Sean Mansouri Director, Liolios Group
Mike Willoughby Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Madden Chief Financial Officer & Chief Accounting Officer
Mark Argento Lake Street Capital Markets, LLC
Adam Kelsey Craig-Hallum Capital Group LLC
Ryan MacDonald Needham & Company
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Please standby. Good afternoon, everyone, and thank you for participating in today’s conference call to discuss PFSweb’s Financial Results for the Fourth Quarter and Full-Year Ended December 31, 2018.

Joining us today are PFSweb’s CEO, Mr. Mike Willoughby; the company’s CFO, Mr. Tom Madden; and the company’s outside Investor Relations Advisor, Sean Mansouri with Liolios Group.

open for we’ll questions. remarks, their the your call Following call to Mr. I like the over would now turn to Mansouri for some introductory comments.

Sean Mansouri

Thank you, Ebony.

non-GAAP Before everyone to project make estimate, available expect, for as without the statements. I April the PM be and via forward-looking call link rebroadcast prohibited. statements. would are full as under remarks facts the expressions way call PFSweb will, typically anticipate, be used used Safe certain than any provided further, consent disclaimer will that as retransmission well this in forward-looking X starting webcast Harbor this replay believe, redistribution, to words pfsweb.com. similar other of in All forward-looking replay can we concerning in statements The guidance, to website are filings, me, other statements. call, Investors company’s our be release, historical this statements through or March relating forward-looking also intend, The as statement. expressed today’s well at available – X, excuse XXXX Any website the tonight. go following A presentation PFSweb conference the like o’clock at and on metrics strictly available confidence, remind is target, in will identify section this Eastern of press written I’d through the of in to like found

call Mike? Officer PFSweb, Willoughby. of turn I Now, Executive would Mr. to over to Chief the the like Mike

Mike Willoughby

adjusted improving margin basis by margin result in profitability and year. this profitable highlighted income for point XXXX higher-margin was XXX in the in on gross reflected a EBITDA point and and through focus service improvement engagements, you, good and Sean, basis improvement Thank everyone. continued and was net XX afternoon, operational our fee efficiencies our

same from week, LiveArea momentum strong the we move efficient our clients, lines peak days – the our season, order year-over-year for we of X.X clients’ During successfully increase in XXXX, of segment and shipping performance to period of week over shipped and our for week both with the the following we holiday business year for as a our the line a order scaled in more volumes, level million volume a Friday. pipeline period operational PFS. holiday in volumes Compared defined delivered through exiting Thanksgiving XX% eight the PFS for through holiday We our holiday critical high strong another in the operation referenceability manner. as

let resulting U.S. output client, success peak using our And receiving Now, deployed me distribution We CloudPick to X,XXX team statistics a PFS client-specific in client, shift year-over-year a over a in efficiencies week their carts. new output. online process we health strong order redeployed lighted lines pick single footprint capabilities. a our a jewelry apparel and an business, PFS share the our growth and lighted increase line a operational implemented storage in and holiday new and resulting picking member significant client’s response CloudPick order few proprietary for in of and redesigned We and picked for highest-performing carts stories. beauty in new

fraud four transactions great the the level two in later to potential Toronto customer prevent shipped compared almost in million we for pop-up customers the our most the client FaaS our have also and regarding week. We we We our for Metro deployment including XXXX product engraved over the customers, during units last FaaS over This this to U.S. deployed or season call pop-up announcements. than orders a market. quarterly a center update, holiday XX% pop-up agent-assisted less to By in of jewelry the our in brochure able over for averted savings over client’s brought client’s centers for on clients shipping automated had operating and much contact headcount first losses. We prevention improve temporary XX more in peak and same through I’ll in the answered XX,XXX almost our where service and our to holiday. from were XX,XXX to helping XX,XXX solution, Canadian high And orders [ph] initiatives, service, calls more weeks fraudulent as our scaled facilitate mentioned area, highlight health our for a service units beauty chargeback fulfillment recent facility. XX,XXX on global our across rate seconds FaaS, less. was the Fulfillment-as-a-Service, support $XX or solution our

quickly XX bringing ACV. business This LiveArea with Total significant XXXX. to QX. million in were worth and and million approximately million compares for approximately engagements, engagements engagement be approximately Now for total for contract the reviewing bookings QX I pleased engagements XXXX ACV ACV very or in respectively. ACV, our $X.X in XXXX in bookings to million XX value, for X.X XX continue engagements to improvement $X.X XX $XX.X the developments annual full-year, approximately in for annual LiveArea

initiatives $XX.X project on in a from XXX As challenging approximately calls, of projects million on highlight XXXX, estimated that revenue, we in plan turnaround approximately $XX.X for with we for to compared for I stated million XXX projects the later the in perspective, to some which We XXXX project a client prior will sales XXXX had call. XXXX. LiveArea new booked

to project estimated $X the year-ago $X revenue million million for project QX, in estimated revenue, for quarter. approximately LiveArea For bookings project projects were for XX compared XX projects approximately in

and had active project retainer representing engagements. XX client engagements, discrete For XX, ongoing at managed LiveArea, retainer engagements and services December we

last XXXX, terms in maintaining start booked off of QX $X next forward pipeline this $XX.X XXXX, percentage several a PFS and XXXX In client million. large for ACV bookings its Since sales of has call, new pipeline ACV of double progressed PFS to a we quarter. cycle, in just announcing business our is value PFS our of approximately stages million the bringing over contracts to bookings, last value value since strong total XXXX. in to a into we our also July sales development look

PFS, XX at Charlotte we announcement remaining bankruptcy we on X the different brands. XX, liquidate For active unexpected inventory. programs, Russe’s with XX cease and that client operations February received Unfortunately, and in X December intended March XXXX their our representing some to also subsequent announcement had news early client on

cease is very experience client our unusual for While and enter it bankruptcy unprecedented is reorganization client for operations to effort, liquidate. it part in established brand not to the a of as an

do with services bankruptcy collect the this unexpected we revenue now QX, QX client end do the and engaged the the compensate the to working for constructively hard client client through been restructuring collect some will engagement the we our expect Even this for the with to currently for have to during service team though of our fees our we impact XXXX. provided loss remainder all in of We to this expect the month. [ph] process And PFS in liquidator. through fees later for expect negative and we be of

of PFS for under Russe Charlotte fee $XX.X our X% For million XXXX, consolidated revenue engagement reference, in is which revenue. generated service in the just

in XXXX. already have the our in order on cost EBITDA adjusting to minimize begun adjusted We impact our

season four lost remaining months of and help the have to in strong benefit selling brands more for us to marketing and occupy fashion Clearly, us replace with efforts. to offset through Russe. best or our currently pipeline three also to outcome space fulfillment sales they client a one similar revenue our be We seek Charlotte needs this that the would to in the have the

to to will further for before LiveArea Despite near-term enhance for revitalize we working both call of to for PFS margins and exciting additional minimize We that Tom these, expect year. client headwind, to this the developments insights to this and like financial have and I’d years the the come. to we several quarter new be on provide growth for the Tom? aggressively turn impact touching over But loss.

Thomas Madden

Thank afternoon, you, Mike, good and everyone.

to fourth $XX.X fee million million, compared quarter period. increased in consolidated For XXXX, the to SFE of the or year equivalent service our prior $XX.X revenue

versus at on the Our again XXXX, year. From segment, and service performance, gross slight effective a quarter, segment This discuss lower-margin were by $X.X gross which our cost an a expenses, primary when projected driven overall margin also slightly attributable of which of year-over-year on to on XX SG&A the incremental to by project million year services, and further management PFS our gross will of last margin than adjusted insight the decrease higher-margin was basis XX.X% engagements for our focus the certain $X.X points upper-end generated in I consolidated EBITDA is range standpoint, basis. the activity. prior offset in million strong QX the work, margin fee provide transition Improvements compared margin quarter. over improved more including I the we to engagements

Turning to sheet. $XX.X XX, $XX.X approximately position XXXX, was At This equivalents cash to debt totaled resulting million a total net the in position XXXX. $XX.X and of million, cash net balance million debt million. $XX.X and XX, debt a December compares at of December

Now, look our segmented let’s results. at take a

focus million quarter with compares with This the on and higher-end of XX.X% to SFE of service of margin $XX.X the engagements and of through higher-margin Gross for fee including to in year, the tools a continue work, service revenue gross margin. to $XX.X last effective management. our targeted project gross quarter, generated of fourth in XX.X%. segment margin cost revenue PFS operational of this Our million a due technology-based enhanced at offerings, efficiency range segment operate service

including for infrastructure fulfillment million into the incremental $XX.X direct due from the and fourth the to support cost growth, PFS targeted quarter, sales, segment new segment’s expansion decreased $X.X primarily UK-based long-term million PFS the contribution However, center. our to to during our marketing

project revenue, margin lower LiveArea to This to lower revenue due a work activity. the gross segment fourth lower margin in the as of million revenue generated service XX.X%. client efficiency in quarter LiveArea revenue. quarter a SG&A service of Our and fee year. million of gross result the business as XX.X% were of $XX.X a fee with $XX.X improve year-over-year reduced streamline of The decline to hard last on LiveArea’s basis with fee service personnel to fourth costs, costs is primarily we new compares due

that one costs are These assigned to currently costs SG&A. In segment the not directly we reported segments. to corporate have the two of include addition business as also business data,

in of costs XXXX benefit year-end – year, favorable prior to accrual SG&A quarter Our adjusted of level of increased an fourth the corporate including to declined SGA related adjustments. slightly compared the certain

If our of expectation of may direct two year-over-year the operating approximately We our business the we that the the to maintain increase within reclass among do in continuing million into a fees so, units, order September reduced corporate cost appropriate basis of that our costs that reclassified in during we process evaluate be consistency historical additional in on by into comparisons. cost and SG&A future. be allocation Note may in segments, and we reporting the costs impact well did XXXX, business one of will historically costs reclassified to expense from to will periods. the with XXXX through the a close certain during year-to-date bucket year-end are provide fees to the been as maintain SG&A have considered $X.X certain expenses

business We also reallocated for previously LiveArea the considered into consistency costs purposes. certain corporate

to annual review compared at $XXX.X XXXX $XXX.X service for equivalent in in Now, quickly million, XXXX. fee Consolidated let’s revenue quick our came million a decrease slight XXXX – as results.

with even to points to revenue margin to year-over-year. $XX.X million, decrease, and XX.X%, in $XX.X million X% XXX increased basis adjusted increased compared Service profitability XXXX, to SFE XXXX. in gross XX.X% However, compared fee EBITDA improved our the

income financial approximately in cash prior $XXX.X million operations XX.X% the year year. pleased with margin PFS By $X.X XXXX. net PFS’ margin a very in were operational increase a in SFE expenditures of most a XXXX, to million, reflects gross with inception. was report of capital our over flow profitable to very calculated cash also our less to compared million, flow segment’s pleased year which increased service slight are XXXX. Free performance for as million segment, revenue XXXX, We and calendar since from the with gross XX.X%, $XXX.X We fee $X

margin profitable million, we strong to with realign operational gross LiveArea less As $XX.X LiveArea of in We margin client new service issues, also XXXX in accounts offset were we an margin which we was relationships than targeting. key drive basis, up a however, the strong lastly, compares fee million, successfully of expanded into results On existing a strong structures had with and offerings, a our of top more new cost transitioned was gross there certain XXXX. implemented from effort and activity overall improvement. gross $XX.X To to generally improvements what impact XX.X%, number ended XX.X% with And revenue and client client segment. a just lower-margin our the line activity. help to in

Russe on the to a let’s Now, to loss cost Charlotte controls fully move a the continues the news of for efforts. account potential organization lot through XXXX and impact our work ago, and the just Having few to mitigate adjustments received weeks and across marketing our sales outlook.

consolidated and a trying on low basis, the a Charlotte few on EBITDA key XXXX in service approximately year, in A the to calendar single-digit at much increase business $XX mitigate has mid insight into low of strive toward fee ahead leverage provide fee are to Overall, adjusted one XXXX, single-digit follows. the also range range as impact. our year as been percentage million business. SFE in service XXXX as While Russe to we we still continue further our – we larger per to to increase to XXXX other generate a to compared revenue us at of of basis clients our work revenue we percentage have items client to expect the

While we the we XX% expect to target in activity service gross XX% margins overall towards in continue be range, high-end to range fee the of XXXX. the to

products. this infrastructure-related our professional impacted the PFS always, by FaaS relative work As our activity, versus proportion and the be higher-margin of new project services services will

continue to between to our will range XXXX will in expected product million, to $XX gross expect on revenue X%. we this and $XX $XX that million XXXX generated approximately million the decline in to X% product margin from revenue We our

in our be in capital upon million, of to $X million expect activity capital some segment, which $XX or expected the new be funded client to PFS We expenditures dependent funding. the leases, to debt is range client by of

we intangibles, and to to $X.X $XX.X in we XXXX from and amortization excluding And $X.X $X.X million million acquisition-related our of in be amortization expect of amortization, million to XXXX. decrease intangibles depreciation in million approximately For million $X.X expect versus identifiable approximately between approximately XXXX. D&A

million expense increase to as to XXXX million, million We $X.X compensation expect our XXXX. stock $X.X $X.X in compared in to between to

as and with signed be result increases XXXX somewhat improved For calendar our XXXX, rates. expense we a prime-based our expense, LIBOR in year rate to compared expect while November our we do facility overall structure borrowing level financing and of past interest XXXX interest in in interest $X.X our year as expect pricing banks amended will reduced debt our the average of result million, is relatively consistent the of XXXX, a of of a with level as

prepared of over million, to expect remarks, For the a XXXX. revenue well. performance expect any EBITDA million, as excluding eventually client-related relatively we $X.X remittance $X in expense line the the prior quarterly But in of in income of income taxes. reduction cash And XXXX of This my taxes then currently between with calendar SFE We the to year $X a On later and first reduction XXXX XXXX of we $X.X Mike? to $XX a and we look basis, our between compared expect million. be concludes as call million flow adjusted the and year-over-year turn to do relatively free million to quarters improving for activity. to in in cash trend our in QX I’ll to generate of impact flat a back QX Mike. quarter

Mike Willoughby

book the in new XXX want compared for million, Tom. clarify for LiveArea. $XX.X to We in you. projects million projects approximately number And $XX.X XXXX I before to I bookings for with developments, Thank XXX did continue XXXX.

both outlined release as those. we business several provide across detail Now our today, units, in exciting have PFS like I’d LiveArea our do press to new and developments some on

center fulfillment XXX,XXX For England. PFS, opening our we Southampton, the square new of in announced QX foot in

to utilize to fulfillment this also pursue into our clients directly the only the in expand new UK existing is but an to EU facility U.S. option UK. plan not Our clients market, and new offer

several We’re year already have interested end-to-end new with and and clients pipeline active opportunities and capabilities an launches of in also have clients QX new the I’m and the for the QX U.S. UK. this additional in two to we of to [ph] UK production CNBC excited this recent commitment UK with expected in adding appearing process follow-up facility, the in airing existing our of market, positive articles some received on and press very new in in launch and various publications. to our the with reports

concept holiday, we called the Fulfillment-as-a-Service, introduced You first XXXX FaaS. during a may recall or

stock bundles lightweight promotional oversight fulfillment management include operations it to our for order for introduction logistics with solve was and regional started initiative pop-up store holidays, volumes omni-channel FaaS successful search pilot a during temporary to opportunity facilitating handling market. during stores past infrastructure take truly season challenges fulfillment. centers technology, first our holiday, to and deploying Our challenges and events, pop-up These our peak for this XXXX fulfillment order management the for The FaaS clients.

the category, and now have FaaS several we Within products solutions.

has network. The was for that our pop-up seasonal to Toronto-based clients, to that for expand on support period their our jewelry our the referenced fulfillment would require of peaks fulfillment events or first This client potential I heightened client the volumes special basically earlier many temporarily applications any call. solution center

internal lightweight XG open permanent As no limited we fulfillment is first standard With for speaking Columbus, equipment connection pop-up another our lease, pop-up various product, Internet, centers and the able fulfillment one and in of quick This the on weeks we upcoming signing off-the-shelving to the use a subject utilized launch Ohio Summit be to of in cases of example power, three within electrical at our no before connection from a new Ecommerce FaaS to in the I’m facility client wireless XX. product peak for successfully Southampton. interest, our this of to FaaS the our week. to quickly point on and solution center infrastructure excited April deploy utilizing begin logistics shipping were pop-up the Operations

FaaS retailers hardware to staffing additional we’re store without implement is in-store fulfillment RetailConnect, cost-effectively adjust or software. space, those for stores which operations mall-based product requiring retail solve second store challenges designed launching The to and or allocate within or any is

first in of announced As shipping deploy establishing called centers. Property of with officially the their January, by in centralized retail RetailConnect locations have to wave Group we partnered Simon depots certain

holiday, past validated efforts ready this through During completing with processes been the business we production a the and pilot solution one are RetailConnect are encouraging we pilot our clients. and Results and X development program completed full of our current Phase this program solution key from for technology testing have of production.

mall engaged early targeting PFS with program partners pilot of our depot And Worth extend production first RetailConnects and the have in to LiveArea. clients both deploy Simon We Simon that in to to in take our market, we Dallas/Fort current as to Simon QX, a Metroplex. and we RetailConnect expect depot

plan we and RetailConnect shipped-from-mall ahead, retailers locations. a to solution these cost-effective Simon deploy offering in various Looking small XX mall brands into XXXX, in six locations to premium to

is from pick product plan finally, include of up to Properties, to called delivery from delivery RetailConnect FaaS within additional the in the category RetailConnect scale services. latest a menu we we And courier launch delivery CloudPick. local As and mall, pick store, curbside our include Simon up

software or that with warehouse in February, by along provided solution distribution The our environment. picking is center, systems. automation create CloudPick a assembled and in configured designed to for controllers global proprietary and and announced leader fulfillment brands efficient components their existing direct-to-consumer includes management PFS As carts logistics by within order IoT and CloudPick DC, Pcdata, retailers software, pick us cloud hardware feature operations

Wi-Fi productivity for metric drive multiple Every inventory most how It far and distribution operational a Further picking environment does us, times perspective warehouse CloudPick to a DC shortens the items and over process systems technology into seamless their through carts DC. efficiencies for So value for save will carts product integrates standard the picked our at retailers? both networks, makes of efficiency. quickly to – CloudPick the integrations, help simplifies is being solve strong with existing very most picked their implementation technology And clients. management vital warehouse can efficiently. by In more to messaging And cloud a a with short, the importantly, hundreds thousands warehouse and cloud. making CloudPick’s current updates of day want and training our interface. of outweigh Picking for problems operate improves the DCs. and staffing, for paid from systems software CloudPick add proposition with for manage saved course they we a future cost seconds for which retailers over scale, a few across money employees up – a

asset-light all at significantly solution, be our operations unit altogether, model FaaS lease with expected fulfillment us margin in this accretive opportunity to category market. pop-up in RetailConnect expand hourly our they an or CloudPick our provide the segment and revenue Looking and addressable to require use the not are of PFS our our generate does products additional facilities that should labor. to in area They an

category growth an with opportunity segment, to targets FaaS, even continue us clients and and accelerate unique within with recurring the consistent We our revenue stickier margins with creating presents next-gen for similar expect beyond a products expand relationship to while typical as sales introducing solutions streams. the PFS our

moving Now to LiveArea. on

market, has new we perspective win in consist which sales specialty client earlier, projects did retailers. challenging to scaled has successful and We would a to us. liked a this been tended to many that’s up mentioned But on we challenge faced brands and XXXX. as contributing a year recognize that of not our with from have come we’ve limitation addressable As as

their We’ve platform been prepared sweet their and also bound with which to as traditionally platform for by particular to enterprises While overall the that engagements can success scale the relative in on a deployment we’ve begins an e-commerce they providers favor, these enterprise billions respect replatforming most of fewer our spend of of to managed be naturally partners spot, considerably strategy. continue opportunities companies and investments, all for year-to-year. with, the out are vary of project making are technology enterprise larger platform. not there go worked If services enterprise

services these our our accelerate the market, the SMBs. began small companies all Magento for focus leading well as platforms BigCommerce, their of segment. BigCommerce. pipeline service sites as to Last a typically we lower-end the on this clients. demand middle offering. at expand SMB year, we’ve we this complement and partnering and Given to e-commerce to announcement by of factors, the platforms or Shopify Shopify added with We our In SaaS prospective began SMB operate joint to as January year, NRF, already practice Magento, we’ve These of growing practice businesses increasing see regarding one our with and partnership made commerce on for medium-sized such organically developed a at all SMB

this support both support sterling service for an solution which services By as at efforts SMB solution. sales tailored I enterprise quarter, in I with now for and would engagement, the the brands, multi-tenant large platforms, to program. PFS marketing initiative we’ve Management project include for an believe lucrative emerging IBM’s engagements. been We be now and BigCommerce first this have end-to-end on agreement a to to last believe experience to this new the additional offering clients last client LiveArea we our combining LiveArea with deal a to several our open forward physical the do segment. by opportunity be the updates experience our ongoing lightly updates for continue team. opportunities followed time, natural a the have year we for with further believe smaller various to another we light look bring and working as PFS clients, client, launch Order OMS, a Sterling also and a their which market been of seamlessly market we new capabilities new capabilities pipeline. price forward initial within services and this a and and deploy include productized current offering, large support on point of one into customized Since new market. our progresses. of our initiative for SMB should lower e-commerce our transition PFS this new service on Last the category sterling. our market and for as class for first year announced serve or and we adjacent our operations opportunity managed deployment these SMB with System, LiveArea I I sales Consisting Commerce our focus this our to also our progresses. cross-selling clients this our end for us for been solution technology a expanding provides which our project have platforms and of to that I offering, commented happens digital sales a experience project I a branded of is support SMB we’ve on open providing incubator At SMB same call natural the scale enterprise extension look to first to our joint CPG further closed LiveArea pointing and providing also end-to-end to to for would services call, to have exciting a leading services working extend managed

company. certain standstill of Rob appointment In seen Management Capital of of one XX% we maximize aggregate, we with experience aligned the stock of interests today, our Frankfurt finance have to look and as representation seek and you Board to owners well connection wealth very believe our of all the in background a Engine with by of leveraging held agreement value Robert are as brings than of more many we growth. stakeholder Board, our Directors, announced Board, this we forward as so to we earlier direct larger Now with done the now of a for the next his enter which to our have shareholder its we shareholders, affiliates. chapter was on

As I grown evolved both of look years initiatives. back and over capabilities inorganic organic footprint enhanced had the at had how I privilege platform have since the last six our company and our through we and PFSweb, have significantly leading

we than and build client EBITDA e-commerce doubled our to our plan we concentration. adjusted that profitability. as the on have revenue global timeframe, We to And capabilities reducing to future, grow during significantly while more now look

enterprise to as addressable our We will expansion. to scale through well market that geographic the extend as capabilities expand large products continue through and SMB our offerings market, measured

We footprint. continue technology significant to bring the our and facility continue world-class grow to retail services, our our utilize Ultimately, we will pressure we without to enable innovative operations. margin and that enable of new clients physical integrate in will seamlessly journeys customer differentiating to that initiatives use experience. technologies And designed as proprietary marketplace to our in increase a to products the so products, clients can workforce deliver while digital brands are or product all premier same our from with the market, us our also common own and products store

grow high-touch expectations focus Charlotte the prequalify the target affirms with bottom significantly plan we disappointed strong on efforts I to recently to certainly plan sales strategic determined believe stay our products with bring our to adjust Russe as work Russe in opportunities renewed market our high-value enterprise larger revenues, termination continue we our focused new I’m to of to and to for pipeline and Charlotte the the diversify the PFS our line and also iconic products customer engagement, are our Now a quickly on commitment unexpected while terminations brands we experience. and to service exciting market. expand

the our types With the engagements now from premium SFE retailers large of of client our brands is manufacturers. long-term of these two and vast the departures with years, discount by portfolio over revenue majority past generated PFS

we’ll Ebony, make we are available next by with the have to Tom our months. questions and to to our meet As call engage and ourselves hope communicate now investors as the exciting And up all with answer of open and to several over always, we you always, phone. Q&A. opportunities I for happy will story,


Argento And take Thank our Mark will question Street Please Markets. Instructions] Capital you, sir. Lake ahead. from first go with [Operator we

Mark Argento

afternoon, good guys. Yes,

couple know… I a Just quick ones..

Mike Willoughby

Mark. Hello,

Mark Argento

to that you like little there path about has Maybe talk potential in traction. nice to just of that assignment out Can growth a that about know new the or other with REITs the landlords? sounds business locations? scaling business? little bit I multiple exclusive RetailConnect mall Hi. bit other an or that some could Is talk a it you roll

Mike Willoughby

Thank sure. Yes, you.

in-store, the to from a level service is value XXXX way then of and where one to and one and which pick-up capabilities to we’re rollout, ship a to true were retailers have by But I to evaluated mall-based offer at end thesis the our option, it that locations is part in behind mall largely with be have And across these more mall, there from audience operators that this to start to such a exclusivity. savings. year. limited we year, we that XX what and working as yet. a in have be engage out six shipping no It’s pick-up we they why future freight the point to rollout this our of great with metro in in the so and and front scale at ability program. that about intentions the two of the would well. that locations other the year, if to So, contractual number where the dedicate to to areas U.S. with clients curbside exclusively these like safe spread of engaged have haven’t looking delivery, up think ship measured omni-channel vast our about will are to really would exclusivity ability for make delivery, really we’re we of point. the very scale as from our a focus in There’s is to without opportunity of there’s feeling we more answer grow to do the having partners offer expectation the hope store we then rollout the addition we’re have in the target there really the the of the a wanting to to wouldn’t in prop us that it. of difference this major location, expect The Clearly, And many other locations, the retail compared some U.S. centralized feel space reason courier to majority ability like question is retailers freight to that’s and is the I Simon nothing stores this partner. their best they’re We think

Mark Argento

one then me. one And Great. last for

like, sales So in sales market. address incremental perspective, the have there disappointment, team, if you a mean, the was maybe the of From guys it the are of mentioned hires made to changes to specific you around that and XXXX business, terms the a the kind of little some had you what things timing and addressable you expanded some but that? looks made some done guys issues I LiveArea

Mike Willoughby


we’ll we’ve the on So they’ll because earlier. I of you this spoke things But next lot our a tell opportunity results. about been that of OMS be can QX I think to related effort probably have advantage taking to call, that the I around say directly more has done to

first subsequently the client we As nice last then some fall I our have mentioned, in pipeline. landed opportunities and

of and cases, we’re extend nicely e-commerce an many adjacent these so projects where the be then, of addition platform. we investments kind an e-commerce OMS And to to longer-term that to They engagement we in to larger where to platform – do, able projects. area in justified. include OMS like are like these and sales and they’re that’s marketing We really feel course, tend

we’re one we’re making. that That’s investment of So about that. happy definitely area incremental

ability completed our that also the portfolio. the feel late make client partner year really program our of to and current of program has We last client – most client like build-out help the us

management I early opportunity of upsell we talk as some clients, just XXXX. remainder next partners then on I’ll to are and rolling think, We’re to to wait of roll and cross-sell we there. what responsibility specifically with expect client But be call the the into the till client the we of about beyond the impact and beginning that, engage also, changes sort and those new accounts into for as maximize the

Mark Argento

Great. Thanks, guys.

Mike Willoughby

Thanks, Mark.

Thomas Madden

you, Thank Mark.


Sutton Our from next Craig-Hallum. George with question come Please will ahead. go

Adam Kelsey

Definitely spots Adam for And contribution to next sounds is you was that my season? could it you on in just potentially play out like then for QX? during what holiday questions. Thanks the there’s Good FaaS bright some George. expect evening. taking how quantify hoping in This that segment. was I

Mike Willoughby

didn’t have pop-up. than -- that pop-up only in realistically, products, And we volumes would would the FaaS quantify the holiday other just Sure. Well, we product our operational so had been that the the order we last holiday. through put FaaS the have of production

generated be us that processto it for we to otherwise did XX,XXX have that of opportunities distribute in pilot nice and start to process during been in bit because pipeline the to peak that these for to has on project the just save not potential weeks, to had little processed we as it way been more we production. in that we and coming cross Toronto was that incremental to did orders, calls talk costs our our as in product about the that I difficult would would to out more launch U.S. a quantify center revenue balance to have CloudPick, a the actually Otherwise, is to us fast XXXX to year when over full these roll been would new freight allow with bring might But client low, So think us, stream money been facility activity already our out, particularly to us but help that XX,XXX have it look a capacity so a centers. lines help have that some forward start have think workload. and over for fairly us which try products revenues to market, worthwhile while for it things their form, realistically, will our would I that specifics, in U.S.-based

Adam Kelsey


Thomas Madden

deployed Tom. Mike in we tools over actually have is this and to he commented our alluding six last on during was these that. FaaS business script, that To his earlier of add And three Many months. the also to to,

the deployed business of technologies the us. CloudPick for some were So in

the So well. our distribution process. on some put of we through up to completely ability facility were able to being our benefit quickly to Again, technology of fulfillment our center capabilities dependent was pop-up getting UK so utilize that as

go our purposes, utilized internal to clients well being So these tools being these to clients for that we’re with own as and our as potential developing able components. are both

Mike Willoughby

we kind their X,XXX were fulfillment. of the own And result for a our it’s facilities our definitely we’ve picks efficiencies direct-to-consumer Tom. statistic a ship in earlier to those look good centers as Yes, and of deployed technology mentioned productivity is clients a a in I own share with point, fulfillment that across as picker them enable of this for

Adam Kelsey

Great. Thank you.

Mike Willoughby

Thanks, Adam.

Adam Kelsey

one partnership. then the focusing on BigCommerce question, And more

mind, compare looks is could like working with the with and them other If partners operation timeline you you of you like? don’t to what have kind

Mike Willoughby

partnership. scalability. extensibility. a time they’ve the lately, benefits and We one SaaS things the the of platform. offers with that about that of excited we very we’re its gotten same press And Well, multi-tenant is really think lot like I that really SMB think It it’s a good at of good

to that processing way a the SMB where have the of The with is platform fairly fairly of down. think is got robust, great the but I are typical limitations you you lot payment that you’ve some features in. on extend, ability platform built integrate but locked platforms, around your

launch you got get nice quick in And that clear-cut and quick Shopify up in and possible launch up think, to you the that so, program and – and We to get a start a especially versus order running really presents a few with retailer along how want to months as site to they like you’ve Magento, and where with capability. site. We to taking a for capability volumes. quickly it options support the product as our site to months a allows with weeks launch SMB pretty regard running the deployed offering,

with They’re Austin. happy of in neighborhood the – we convenient of about I the with that say final relationship I sort really develop them in with is, place – potential and that think optimistic it’s down BigCommerce folks are relationship have So us would and and been the a in the thing we long-term for the relationship. to quickly we’re

Adam Kelsey

you. Great. Thank

Mike Willoughby

Adam. Thanks,


MacDonald next from Please our [Operator Company. Ryan ahead. Instructions] question Needham with & We’ll take go

Ryan MacDonald

evening, Mike good Yes, and Tom.

see this Russe. I talk But potential perspective a the quickly, forward? margin obviously case customer addition or wants? of Does profile of this can the at help the a the going about to there. subtraction? for guess, Unfortunate, that liquidation business on by Charlotte profitability of margins what sort sort is Just perhaps you And all perspective

Mike Willoughby

speak client years talked really have past couple iconic brands, a focus I high-value, will a portfolio and desire I’ll premium into the doesn’t our our fast we’ve that category. financial high-touch profile. to on premium fashion for about as brands, of expectation client really the over to that experience, product Tom, fall say that high-margin necessarily experience, and an brands

sales to adjusting appropriately replace would we Nevertheless, that target not So in when for not the XXXX have up nature contract sure for we successful certainly a that’s market. other And what and wanted. of changing that a timing puts to while of we that we’re we client certainly, this to renewal, revenue either want make client is our would through it’s exit, moment quite impact in not time have because the us have profile? target make chosen hard situation, seen this we where our the to sure have work might is for or too Tom, much management an cost the a likely to one this have client speak came market. doesn’t of And you or representative turnouts financial of the that on it way marketing to line. and bottom the do

Thomas Madden

give on profitability our I’ll engagement fulfillment Sure. client was gross bulk applicable to for but provide you basis, Charlotte margin client component center we Russe are client little of specific a the call don’t The that a We flavor. activity and activity. by performing

So operations the in was it’s on meeting profitability levels. not initially was the that XXXX, targeted came side of on and It all client business. PFS a our Board

towards have order type get picture. relationship Over months, the call operations And of margin our business lower-end the of a our done fulfillment-only as in team any the But things kind has segment, the probably of about margin range. segment. of business the range just job for to XX modifying to us them in normally with last, to clients of profitability of the the the six to gross the center-only overall is is nice XX% profile – tending PFS range especially or improved range opposed lower-end a of are upper-end gross that into XX% XX%

this that, standpoint. it space, is of So, again, within expense the the client But there an we standpoint. loss end out consequences up in margin other look a is have this some business, fixed from square there some we footage having to component cost clients that to while into impact short-term of space where a we’ll that, from negative to some allocated to the committed we team gross actively as level fill was working identify do have

Ryan MacDonald

all, seen, or the in press at e-commerce. the release wondering, at about on LiveArea talk pipeline inclusion helpful. this Gotcha. I’m next call. year-over-year on year? benefits But for was then you any if you you of the little into what the lead business, LiveArea being mentioned make the XXXX included to report on you’ve as some and And research Thanks out bit curious, to in saw clarification. end I from there independent done think the head that switching the before really going generation quarter mentioned just a the I you’re you’ve year to improvements That’s I that about for all, BXC if report what

Mike Willoughby

order is same referenceability. that good to the benefit everything very RF that in Shoptalk the the well in Forrester necessarily competitors a just for in which there a right the has Report, only recognition year. that enjoy conference between really a of marketing being And had think high referenceability got in been in overall Well, and the market. Yes. was We’ve place in is sure our not LiveArea efforts and don’t I to sales experience make certainly enjoy, our good lot us. early included brand we from brand the that, We and known a high-level set of scale.

I partners reliant this and leads One was XXXX more that go of of broadened last the cycle by being can on that had us, talked realize about is this we even funnel, to only but refer market sales the that headwinds to narrow. And initiative. top the our control started revenue we thing importantly, being not we too target the do taking in think challenges of the year SMB is, just less best we just I to is

business, things opportunity going pipeline. is to to deals fact projects, this could part in be really PFS lead but the a excited valuable, of. And that and I an successful a to emerging that story success one Causemetics a great smaller engagements. our think more a there’s of the take about that incubator really it’s lot they’re see and us brands become going us, like see where for Thrive very lot be you for we’re be They’re for a the the brand sales off of to become to

in brand move market a competitors to as the through lot the in segment. general up have how and we we our that SMB in really contributing is against good specifically the to how where more do say program hope the I I stack direct that’s But about feel about and year. So

Ryan MacDonald

question last me. Got it. one then And just for

on sales building sales the dedicated toolkit offerings, either place new put the be SaaS or out much the something great do expands to for of and product progress force PFS there. making the of just on work needs a the to offerings the On into – existing that of But in be the is you’re side? needs this progress to force continuing how done or terms see sort this, that kind of

Mike Willoughby

conservative opportunities want as But to start point, we have roll place with we at with with in be and that to Well, sales leveraging sales we the Obviously, I is marketing think in with and this out. put partnerships Simon, we respond to we appropriately. place build, thing dollars the have appropriate behind do. see like Pcdata, those the feel that opportunities we will team the

into I product that things that we’re facilities. alluded doing appreciate is using earlier to the of within One we’re leveraging clients that on really capabilities our R&D that things building They’re not the one-off. internally, the putting dollars where are you’re Tom are of hosted developments products these really the most fact that these supporting

And associated them lot so, bringing market. with a overhead to there’s not of

I to in the get appropriately these we And a leverage will, measured in then as so, we market that marketing be and But expense see lot they’re resources how wins we see apply first way. think, market accepted of appropriate. our to really and our as bring wait

Ryan MacDonald

Got Thank very it. much. you

Mike Willoughby

Ryan. question. Thanks, the Thanks for


time, Willoughby closing And back would to over now at to this question-and-answer I like our call turn conclude session. does Mr. this for the remarks.

Mike Willoughby

by which look this phone, as and then, thank we when our I’d report quarter like Thank can said, first you, today’s attended we available, to conclude We be conferences the speaking are May. that that is we’ll Ebony. And call to today. in our when results in corner. May, the and forward Okay. Until around everyone face-to-face taking does conference. place of with we analysts just investors the some

your participation. thank So you for


today’s Once that again, does teleconference. conclude gentlemen, and ladies

thank may you time, You lines your now disconnect your at for this and all participation.