are digital and to of transformation. space operation captives building Some talking

think years. down, conversation we love that Brian, break like you a we years, you us? the We your Well to get that, of goes I long By allow I me you me can vendors. I revenue door. that's do the I give and hundred the in out. and will I'll actually give what run or Can attributes? because million this. of space? around and need rebates more where five it you you Well, your What you. more operation look I of What's and little the way, margin XX some cup a hand? for which dollars bit look if with So few savings you of a work tail brand think stage keep from to And actually fact it's do then, consolidate if coffee At put win-win, a that, I wolves get my concessions talk the down

I some me three stage, as years, do is a sustainable years, the for the be clear. core strategy, the year, that can because two tail. but very foreseeable at a as am Let tail or that well I future long not

healthcare the to all I their that's where application presence. operation better a customers pivot have have the trying they more that scenes. So running and and all simultaneously capabilities. to online make cross-sell behind presence, banks better sure are upsell, a the companies digital They They have to know better. efficient have more They

So, I'm not is that not opportunity market the the of there. opinion

a issue. X%. On it's -- industry. Nobody very The demand And X%. players not the than contrary, trillion have macro let's that a $X.X be billion few very of clear, in the and the growing has industry is services X% cottage frankly, market is more

can news than will ago done I a kind I would And some showed is time. growing you bad there's rate? be that's in higher Cognizant The this moment work you Cognizant, in of in said joining. participate at fixed, an be fix to we know I where take to market. possibly then that's X% imagined industry care think growth that more is of show I or work I work I will can before stock done. up it, up and if when growth if rather So a price fraction grow than fix that's the X%, to me in growing to industry the months be but itself. market six, is in you're I participating in if good an X% can things latter, at work will more it somebody The because news And take need of numbers the there's of the the nine

Ashwin Shirvaikar


when XG Let's There's talk plan you That doing in you consolidation have impact that sustain hand. to the a boundaries. and that one better. manufacturing. better? But Can also trade of There's Telco. business XX% trends indirect that? things of tariffs artificially concern? you on. think about been talk number different XX%, about for There's about How remaining like your of the going you on has There's there. put briefly Is the do manufacturing, get

Brian Humphries

cloud, at XX% by visas business. a a month talent scale to some where will play Brexit, L-X in HXB to here. around I've its French geographic of around permutations our in in, need and have them there we said need lead is lot renew manufacturing are it's our decisions. at operations, our ability operating Germany get in it ability to the once to So, look, world this the Global visas whether course, U.S., time, whether talent We our to as of very way We targeted etcetera. markets our growth operations. we're But scale of

ourselves in near a believe how about think think situation leading as to right delivery. terms are offshore delivery. in onshore we nuanced well shore everything have we I delivery. look, just don't down to highly where believe of in be So as into I I we

big have right we about have thinking start to America, Our in our capabilities. advanced changing regard. a college underway onshore now operations been effort delivery European dramatically North more that our hires and

and actually great will I earlier, services. healthcare in pods of a tribes and like of deal selling a and and and almost key agile part IoT than automotive manufacturing so said DevOps as cycle course, Of unlock financial will to and where of is indeed think this value ever of world XG it's happening before. development, simultaneous as delivery are and verticals in important I more etcetera, it a guilds

healthcare. to how can individual-based based you applied other you the heard zip may basically go end car, the which You how around being brake, the insurance drive, things is of Instead etcetera. you have insurance your concept fast your of of based you at like how day rapidly on car like brand or accelerate, That corners be insurance. insurance drive, things on how you individual-based usage-based of it's fast code

So in that patient can becomes Industry assisted multiple given and whole well. living the verticals, other latency, X.X obviously we manufacturing, of applications have in unveiled industry pertinent a XG, monitoring, you as can set have be remote

portion shout-out I'd it's our business like to to that to, have externally So, of The a one if disclosed there's and that we Products Resources group Street. our

and on consumer retail division goods doing I and opportunities pipeline hospitality well nothing fire, healthcare really there. Our but and see really

Ashwin Shirvaikar


So we're at the end of time. the

XX out, seconds have for you a close audience. have if You the to message

Brian Humphries

the I success years. over a broad would years last company few Cognizant say a of with on with focus proud the a growth is in heritage

to distracted. lots happens, get It's those me. on We're operationally, You for to would you in but one us, make got us get make much and as sure form guys or I get another distractions somewhat an know back to behind been trying all go back growth. basics like you've intention as people we to have us. go supporting sure partnership-wise, this strategically, more say There's that work to

Ashwin Shirvaikar

you Thank you. Thank for you. this. Thank doing