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Rick Smith Chief Executive Officer
Luke Larson President
Jawad Ahsan Chief Financial Officer
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Rick Smith

All right. Great job on the video, Andrea. And folks, I'm giving for Andrea a heart-attack today; I was supposed to be safely in my home office connected to the internet, but I've been out all day, with most of the summer doing customer demos. I'm in the fleet three demo vehicle, and we had a bunch of great meetings today.

In fact, we're going to do this live without a net, I am going to do a quick screen share and show you what we're seeing live from the fleet vehicle here; hang on a second. Flock you we there, area, -- have Langley, CEO as in Garrett that's they so partner the backseat, incredible with the our of are right, all can they another hey, see wave; Garrett of here All ours, an customers. do Safety, prisoner transport to us today of They've cameras. a told crimes they've Flock number about already solved, thanks on right resolution plate then reading, through and XXX the a really closing high camera, do license we great we a us mobile; upto you'll the capability hour. great brings for then at resolution [indiscernible] that XK is been so an camera the And has gives on and the speeds investment us, powerful our there for use upper partnership; see of is it's left miles angle wide Yes, well. here we've Manager our got as Product an -- is earlier we is a -- you just here show today. criminal I'll so of from is this read; we a did from a sample not data; list plate sample example use just this their can it's And things will etcetera. can alert; then can go officer correct, sure pop and got and this the make in in-car they you'll body the check that categorize they whether an like it's see existing -- videos, it do cameras, It's a and user simple we're interface, getting really intuitive fantastic customer reviews. lot with All have customers our seeing a has -- which right, great. traveling that so been been I Conversation at we've National summer We've known this i.e. Ramp; is also along, evolving been to encouraged reflect all The policing to what see best and attention our brightest progress and minds. investment, and bars focused reform police from and sustained years, keep over we how prouder and performance, growth the last that about to our we've We're I now our quarterly into obviously team intend it. executing is translating be of it's doing and few couldn't pumped also of team. product proud our development I'm really hard to capabilities. transformative working build They invested we've these as been have we're right bring bring to three, every the to car. demoed fleet just I able ALPR In here; to which intelligence, artificial vehicles ALPR the we've literally our I at deploying launch, and far that's to happening country, already product Pinellas County the been as of and XXX largest my awareness, in done weeks [ph], launch. know, -- days XX within it's Within I as And what more right another analysis. city doing X,XXX major now, negotiations doubling readers, than license over late already plate we're we're tech to stage with deploy

in and of Canada federal this U.S. revenue had to digital the beyond with we half QX grew enforcement are the traction for private to of and We which back highly municipal counties solutions. and the you customers know, shouldn't who are dramatically allowing for Fleet this see Street International and and that to a in year indicator looking encompassing read tripled. us and of international So driving We've license drive; this while and they're government deploy We state with missing patrols, XX% cameras. making government every them for another text software and they're at EMEA first paves camera all the positioned finding On the beyond over grow really you got offenders all it driving, simply our crime. typing an point, they've competitive program continue programs; success our to similar on to digital a beyond already well reducing into well independent backend forward evidence, bookings, know, the you to safer, few does for builds EMEA car being in time or evidence evidence Axon our those catching plates software children. doing continues feel our body and the core, price all in moving in them had to [ph] lower radio. just want management nearly way as law we've weeks front in enterprises. serious lead

hybrid home, Axon, the So you can the your today productivity. from in can can work maximize car; can offer my work excited, happiness their office, earnings even creating where from your you remote I'm you from environment in you and leading employees call. showing We part, we're a some at options; work way work we're the on

So, we're whatever creative keep you focused top best keep takes doing them breakout keep to get get on that's the capabilities. happy, rested, and them focused, keep how products energized, tier keep them great it them talent, them and

X,XXX what the leadership to long-term President going our by with Company, team. workforce that, is me fantastic of the help an people and growth; is Luke So maintain almost that's to and profitable this turn exceptional drive that now a us groom Larson. to And let build supported is and to continuing over

Luke Larson

The been we momentum. macro situation and is Rick. put on sustaining reality supporting chain growth. are resin in doing semiconductor business the focused electronics, never more stoppages strategies of The in and complex Operationally, all to daily a global have challenge, current really mitigation have of cylinders continued of risk are documented, well, that we supply the impact import on to a is to face COVID. Thanks, logistics, place monitor conditions risen geopolitical and to shortages, the the make risk. factors There's and rapid even from we we're time firing well are

and are to pipeline. positioning While meet definitely business teams headwinds continue effectively the these demand our persist, increasing our to navigating

teams customers level our are of behalf on shareholders. delivering execution our all our and In of notably fact, most stakeholders, Olympic our

our last effects are is XXX quarter. into teaser sell we continued and gross Another engineered up this demand; margins, see have that this we strong materials, our area into out you points segment where of over basis will year, the as which of building costs

last our six our in in with we're started we're X $X and fleet six the Rick about training, in of $X getting and video it's and that from nearing than mentioned as As earlier. just And months shipping; we the first virtual year. with believe million in read launch you up ecstatic the we reality letter, less months, million customers, booking first are getting reviews saw our ecstatic early

talk validates looking We're several me pleased the on let momentum Jawad seeing, forward the the Financial Chief and strong last to with and we're XXXX. Officer, a virtual of of excitement. about and our heard to that, demand Ahsan. turn me our year calls, reality back continued into it we're half that earnings over You've And that

Jawad Ahsan

are term the metrics our future then measured at our business the level Thanks, will of success we're by system. last look in long-term. way Luke. of of goals top areas growth, and that from business at believe building disciplined We be a as results giving transparency justice is our and a into long accelerate view. growth. The guidance, and towards performance in we're thinking and with annual the about lives that the back two-year it; It's sharing same consistent strategy, finally, in threefold; in quarter, is move we upside to for nature reinvest today to line in why our execute that saved we the term you that with the the and identify business focused the and we way, invest strong of This to the straightforward number the which invited why profound, look such the because near reflect working you we're

new like now in sales both now, pleased confidence a the XXXX. upon in to categories: raising in with I'd demand. we in the are fronts; in shareholder seeing how in expect international letter; latter our touch reflects also channels XXXX markets. and in new to new growing today, with million for XXXX, investments you revenues markets. enforcement traction traction non-municipal saw strength; our seeing $XXX global products between new these our revenues and outlook our to Rick We our we're $XXX are in $XXX highlighted year's three fiscal on in and law As deliver million million two products international which We're XXXX,

We fast like We're including are see fire looking bookings which & they typically Axon product recent as federal, of where area standards, Bookings balancing security, mentioned, and a discipline, at These such XXX%. in doubled substantial the dollar for largely in financial signed an while growth as means as software lot helping an looking VR, year-over-year life. sense with also demonstrating Air if XXX% indicator expansion. are also others. on markets, focused average law runway retention new and a up of forward consumer include five-year products, for centric than net We our investing accountability. outside strong and EMS. we of This respond, are more bookings performance, more records, enterprise into enforcement is markets we these leverage. and R&D New and drive of expanding citizen, new Rick and transcription, we contracts year-over-year. They're result products feel

at XX% grew QX I'm profile. a to do able broader to point that and pleased into out while adjusted that were EBITDA investing So we scale year-over-year, global to

the of with investing but to Finally, in I we're our highlight how the we've corporate in business proud partnering wanted not space. is that executing, innovators also where other I'm capability thought and leaders built, that strategy and of only

thanks, our way. reflective to aligning analysts And us. Thanks, become platform us a transformative disruptors. public partnerships the guys, expand follow-up a joining questions? innovators have Do To public for our brand safety recent safety. for to with are synonymous much ecosystem and in and investments Axon Our vision our of with any any build we're other leverage Well, of equally Okay. future, of the allow technology important, Erik. and so No?

going We’re us out. to Rick have close

Rick Smith

time you video. play you Thanks, we’re leave, if Hey, around, have stick earnings our Andrea. to before quarterly to going

you So, to be this thanks Roll And the off for forward updating posted look after the We’ll We video. joining. year. investor.axon.com. to throughout webcast video. drop will