Cellectar Biosciences (CLRB)

Anne Marie Fields Senior Vice President, Investor Relations-LHA
Jim Caruso Chief Executive Officer
John Hamill Interim Chief Financial Officer
John Friend Chief Medical Officer
Jarrod Longcor Chief Business Officer
Wangzhi Li Ladenburg
Sean Lee H.C. Wainwright
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Welcome to the Cellectar Biosciences 2017 Financial Results and Business Update Conference Call. At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode.

Following management’s prepared remarks, we’ll hold a Q&A session. [Operator Instructions] As a reminder, this conference is being recorded March 22, 2018. I would now like to turn the conference over to Anne Marie Fields. Ma’am. ahead, go Please

Anne Marie Fields

morning. LHA Anne all Investor call. in Good Vice for Fields, President today’s at Relations. This you. Marie is Senior participating Thank Thank you

on Officer; for Biosciences John Dr. disclosing yesterday, release Chief After December Medical Longcor, Caruso, Joining the Financial Jarrod Friend, are and fiscal Annual and Business Report the from interim Chief Cellectar Chief its ended me Executive Chief news John Officer; filed close Hamill, Officer; SEC the Jim results a Officer. U.S. Form Cellectar financial XX, with issued the markets year financial XX-K its XXXX. of

Jim statements. XX, forward-looking required law contain the is of this of conference broadcast, only the sensitive as information the in update no said, differ SEC we cause that that I Before contents or regarding time accurate and encourage future XX-K, call like live Form or the indicates factors date XXXX. as conference Furthermore, Jim? will date and that the you to contain the Cellectar obligation I results you forward-looking reflect of results Except conference March to review the actual including comments or operations from Cellectar. call call. involve that remind With uncertainties of call will to made without limitation any begin, by statements event identifies management company’s and this of filings I’d over to statement Caruso. to X-K, by revise materially circumstances specific during may the that those this which to described XX-Q Company’s after risks the event turn

Jim Caruso

throughout significant us. XXXX to Drug a made accomplishments and for with joining morning, across Conjugate Phospholipid important own a progress company in oncology of origins partnership transition or both purely in Anne thank The on number our diagnostics in XXXX. you, us of Cellectar Marie. Good achieve balance well company platform others. to therapeutic XXXX creating and of our and its we’ve from everyone, a leveraging throughout imaging our the milestones PDC position number Thank to you indications, made value

types datasets infrastructure are Phase strategy tandem, further we a scalable markets two study for programs. them. of research platform have are third We We end, breadth conduct malignancies. pediatric of PDC the niche expanded molecules X we and the and commercial the studies can required can resources we rapidly, demonstrate Phase oncology building that B-cell delivery we where the relapsed/refractory parties rare proof-of-concept indications, oncology These on activities in we on our development wholly multiple multi-faceted the are compete with large large X partner that where focused a and smaller investigational filed We in own. in new on market implementing, drug can have enrollment trial variety initiated a with an our to to cohort application in In approval for orphan of myeloma. advancing Toward cancers programs and our Phase fifth we hematologic utilize. where pursuing advanced initiated clinical in can X numbers and our patient promote pediatric conduct PDC studies owned study that markets

in the areas of to clinical as detail in across and off gotten platform important this Fabre. XXXX Acunova Avicenna PDC greater a our advance to Pierre continue through will strong ones start Oncology, research with we corporate also Therapeutics that we both have and number third-party with discuss We collaborations a call. such later progress has

a over XXXX call Hamill John to review the our for turn John? of financial me let Now results.

John Hamill

everyone. good and morning, Jim, Thanks,

achieving toward the we we pleased As our are meaningful progress making are noted, strategic with Jim objectives.

in management order financial very to for continue promising our to in disciplined resources development conserve We our programs. investment apply

November made the for XXXX we our period I let on touch me the we presentation XXXX, stock based change on a prior Before, underwritten A A and offering the equity. XX-K, Series XXXX, correctly statement C stock financial the between warrants allocated Series preferred of our proceeds a the and recorded to review results operations. preferred as XXXX fair In of Series value

Series associated beneficial However, the was conversion embedded properly not stock feature the with A considered. preferred

our dividend XXXX As approximately a reflect a presentation the to in we were of million financial deemed result, required $X.X results. of

financial shares. these the attributable net to per $X.XX. of the per to XXXX, in computing period condition in effect equity quarterly the prior were period. and subsequent or the any These had considering within shareholders was company. cash, XXXX. of approximately increase financial also shares to effect on period flow during common operations used or loss no stockholders the After It on material flow, net adjustments statements quantitative cash, XXXX as cash well The million of number XXXX diluted basic annual shareholders’ financial common no as two share Additionally, loss, effect changes is had in and net equity loss or by for X.X by share overstated the not and qualitative to cash effects statements XXXX net assess the

compensation expenses as increase X operating XXXX. include $XX.X R&D was million, support non-cash The $X.X of XXXX, million approximately for XXXX one-time ongoing million million malignancies, approximately higher million expenses a with results primarily common to myeloma as outstanding. attributable expense $X.XX deemed Company’s $XX $X.XX share compares include our XX.X attributable as $X.X $XX.X in share leasehold $X.XX down $X.X Cash, Wisconsin, approximately equivalents trial expanded well approximately development million on outstanding. The relatively based as remained million XXXX. depreciation shares expense X.X a in XXXX The were per million, operation equipment. with hematologic both approximately for approximately loss December ongoing million, the costs. for trial Now, is cash or This non-cash, well XXXX. based let’s to per for approximately X General December share clinical XX, $X.X Phase of per approximately XXXX. shares XXXX approximately years. $X.X facility common compared Research with for of in to as for Also for XXXX due manufacturing $X.X per approximately loss XXXX, in on of approximately with of expenses $X.X net at and million XX, development Madison, in non-cash preclinical in stockholders $X.X or stockholders turn for to and consistent $X.X associated net Investment approximately discontinuing XXXX XXXX, compared from $X.XX administrative for dividend million small-scale the million, and improvements in the stock-based were Company’s relapsed/refractory share multiple and million XXXX for XXXX. in including million as were results and Phase

proceeds XXXX. B core a fourth raised we approximately Friend preferred that fund a for in warrants. regarding programs. will cash net programs our clinical well and budgeted licensing potential registered Series we’ll of current of invest of stock, With to the overview, and opportunities. quarter in as equivalents to discussion call clinical believe million continue financial me During XXXX, first a that quarter remain sufficient private we Throughout of let cash operations placement the of our as are and in offering D of direct to brands, into $X.X stock Series John turn common the We XXXX, partnerships opportunistic over

John Friend

John. you, Thank

myeloma. begin treat me X our relapse clinical refractory or Let of CLR XXX with multiple review to the Phase trial with

of completed first millicurie have cohorts enrolled refractory multiple four we and and infusion tolerability per Each study, announced, meter As of independent Committee determine the to determined of was minute patients part to which single doses XX.X myeloma from dose XX in CLR levels pretreated XXX Monitoring squared. a was XX evaluated be the meter patients. by tolerable. per squared highly up safety this to XX.XX and were receiving all Data across cohort an dosing safe relapse, four millicurie

months, cancer millicurie in the off-target all safety any cells, The dose main dosed function Cohort moiety other at to XX XX remain pooled range XX commonly five objective selectively that encouraged a as including cohort overall XX.XX apart. XX an of quarter. patients the the end protocol doses radio to minimizing median second per reductions toxicities the well not survival determine for by into complete to while our meter M efficacy part across observed Protein this five. chemotherapy chain, the or time should split dose of begin reached the and phospholipid approximately toxicities of to millicurie meter overall this, have effects enrolling to and cohort, with we of We’ve observed minute free patients, profile delivers In signals X at ether which in is therapeutics. we study abnormalities, the as we week second survival Based date. light one the given and the is modified fact not two Phase optimal squared infusions XX.XXX we squared XXX. seen actively and Looking in date on neurological Iodine-XXX per liver highly CLR all this the GI that

regimen dose. about this tumor improved demonstrated reduction, for extremely have preclinical with a on survival potential multi-dose models We’re overall single based that the compared extensive and encouraged animal

this at to-date as dosing every we’ve literature observed benefits looked significant have available We with these animal study, supports the regimen well. and

clinical Xa to pool performance Phase for to-date. We of have converted data of total data results the recently the presentation the

X, more of As be reflective likely Phase data studies. X the larger pooled to is clinical

to We this have with lead to the year. provided lead preliminary working on cohorts. course We first the are from progress program. the look update dataset Currently, cohorts additional dose from four data for pooled manuscript the over and sometime forward plan you the the updating first the this single of four on investigators recently share

large lymphoplasmacytic of following additional single survival, of X with leading efficacy mantle studies markers now millicurie variety and chronic small to conducted overall is and marginal multiple lymphoma, DLBCL. malignancies. myeloma, endpoint meter a hematologic being primary XXX. Phase trial at of ten lymphoma, studied lymphoma, diffuse of clinical hematological per a to response survival cancer lymphocytic or The other dose The approximately CLR cancer XX.X include lymphocytic lymphoma, endpoints centers is X a with median lymphoma Turning The squared B-cell patients zone free B-cell is relapse being in cancers. our B-cell study treat U.S. CLR clinical XXX refractory benefit leukemia, cell progression with or Phase

millicurie later. second With days the option per for approximately XX to dose meter XX.X XXX squared a

myeloma multiple myeloma In the and In XX increasing all of as Lugano the addition Efficacy of up are myeloma clinically receive pre-specified for patient that for the criteria demonstrated patients determined treatment in to meaningful weeks. will the to patients. XXX, weekly benefit. group latest myeloma relapsed/refractory study, we cohort cohort criteria international lymphoma this for that multiple CLR responses the oral patients by dexamethasone a announced multiple working XX December, be multiple will all the from targeted for enrollment data exceeded criteria milligrams we

result, to expanded a as cohort XX As will patients. the many be as

for with as potential options final heavily and data cohort expanded which enroll very We orphan is XX the cohort, and hematologic represents to an the these benefit and these a by If the strategy rare expect are DLBCL results the well this cancer of cohorts, be could excited patients up announced XX treatment of DLBCL CLR We the XXX B-cell perform other study. positive, initial recently patients XX an to indications. Similar DLBCL fits are and to analysis. to to patients. highlight about additional this pursue patients. with relapsed interim cohort our these few interim initiation we to pretreated fourth

from this Institute. the being study addition, million National is by grant supported In $X Cancer

our upcoming XXX initiating study X to studies, our CLR in looking pediatric to now Turning forward of Phase cancers. are we clinical

first malignant brain escalation evaluate children cancers, dose already CLR trial IND with sarcomas, the and study We will X neuroblastoma, to the the XX Phase The open single sequential in label, expect group, with relapsed/refractory be the the the to XXX FDA half tumors. of adolescents of initiate lymphomas up safety to have IV including an and administration clinical XXXX. trial submitted application of and and in tolerability

X Last Secondary the increased no to drug and of refractory This relapse designation and renown number Medicine drug world childhood approved targeted dose grants new week credits children experience benefits in for anti-tumor cancer most activity such objectives certain as are seven for are leaders multi-modality XXX delighted extensive to drug cancers and being neuroblastoma. related exclusivity, XXX designation Group which application treatment currently an years or field. assistance treatments by in of at cancer There disease. toxic, with determine Wisconsin. the XXX study includes with including of CLR pediatric of the specific of and tax pediatric and a FDA, group being as the research Clearly, of user limited for the engagements to radio with are for are XXX. there orphan such conducted CLR market have were from of used oncologists XXX. CLR a FDA success. study The uptake, waiver University identify Radiology common need recommended Phase therapies orphan This Iodine fee. pharmaceuticals a drugs, as Currently, MIBG highly there’s their Nuclear to new CLR are urgent of is clinicians preliminary considered is we for third receive the and

encouraging of to systemically compartments to These ability access cancer in the The our CLR demonstration our Nuclear brain Medicine ability uptake supporting underscored platform malignant administered to Phase tumors. this This Biology barrier of XXX, have is with than through brain the data in of X very X along particularly is the and of diagnostic analogous and study which payloads XXX, restricted blood–brain PDC’s uptake is this our compound Iodine-XXX selectively cross CLR achieve which with PDC, tumors. will may rather from CLR it the the the month, presentation the to strong XXX of treating XXX results potential the preclinical pediatric brain CLR molecule to for number Iodine-XXX. at oncologic highly brain with deliver for within and as Next labeled technology tumors. Company’s tumors study, a oral radio highlight body. demonstrating Federation World therapeutic PDC delivers approach studies relates to its Phase Iodine-XXX read achieve the human to an selective

types. receive provide product applications. in voucher a for listing rare for this for by review million this Clearly Compendium for the indication a cancers. receives approval Two approval is $XXX drug sponsors as awarded that pediatric other to a different of rare an a a may voucher can asset review A and two a vouchers we subsequent technology for voucher disease any advance in in an of XXXX. qualify Four sold valuable pediatric sponsor of review priority our a or Additionally, product. Cellectar priority for traded be tumor for application may redeemed such very NCCN for pediatric a potential $XXX to disease, and marketing be FDA Under a who the million. for number were pediatric biologic could priority program, rare

treatments study head grant, external prestigious moving with head of by institutes also We and University the to beam neck treatment cancer Excellence the of forward SPORE CLR with Research for improve or a national funded Phase radiation which patients. is XXX health collaboration Wisconsin. outcomes of and cancer, plans XXX% of neck are our Specialized refractory Programs X study of for for This in combination and with in conducted the also being is

by tumor radiation. reported xenograft-bearing cells pediatric CLR normal study tissue showed working with in-vivo and and data external the beam ten-fold The group mice higher October, me, tumor to the year. was cancer of an our external to radiation. radiation are to in to of an at that sensitize UW – with external We finalize at administration CLR to than preclinical international radiation alone scientific important design the for XX was and taken expect radiation adult meeting. Phase with The study up XXX XXX versus increased retained XXX in for meaningful the treated showing cells first that IND PDC that and this synergies effect external six-fold the at followed and meaningfully radiation. levels file investigators and X with the were FDA the levels excuse half the of persisted at The up In presented this data higher molecule external cells CLR the post study hours

in inhibit DNA typically cells Additionally, that treatment following the occurs to function repair treatment. radiation appears XXX CLR with tumor

have carcinomas with Here beam external cellular radiation again, squamous tumor expect shown beam reduction treatments to of external to of regardless XXX been single with head combination of resulting combo in cells a XXX cell uptake in in and has the neck HPV, we statistically papillomavirus significant tumor CLR human to growth treatment in read-through CLR stats. in experience high with radiation. levels

majority combination this external This have impact could living over relapse cavity Americans a normal believe in result and is radiation in can we from pharynx that has of where have with a cancer. morbidity XXX,XXX cancers. the oral and enhanced XX,XXX and severe to with and and the and on injury another that examined efficacy patients will cancer encouraged recall larynx reduce radiation structures reirradiation neck of are with Cellectar risk radiation. A We for important of the head treatment patients exposure. role studies high reirradiation beam associated Several meaningful head neck indication long-term tissue significantly prior cancer maintain

the comes However, show for results considerable high-grade death. that including it toxicities with risk

business a to turn initiatives of development Longcor Jarrod? our and over of Let our preclinical me now the activities. for call certain Jarrod discussion

Jarrod Longcor

everyone. good John morning Thanks, and

an earlier, that As of a Jim laid foundation has Cellectar. ahead year substantial XXXX exciting for said for was progress year the

Nowhere collaborations. the platform the the for and PDC partnerships in candidates. progress of product core with been strategic has this our strategy than our PDC more we’ve expanding leveraging and broadly number of Collaborations by are evident made to power efficiently

existing in And XXXX, initiation During new Oncology Pierre partnerships Fabre. of development our report the and delighted collaboration with research addition Avicenna were to two Therapeutics. to research we extend Acunova with

is Basel, leading, is Switzerland. a based that As in a antibody medicine developing precision Oncology drug company conjugates recap, Avicenna

molecules development been combines previously them the in collaboration drug tested We antibodies to cytotoxic ether or and novel molecules. delivery small phospholipid for conjugates new PDCs attached with of our are ADCs. cytotoxic anti-cancer with passive platform that These their antibody as have

ether and decision data promising forward leading our we very clinical ongoing review with oncology The extend collaborations in companies delivered Fabre, also phospholipid a the to and for compounds based anti-tumor partnerships extended or payloads as have from We mutual the one hopeful collaboration fall been attached their partners are the platform these ether we in combining chemical look have seen moving cancer from targeted based programs with not ADCs. antibodies. which early Both proprietary of PDCs will of passive that was targeting new new These France’s create upon therapeutic develop molecules of these significant agents. precisely stage advantage unconjugated to strategic can across encouraging to pharmaceutical delivery applications. Cellectar’s coming with Last compounds structures select potential the attempted and advancing tumor demonstrated create And types, Pierre plan, over PDCs our the our to according these via pipeline could Acunova’s on year phospholipid during a that not conjugated partnership a of forward diversity clear these on and to studies. collaboration with reporting of They the be improvement to a data payloads conjunction are novel payload PDC to solid to a show be be both we preclinical development the platform. our multiple index. product

payload. XXXX proprietary with as these series. or class with produce this to promising XXXX inhibitor We module solid is novel forward why various Burton’s of are is lineages, internal compound initiated In is of or XXXX pathway updates BTK series pipeline class expressed this novel And have providing cell which these chemotherapeutics. class is with significant cancers very the against targeted on inhibits CLR for been very we will unconjugated over-expressed. XXXX potential number payload. Cellectar’s CLR the Kinase BTK this associated where collaborations The effective that tolerated. payload. not BTK adverse new tumors partnership. look very of as targets of used a a events a of validated conjugate expand treatment CLR hematologic a this is CLR of in the class very be again These known and uses The two encouraged we of various programs being This cell mitosis hematologic all molecules. that progress not division research tandem the a are Tyrosine delivery payloads of by to a a to is the development programs, has effective and proprietary shown cell class collaboration while

very posters and platform preclinical of and of we’re Association PDC to American and upcoming We that the preclinical late-breaker were our Research. report our some Meeting of advance presentation XXX pleased to support as at our continue our work PDC accepted to related for work Cancer CLR platform the Annual for

approach first cell the cells the conjugates, supports The our and trafficking, elucidate it is work precision of titled broad important as and well the This the uptake of earlier the of provides a as targeting platform. specific and uptake for molecules cells, intracellular mechanism of very the drug data phospholipid into new targeted regarding into trafficking preclinical these of our PDC molecules. range the thesis replicates targeting and as specificity shows tumor for further novel molecule poster – a We’ll sorry, therapy.

call you for treatment data any encourage over by relapsed post these to of that look With of B-cell or a myeloma meeting month multi-dose turn It as XXX in presenting underway X clinical stop as supports let fractionated our CLR forward The multiple injections particularly treatment Phase study is myeloma nude X efficacy mouse model refractory as to of at to our in implementing exciting presentations. attending suggest AACR a Jim. of second more back our are Phase this in overview, strategy of and of study the I model clinical X injections the the efficacy next we XXX fractionated multi-dose optimized poster the Jim? preclinical, data malignancies. OPM Cohort to entitled multiple select CLR ongoing CLR me a share for and an SCID XXX scheme. of

Jim Caruso

and those updates, for you Thank John Jarrod.

forward and a of number complete our important a further the our multi-dose XXXX, Moving advance oncology PDC we in to our To expect platform of to fifth we summarize, continue achieve indications. will that and variety multiple Phase of second by To and the cohort of XXX data to of clinical from end Phase X performance the X study the myeloma have quarter first refractory, relapsed, XXXX. XXX updates to plan CLR to execute CLR report expect of milestones of enabling commence studies. treat cancer. preliminary adolescents important and for Phase CLR our of as in in combination half cohort platform the trial a independently cancers the beam large payloads malignancies. variety neck Phase head niche in lymphoma research possessing conjugates orphan the other study To in of B-cell to PDC children and with in radiation multiple of XXX external our advance rare market, IND X X develop preclinical to To well study and and variety and initiate hematologic and a as collaborations, CLR of in of XXX with cytotoxic and both further deliver PDC in

team I to limited leading your treatment board options. our PDC to design value. data potentially for have substantial into our a directors, of behalf these and remain create to targeted shareholder safe realize and further to portfolio programs proprietary targeted our we and an Cellectar build partnership ahead, while management as opportunities. you thank grant technologies of as powerful being advance effective mission to pipeline On platform Cellectar lifesaving We a company support treatments cancer product we steadfast to to and our and exciting initiative develop about PDC continue bringing We of clinical important potential advance and collaborative oncology the year opportunistic with points, therapies patients our leverage to in

call sole a Now on received the we The a sales XXXX in sole myself. the income by sale we for the – of want question tax XXbX-X to restricted Jarrod shares. instituted I covering open number purpose from before for a shares of questions, for and Longcor executed investors your of sale under program modest the our were liability the address

today I our I Of ready course, stack Cellectar’s to have felt felt, here in never this promise take of overview, sit our questions. future in never enthusiasm as With fact, and in that reflects operator, no the company platform. PDC confident the the way have or for I we more are


[Operator the Instructions] from Wangzhi line with of And your first Li question comes Ladenburg.

Wangzhi Li

taking questions provided year. my with and the half in throughout thanks I morning, in second good going the and think preliminary the congratulations progresses a Cohort for finish you XXXX. first Maybe remaining of questions the potentially few for the data you’re Hey, a starting X, to mentioned quarter

second the in assume I quarter So too?

Jim Caruso

That is correct.

Wangzhi Li

tumor upcoming types, – mentioned the think that see preclinical are what that on fractionated also I what fractionated color – and and many the benefit to of we the Right Maybe tumor should types AACR, doses dose. tumor to going presentation Any going different you’re a versus the what in of terms from of how doses. have single AACR? of or provide any the the the data additional types many type you color

Jim Caruso

Wangzhi. Absolutely,

dose, the But response, perspective XX-minute another additional color. activity potentially with in and important I’ll very, And we it our where turn Jarrod as some XXX targeted I dose preclinical the activity we multi-type PDC AE based in you this fractionated literature, can to that over or we on the further think Before I to profile may for single it an really beyond believe the turn over own nice that area. XXX said observed observed his delivery sits. way platform. infusion. and our some say both from our to know very advance currently that, like significant research him work a with product team dose done of have in serve an and a effects as for sit it’s Jarrod we’ve also minimal what profile, we further off we’ve nature target validating And

Jarrod Longcor

Sure. And Wangzhi. thank you Thanks, Jim.

to at Just to cases, tested give malignancies. the we’ve that both what models different this to this will prepared say general, paradigm. significant both would the I’m as over all benefit as dosing any his vivo types. some all in and of and to statistically seen to benefit looking have in that tumor color John list animals tumor a XX a in solid I I And different see hematologic number as refer of survival we alluded to in in we compared But we tumor other – this, say, volume in reduction not going animal remarks. reduction

be But the will say will be other the I will there. to there model that data animal also putting we multiple that expect in be sharing support seeing to related We to data data. we myeloma we’re be what have. that will definitely in experience

Wangzhi Li

improvements you see would the think expect event tumor the profile and adverse it, mostly you improvement is efficacy Got in or the reduction. also to survival

Jarrod Longcor

know we would way the one I sure other. say, or don’t for

However, the Cohort potential literature dosing out from however, looking there sort played to be based and/or potential other is X paradigms Phase an cohorts different effect, that you X at the profile, in will would research see aspects, additional that in PK/PD you modeling of that study. some see on – event adverse a of prior what is in would improvement improve

Wangzhi Li

X like the pediatric for program, to second try Phase Okay, for that the potentially you got X, it. your looks I also multi-dose question can is at look And do it the design the for related – right.

included in I that. in also those study that assume So types tumor preclinical pediatric your in

multi-dose pediatric trial? pediatric what rational the upcoming also in try potentially to – So the is

Jim Caruso

preclinical have that not, data presented your So some we have on data point correct. are we you based we and that have the to

things sarcomas, lymphomas, that brain things at gliomas We’re and nature. tumors, of looking malignant of high-grade

trial the over We I’m we our early there. multi-dose not But turn of initiate are design. going – John for on, dose a be John? will Phase the pediatric to will study single with it to it and X treatment review

John Friend

That’s morning. good right. Wangzhi, exactly Hi,

study of Just safety and be well dose. days demonstrate it’s a off study the single safety efficacy now, it at tolerability, XX multi-dose X infusion so on XXX, to thereafter. of then as as single dose stands into design, XX-minute assess the right approximately CLR based Phase over later moving important as the will least potentially And infusion

pretty some Number but tumors. clear As initiating we’re in one, ongoing Wangzhi, safety with you excited multiple in studies we’ve XXX hematologic because obviously CLR solid can also tell both the study demonstrated now, for extremely reasons. this about

were as solid tumor. CLR the recall, in up with So INDs XXX you initial opened

agents XXX and tolerability. So both diapeutic demonstrating nice we but some imaging and solid of of some our agents have and tumors safety also exposure

presentation excited CLR the barrier We studies and potential oral platform Biology therapy Obviously the which whereby again sarcomas high-grade are have University this we the the of in analogous pre-clinical meeting xenograft upcoming done about standard off-label Wisconsin in that single World about Medicine MIBG, mice. MIBG models glioma. brain demonstrate an mouse XXX essentially of the as through with delivery exciting in spoken in at the blood Nuclear of also the survival our XXX to cross are carry able patients. extensive neuroblastoma reductions the as lastly burden, really the a these in and in we’ve of terms utilized well tumor overall is xenograft And PDC, CLR dose XXX

past some pheochromocytoma for also both the the diagnostic the for improvement there’s in MIBG. this and seeing significant responses the with XXXXs overall XX% we’re in range initially neuroblastoma success, terms obviously with of the for that is couple some neuroblastoma as used room So decades but off-label in to treatment patients, a been but has XX% over discovered of

study of So XXX this pediatric determine orphan – rare patients. we’re get the potential excited extremely off and kick to these CLR this value in

Jim Caruso

on to it’s space in highly spaces. pathway patients it once represents to study is this and on very fits medical unmet that are I with Wangzhi, scalable important for need of and in say also malignancies, design relative not rear an disease, And accelerated very, niche this small of think strategy and there to like overall to our market, they our high B-cell nicely a competition the market, competitive enroll is terms significant a population, terms focus patient

is a from could scalable this a very space. it’s that highly perspective area and we we it’s believe for both clinical we a So in clearly a feel an from as suited CLR sandbox and a commercial nicely perspective XXX if marketing where win

Wangzhi Li

it. Got

that’s So follow-up line comments MIBG-IXXX, John’s mentioned second that’s the just you in off-label the couldn’t treatment, neuroblastoma just for right?

John Friend

Yes, been not it Wangzhi. off-label is correct, That’s approved.

Wangzhi Li

it. Got

John Friend

the square, as know of associate this nothing matter delivery iodine-XXX dosing time. patients these refractory/relapsed nonselective platform of doses extremely we curie high one are whereas kids with dosing that XX the per And receiving this iodine-XXX. meter of with doses a essentially worth being square, these are iodine-XXX, millicurie are meter dosed MIBG As for fact, and at millicurie there’s up the you children total is XX to and neuroblastoma approved probably of

So nonselective with associated delivery all there these and are the obviously adverse some effects over issues and kids. MIBG with

some we response but some benefits low. as are And also encouraged it again does see encouraged. highly I that quite rates are efficacy, or mentioned the are – we So

from So well. we think of have room as perspective efficacy terms some we an winning in

Wangzhi Li

it. Got

that and doctor to your maybe follow-up if MIBG got a you show or over so is to XXX you if is So MIBG that refractory/relapsed more line CLR can take or FDA willing the should be IXXX better would – second equal you’ve then with the to going IXXX, approval, strategy other your targeted performance – be strategy? neuroblastoma,

Jim Caruso

It is.

at going we neuroblastoma. including the I would where looking pediatric be tumors think for that and least to now is be Phase relapsed/refractory X

that the I have So would patients would had assume most exposure. MIBG of neuroblastoma

be that but first tumors. even open, the I probably there’s moving with it rare would So forward, these pediatric strategy in unmet huge a first leaves line need our mean,

Wangzhi Li

it. Got

easier you I for that can seen you by indications leverage once you – in so are maybe to or doctor for on Okay, maybe, of get oncologists by neuroblastoma, they’re neuroblastoma, all osteosarcoma; these setting? – seen sarcoma expanding last is, children these by, question doctor, into kind doctors indications clinical other for same they’re if this all different seen seen can pediatric same or mean, the have the like and

Jim Caruso

All right.

talk U.S. all will across in terms patients academic these so of general are world, in in seen So the we centers large

In the across So malignant oncologists even cancer general say, in pediatric large I these potentially would the by sarcoma glioma, similar seen yes. at high-grade centers. these the and very the are kids these tumor, brain

John Friend

to of centers filter one at through to these And excellence majority of XX or that are Wangzhi, patients point, so XX point catchment your centers the it’s another.

scalable. So when trial when you cost share it’s very the you think drive about key use opinion because leadership, and limited, it’s a to space, and in very sustain And growth so the it’s limited adoption about think group.

there’s unmet I with top high well value. for patients a drive marketing really the to for medical move investment order in is limited we in importantly opportunity here opportunity perspective. as of pricing needle from an premium shareholder and line something this have need really an significant we of think serve the amount a And levels great most as communities do to

Wangzhi Li

CLR Maybe you already? preclinical the – BTK, one And on right. recall molecule noticed from achieve question. it. and and you got your molecule to what what tried had to market what’s BTKs the product available of program maybe do and you given hope Okay, last your XXXX, there what I differentiate maybe the differentiate position the the

Jim Caruso

job both we’ve So platform. research broad demonstrated Wangzhi, cases wide team of able our variety with PDC like specifically been utility and solid all that to-date. of target different a pretty leading a used with in We’ve hematological of really like we’re it’s we great the And his we Jarrod see have and to in variety of here. what tumors. obviously malignancies a delivery action the mechanisms We compounds done

detail. So turn over it for to I’ll some him

Jarrod Longcor

think, more going Jim maybe just I’d and with where I of bit Sure. say on a – some was that. And

the what’s cleavage, to or our think regard various out with novel whether One to attach that, information are novel small other we to gives not addition delivery ability we the XX% ability but small if it’s about versions all of chemistry, of attach about linkers program vehicle. the of and in potential And marketplace there beauties PDC ADC mechanism that BTK an payloads. us XX% use our versions of to molecules. with you to to molecules the of our other learn And linker various have the the of various molecules in releasing unlike to molecules the also have that programs, only

The sort ADC vehicles. other there would BTK be not showing and to delivery important is, via of because what thing targeted that with be the normally that’s we’re inhibitor or able

Wangzhi So that’s really you’ve profiles referred one that seen we’re that so it’s BTK inhibitors. to to one aspect billion are represent adverse overcome with $X molecule, a attempting aspect. a to us. as however, like various The market very aspect over is event of effective number company that The inhibitors for the BTK do with for space,

And expressed that with that general, as obviously other associated bleeding they malignancies in a of kinase is in means are over events the also Burton’s hemorrhaging tyrosine in as lineages Second such cells BTK however, as expressed and B-cell all is healthy compounds. significant also well. are general, malignancies those and hematologic cytopenia at B-cell Kinase mentioned Tyrosine amounts as

patient that target cells molecules other seen potential overcome do be would effects addition of are I target and those a a overall. molecules to the and tumor in increasing BTK to with what not these specifically as the whether so adverse And or able see events to say, be the be just efficacy benefit they’re we inhibition, those that significant the inhibitors to population, to aspect potentially key off those avoid want – permanent to

Wangzhi Li

it. Got

Thank helpful. very much, Okay, again year. you very the and congrats on then

Jim Caruso

your you Thank for Wangzhi. terrific, questions. right, All


go your from Lee Please with Wainwright. ahead H.C. Our question. Sean is next question with

Sean Lee

you question on and cost the H.C.W, Pierre R.K., Acunova a first Could guys, is, of terms more My stepping question questions. your in of of sharing for with first this what is on ownership from in color structure you you and for focus Hi – is my and provide partnerships partnership thank that Sean each what Fabre. my the molecules little and develop? the is new taking

Jim Caruso


our the our Before model end to group, of Sean, that associated his want believe I pass we – platform. opportunity I the to on collaboration really we with share Jarrod front the over or thoughts, this are secure to also with

us, quickly therapeutic and create modify proof-of-concept. for very effective have every card that also terms that We And for very and continue index our potentially working each in that’s been advance unfortunately that we toxic. turn to positive compounds program to highly turning very, capacity is and to are and of

where continues company, the message with preclinical generate a want So in we’re makes think micro-cap very the overtime. we the I further delivery through is it I Jarrod to as end validation that most we to vehicle. dilution important potential And with some interesting the have optimizing I and unique collaborations really revenue us reduce before believe data. front And on to this near-term of prevent to transition leave you shareholder our really

Jarrod Longcor

you. Thank

it. take me let So,

– Those goals… looking say wanted in I’m free capture you’re of going everything and Fabre you for goal the Pierre the Acunova heard, this to please if goal that and but, me feel collaborations. as to correct I the I’ve don’t the the question, understand So to

Sean Lee

yes. correct, That’s

Jarrod Longcor

compounds In treatment was the class that class molecules. was Fabre class today. interesting for novel collaboration, very Pierre Fabre compounds. potential of That efficacy Pierre of tremendous a developing showed and It

the with make own unable to a However, did They therapeutic. attempt experience the their infusible programs antibody as associated we’re and in-house molecules an continue drug molecule. the toxicities generalized of molecule of development through they significant did to conjugate

molecule to not enforce successful, the as well with an here efficacious However, the seen it, dose associated it. getting again as tolerability was with

collaboration deliver our in the So to that we goal could the was, first, show molecule.

efficacy efficacy that show tolerable dose that be show could that forward. Second, we show can potentially a that then to move utilized get meaningfully to upon and program

IP As to programs, our you with in select all all ownership of asked associated PDC new that molecules being created. cases related owns the the rights to the are regard or with the

And new matter intellectual all this, and property and subsequent composition so with obviously that. with associated associated of that’s

the Avicenna with Our exercise that has elect to so to choose. they associated their authorization select series option, right those follow-up Acunova, exercise If can partners not move an maybe individual programs that we with –molecule, if whether associated Pierre they get the that molecule they have to right Fabre option. or that any forward owns option and

compounds the On quest these tolerability, were at clinical slightly ample was studies. again and case reduce further both into tolerable, molecules into advanced efficacious much the to and preclinical one the Acunova and able some but Acunova The least the improve Their be different. and taken was thereby to actually goal somewhat in of the were further. targeting

to a different there better target. answer is question? bit that the And that little goal really so and the just Does improve

Sean Lee

guys XXXX? great. development any or that’s Yes, noticed a Aren’t quarter. region the there Japan that My Thank I’ve second plans in collaborations. additional in have for solved patterns solid few additional international partnership business a is deal you in on the question color. quite in you that a last for

Jim Caruso

say always opportunistic, are this, So, I’ll Sean, right. we

believe a have very So portfolio of very we assets. – we interesting a

further continue obviously further clinic further merchandise will vehicle. those and concept market data that programming perspective, advances to As the larger the from we us and a and preclinical create attracting partners the help through of assets and proof-of delivery in both these could we advance and clinical our hopes accelerate value our

share don’t from In anything you… we specific really other haven’t certainly them, show perspective that any or at to planning that collaboration a partnership, – terms of this comments put out in Jarrod, we we time, the any have domain, public

Jarrod Longcor

we are that any this. – discussions parties say only with expect territories would be all active. We partnerships various I in in you seek naturally and to actively with us globally the that would

Jim Caruso

things done intellectual really the with one NPV way, our another runway we understand of have understanding we this. of your function or Because value said portfolio is of assets I we’ve property truly that that a the do of an perspective. commercially work the the the appreciate from

to intellectual continuing very out fences further, that I to like work I’m forward So built appreciative you’ve for create portfolio. us that our collaborations, think identified look a can you hard picket just we’ve And to robust property assets.

Sean Lee

Great. for year. successful questions. Congratulations you again on And a taking thank my

Jim Caruso

and for for being questions. the much call on the Very thanks Sean, appreciated.


presentation your remarks. There or time. Caruso, are with this closing no Mr. at proceed further questions please any

Jim Caruso

making your you, appreciate our of to participation. appreciate Have a conference all look for our progress you on continued call. Thank look strategy, and we forward the Certainly our on in update XXXX provide to certainly progress, quarter today, timely forward and call first continued good day. to executing our updates business Cellectar business operator. also on We And interest reporting in the achievements. Thank you. of your


lines. today. We ask concludes that your your your and thank gentlemen, and for participation Ladies conference please that call you for disconnect you