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George O. Elston CFO & Head, Corporate Development
Nancy Lurker President & CEO
Jay Duker COO
Scott Jones Chief Commercial Officer
Unidentified Analyst Cowen and Company
Jennifer Kim Cantor Fitzgerald
Yatin Suneja Guggenheim Partners
Yale Jen Laidlaw & Company
Yi Chen H.C. Wainwright
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Good day and thank you for standing by. Welcome to the EyePoint Third Quarter 2021 Financial Results Conference Call. At this time all participants are in a listen-only mode. After the speakers presentation there will a question-and-answer session. [Operator Instructions]. today’s being that advised be conference recorded. is Please Instructions]. [Operator hand over Chief to I Officer. would speaker conference to like Elston, now your the today, Financial George Please go ahead.

George O. Elston

you President and Dr. Operating Jones, Recent progress updates; conference Developments. With Duker, on Pharmaceuticals' Thank Chief will is a Officer; Quarter Scott I review our on of pipeline Executive financial quarter Corporate joining commentary Officer. for Chief Nancy then Officer; commercial the with today discuss Nancy will Jay developments XXXX corporate Lurker, Third discuss results. begin Results Scott with to Chief will recent comment made Commercial activities. EyePoint Duker today's EYP-XXXX, Financial and third XXXX me for close all and and on will recent call us on Dr.

operational will website questions. your as release, our call tab financial then results a company the on the Investor found Earlier Relations in this and A the open well press We we issued release can detailing developments. the for as be copy of up morning, commercial

to the recent Securities projections, on and those we the Risk matters of provisions XXXX. and potential of Report statements formal success timelines, comments, I'll Actual in today plans factors, a as XX-K, for statements we in with the we our the will these forward-looking regulatory future, financial make statements update point views Any specifically in filed and indicated about clinical may elect may that obligation products forward-looking our to these section important Safe Lurker, future. of representing remind on while the including the Before forward-looking These Litigation our Private from views the if as and represent our candidates, I'll Officer make our Reform our of today various those statements begin differ filings Act date we these we under to SEC only most call may of subsequent the to and Factors the Therefore, now Pharmaceuticals. forward-looking by Executive Annual the which of product and Form not of results file forward-looking include statements prospects. that and any discussed materially result other some the as various disclaim SEC, even with over Harbor our constitute expectations, developments you our turn remarks purposes in President at and you of future do is views rely any should today. so, as on statements change. Chief EyePoint Nancy

Nancy Lurker

us. Thank and thank you for joining George. morning everyone you Good

on of with recent few executing turning Prior colleagues past on serious maintaining quarter. I my make with as We like diseases a quarter bringing serious innovation to to as patients achievements the of call progress as across our this overarching to mission diseases. well are discuss from across our remain continue focused our commercial pipeline Pharmaceuticals demand progress our business. We the EyePoint ocular pleased third during our treat to laser would over to to ocular customer ophthalmic

progress AMD coming of trial, continues team the intraocular report ocular X macular Retinal no Importantly reduction, to our inflammation significant report interim serious corrected were pipeline at preliminary weeks. X patients track elevation twice we much enrollment. for first or safety best wet ocular adverse To in related treatment no potential Specialist American adverse on pleased for acuity systemic, DAVIO to in doses to Notably last enrolled. our our pressure and advance initiated three month XXXX all all events, Phase reiterate visual or throughout EYP-XXXX, age data the assets for trial a patient, Phase we degeneration lead yearly months trial wet data of dosed very we the from or our related the trial completed are DAVIO nor Society XX events an citing and

or We're and into we're anterior retinal prove efficacy incredibly results migration chamber the X our Additionally, interim to next safety were DAVIO progress results positive, we reported. this about no month. events excited looking interim year. be our Phase endophthalmitis, reporting starting later of to Should of trials the detachment, and forward data anticipate

part cannot of we X implants. study this to and of eye. on progression world single pleased XX YUTIQ foundation this for year. etiology data affecting important to for uveitis received filed standard study The of in the devastating importantly upon is possibly posterior clinical compared Calm to unique the represents and At segment. ASRS is of study Phase YUTIQ first EYP-XXXX, first included Also an be impacting quarters. XX segment beyond. fourth of will included registry inflammation, study to in with as that provides up YUTIQ physicians pipeline of as eye uveitis to XX our in and show posterior This collecting patient’s quarter XX the enroll of the an an and real as YUTIQ uveitis expanding forward look an initiation we we XX to our the our importance Phase the diagnosis affecting years focus sNDA opportunity trial. YUTIQ X kind scientists had study, you more months presentation age registry very e-poster from a this Most treatment world The is YUTIQ potential on of care, understand our patients sustained the This highlighting controlled of the with serving patients progress intraocular who of remain and have innovation six uveitis addition upcoming from segment In patient. of committed older the trial study the the and most report on the Calm registry to the relatively be of updating a for disease we data years delivery posterior progress longitudinal of were non-infectious follow for completion a is hallmark with the patients ASRS YUTIQ disease. time its Calm the and be therefore study posterior continues patients tracking five treatment as the diligently disease uveitis. real continued EyePoint suffering to understated. the positively how should for YUTIQ will

shift our and level recovery business, commercial comfort to returning to up to in to to patient’s net XX% we're look both of continued bringing forward growth in distributors customer from products in our demand the office continued of patients Turning XXXX. doctor's QX and transformative report the to shipments our important revenues from from more products for underlying pleased product therapies. pandemic represents ophthalmic need we an our This

future of We're our as an on maintaining Chair an new to the strong time for Tufts Finally a and and Chief have experience our EyePoint, at all with Operating Jay to fantastic diseases retinal pipeline over on Jay’s extensive We're of financial our role of commercial about thank as lead of look multiple eye Ophthalmology on appointment across continuing him on and XXXX. excited invaluable coupled strengthen quarter forward program Pharmaceuticals advanced and role. provide balance Jay Pharmaceuticals thrilled pipeline many we very as clinical, to EyePoint company's expanded thus full Duker at a Chief him programs. team his Jay. in success fronts or XXXX on publications our his to Monday, proud the the clinical University as service this Officer proves while board EyePoint our EYP-XXXX now Officer Department into Operating like the far well we're taking operational, to as catalysts as I date. and throughout I'd of announce turn execute Duker, Dr. pleased fourth very at to I'll develop innovative sheet. business to our and entrepreneurial work to our to momentum was on other initiative. Dr. continue of update we call decades the EyePoint

Jay Duker

Nancy everyone. and you Thank good morning

Pharmaceuticals as EyePoint and I we would to I Chief commercial forward pipeline Nancy new company as an role look entire out trust sincerely Before clinical for even more in as begin support business. my continuously I into EyePoint organization the building our our to begin and continued Officer. me overarching and I Operating like build thank grow their successful and

earlier, asset EYP-XXXX, stated we for our twice excited Nancy yearly potential related far wet treatment a As degeneration. the age Phase lead thus for DAVIO progress X on macular our are trial with

far trial. feel have the underscore to and executed who continue teams We pride flawlessly for regulatory our so our Phase X clinical we

provide AMD, XXth the the devastating current significant retina in that over later opportunity leading fewer report, United Academy those the vessels blood. blind blood of and currently safe American XX in office vision. a would Despite month of distorted cause the Saturday, to of are Wet hallmark encouraging which and States recent, seeks New lasting on that and long-term treatment to disorder. therapies of the safety enrollment other Ophthalmology countries. leak presents than fluid treat is the Orleans. the of and a potentially safety AMD managed team blurred visits reporting available. release months. to of permanent then typically in Our eye the three-month in complete initial the in a We're is option forward abnormal in there is and wet the this with progressive, all vision under the sustained and spot result is can center is under patients chronic, central development It with care. four at EyePoint to reliable, medications people It's data safe, FDA and macula efficacy age vision to doctor's November pleased years It than positive and the a data approved longer of XX market looking we further on standard effective initiate developed for very allow

EYP-XXXX there serious of dose systemic treated standard of any in the patients trial. the Phase groups. with trial or of Society importantly, dose highlighted critical has a patients XX sustained the EYP-XXXX inhibitor. potential EyePoint’s sustained utilized release lead proprietary in related four which anti-VEGF patients is vorolanib, across kinase twice of for enrolled delivery The combines Durasert approved DAVIO that bio-erodible October The Most ocular we four label data enrolled with trial three-months were DAVIO positive wet the Specialist safety in a a adverse intravitreal, been open anti-VEGF with yearly X thus trial therapy. escalation tyrosine Retina safety combined for American far events, All reported an X FDA Phase amongst observation. some products treatment at Our care were technology EYP-XXXX formulation no asset age macular degeneration. previously is

excited chamber, adverse including corrected remain In addition, the and reported visual safety intraocular the reduction, to patients. severe retinal AMD vasculitis, data pressure in The in with or acuity of XX dosing very endophthalmitis, about of EYP-XXXX well inserted any events this vein for other there were we also inflammation, With no potential EYP-XXXX’s disorders hand, EYP-XXXX patients of intraocular best wet related events follow-up postal potential showed vitritis. of application eye retinal into as the as no any occlusion. of diabetic to clean anterior retinopathy or the migration the to paradigm severe elevation alter

clinically quarter potential of treatment a in offers XX’s to currently intervals of file sNDA that a on the posterior a has non-erodible is XX delivery intravitreal physicians quarter to person compared interval duration YUTIQ fourth six six clinical EYP-XXXX viable We we with Durasert the as trial with and of shorter Phase eye an our proven track our to with initiate eyes provides. as commercially look discussed over provides update have over country. dose use we will product As the X, XX YUTIQ on same across upcoming which other flexibility a to a the insert design affecting three-year used an plan trial this shorter we're months and that the FDA well YUTIQ corticosteroid segment the YUTIQ record sustained action to in We uveitis in for in the Phase this the quarters. used of thousands fourth the as an year. X for month forward year. track of as to quarters XX, pipeline providing YUTIQ and initiatives initiate expect in the prior

have uveitis. uveitis no implants. As who and have years XX non-infectious real Specialist the study good vitreous look study Scott for Nancy data posterior the of on age world and update. non-infectious data The patients indications most chamber registry turn cell American see to we the their patients registry with patients segment Officer Society to to collecting control as diagnosis and Meeting relatively Calm, the a at Jones, chronic inflammation we in had intraocular older our I reported of from preliminary affecting the haze. additional mentioned anterior who to received is contra forward includes We're will excited measured of that is fluocinolone implants upcoming a ongoing at commercial data and This fluocinolone real YUTIQ study now over the Retina registry world posterior implant. Scott. This of the call Commercial meetings. Chief reporting of by

Scott Jones

products customer XX% our COVID-XX commercial see increase to companies our DEXYCU in procedures. core YUTIQ are demands net sustained previously impacted We're we Like into from compared many patients negatively pandemic and return levels and the by its were XXXX office revenues net QX XXXX product surgeries pleased reported and to and and product underlying pre-COVID schedule rise and demand customer their delayed you for we and doctor’s sales XXXX. in commercial Thank that Jay. pleased to

Customer sustained We product QX demand made rolled million during demand year QX quarter products visits and our We're providing with and X.X and the respectively. for and from to doctor's for This require DEXYCU collaboration was to marketing by unique and return units mission pleased from attribute have part system all stem for EyePoint’s and units across in Customer YUTIQ from value XXXX. delivery progress is partner revenues pre-pandemic alliance Customer office, each proposition million YUTIQ XX,XXX that net patients X.X our incredibly patients. the a QX YUTIQ the doctors the of for to DEXYCU commercial to team key come, and sales [indiscernible] XXX% and improved we a continues and demand from financials. forward the our like like that on. for the quarters team XXX of [ph]. commercial million product's DEXYCU an approximately in optimal our third more fewer on remained respectively increased levels. of of out provide net rely our products. both would George. physicians for increases doctors strong of Our all to and We of turn look over continued to X.X million and thank X.X YUTIQ, DEXYCU of XX% of our XXXX. to updating includes for both result patients strong SRX now demand procedural this to I product in to call also the our revenues use the their to revenues to you and would George support the in review experience

George O. Elston

Thank you, Scott.

focused today XX, As XXXX the ended the will morning, September the comments three this be my level review for for financial months quarter. were issued a on release press in results the included high

by million million year the in September XX.X X.X revenue This X.X September the milestone to compared XXXX million quarter in totaled Operating XX, million was For X.X prior XXX.X due million QX or net cost This X.X XX, XXXX product the third September royalties recur share total X.X one-time X.X million expenses X.X product XX.X to and at September XXXX. was quarter revenue that ended million X.X XXXX for revenues a three-months G&A ended prior increase includes increase for for not third share third Net XX, of X.X XX, the ended loss decrease million. quarter received corresponding was the was XX, in X.X This ended million revenue totaled equivalents XXXX the cash the XX.X to at compared XXXX. sales. and compared quarter X.X compared XXXX. and to primarily period. loss period. in XXXX. of year for in from September net per XXXX December marketing expense, the versus a per increase to and net of XX, by collaborations million Cash a offset for expense, R&D expense ended XXXX net sales to or XX.X XX, million a did of $X.XX for and payments million Non-operating period three-months September totaled decrease expense in in million million total in million XX.X net a million increase net $X.XX in compared the driven

and We expect enable planned the morning In months product that XX, turn XXXX value end our pipeline Thank the the to our and for we inflection over progress now the fund nine are product XXXX. to operations cash thrilled operator from you points. XXXX EyePoint’s call and all net will conclusion are the third first and questions. well at very on of current of expected keep sales inflows our quarter cash much us hand for to advance through capitalized September to in this I listening


Instructions]. [Operator

question first the Our and comes Ken Cacciatore Company. line from of Cowen from

is now line Your open.

Unidentified Analyst

this for all so and on progress. is [ph] Ken. our on questions Gregory for Thank congratulations everyone, Hi you taking the much

anticipated aspects on Dr. XXXX? time from seeing So are next most then DAVIO, readout could a follow-ups. the frame given week what maybe the we'll Duker, of more have talk you first that important data results we And should will the focus given few maybe it be to for be I can highly investors the

Jay Duker

market is Remember and approved also, very patients. products we safe are the primary thing safety has safe appear is really paramount. for on, product safety, be enter is important And is XX focus question. that given hope this does whose endpoint a FDA much trial, is the that therefore that to very to several most X you the the Thank that Sure. in to a Phase

Beyond with hope safety, we'd some sign to I controlling the that is macular degeneration. insert think see all EYP-XXXX

treated we that stable anticipate So on OCT. given a that would if of previously fluid stable visual mean there would efficacy, this it is and is acuity patients, population sign of some

our are patients we And is burden many study standard care that prior show what would hope the refer a do did Treatment many of significant of calculation we burden. in get how months treatment in there at four to as ratio six how of to who the able against also the hope enrollment. enrolling following reduction we'd to that, of get least number rescue. they Beyond injections having without go did for some a months means patients to

So I being think closely far important most are at. all should those five by safety with issues look what the we

Unidentified Analyst

maybe cohorts Thank then you. seeing patients groups? we'll we should four from And you the doses long This a how data the also follow-up very for is of remind and number the us of higher expect could helpful. and dose for be

Jay Duker


in when by enrolled XX% don't have the So approximately vast of prior scheduled, have in them we Again, XXX visits which the all patients visits should we the X visits was but patients was to enrolled, milligrams, time dose dose approximately which certainly they're received the we medium that one lowest enrolled in come But their a for milligrams. patients in release majority, the over patients were have prior high the AAO for were should to X that. patient data. X six-month and necessarily the well virtually given guarantee patients eight we data. can't occurred all approximately is XX occur scheduled low the was have the three which five micrograms, milligram, dose We

Nancy Lurker

take Yeah, so me let that.

months, beyond. out, how looking patients a to months, -- add is months six and be that going we me we're at which Let just far four obviously, five get can at

that it's just So not months. I add want to four just

Unidentified Analyst

to much. Thank you And we're seeing the forward Got data. Yeah. it. looking so

Jay Duker

Thank you.


Thank you.

line Our next Kim the from question of from comes Jennifer Cantor Fitzgerald.

open. now is line Your

Jennifer Kim

couple good morning. here. thanks a and Hey, everyone for my taking Congrats I questions. have

sales compared The bit units the up were looking implied in was at particular, lower were a YUTIQ around performance. sold just for numbers, quarterly but quarter-over-quarter revenue think to index first to And XX%, up on around one I of X%. is ASPs the the DEXYCU just the units the number be

you wondering should both how second then if color going per guess my product question forward? and I one SG&A just have is about and you will more I'm that modeling up any a this forward? wait and on ticked here R&D have have bit sales do about So after. and And should I any drove we how think going color but those until the what I quarter price we think

Nancy Lurker

George, why don’t take those. you

George O. Elston

things demand. the then the upon report with We a is underlying customer Jennifer from Yes, recognize show Sure. the purchases we demand release earnings we the based couple first in underlying and revenue revenue. units that and mind report to that Keep by distributors business. us of

so in disconnect demand a customer always going what purchased actually And there's and show what distributors. by gets to be between we

straight, is not in always that so perfect, there's swings inventory And between. it's

easy general perspective, and pretty YUTIQ those stayed does straight I numbers. a bit. customer That not product play consistent. has on doing isn't higher some based into and discounted, from a ASP, calculation mix that So product a DEXYCU that through little so go price on really level for think say discounting rebates come of base. has I our does YUTIQ a than that much is will DEXYCU pricing

swing ASP And I will. simply DEXYCU swings in of because would the we're calculation see certainly weigh will a so any YUTIQ say than to that a more total on that And in unfolds. that going way

as the the we P&L pipeline. on continue is R&D based our side, On to driven study Phase upon building ongoing up X focus really

R&D stock And are big so underlying to That's a build and cash There's quick and related affected organization. some we've R&D both also that's answer there. G&A, non out with associated that. compensation as continued the the certainly, clinical costs of EYP-XXXX to spending component

Jennifer Kim

then on more of all role. Jay, Okay, And question. first again congrats new one great. your

of you where excited guess your are priorities, focus role, I just and under in I'm terms are to where wondering, your is? you your do new most would For highlight what what you

Jay Duker

But, am third just kind so priorities is the which maker to are out at I is. thanks what to coffee trying where day of better. for my years, high congratulations. level just the my see find way of This on is for doing been the people it. doing different doing a I've job a XX-XX It's Well, helping

in We individual front an not on of focusing sitting my a are office. large in population, me

able So in very, really set large at I think we're to this XX the think people large honed success, of department bring, help for position forward. a to as very starting moving a I with skill having running I fashion type and responsibilities years that This of opposed a I've one time. last companies and in programs

I've think the still have there's I part am of the going to lot company having I things for sight. level high a and corporate to a a that lot very a trying But handle get what really got about essentially, of learn, is been do I'm a a half, because at almost year that to on. peoples still side despite save to a

Jennifer Kim

technology given it are and or is, excitement is on where previous on early guess, Hemera excited, Speaker] of and really it you driving guess [Multiple I XXXX more is your the your terms with in Great, pipeline? I experience

Jay Duker

it XX think exciting. those all that the and and for underutilized it's having for beyond Yeah, in that. Durasert technology step terrific I back I from it years, highly seen looking things and Yeah, taking really a almost mean, asset. even are outside it's a are is The used -- at

Durasert beyond there's to the delivery more in leader drug it with lot being a But because think are can eye. committed that we I in we the goes do it.

patients, potential have evaluating all here. drug to the I we're mean, achieve systems. we we so for trying whole tools and delivery are insurers constituency for better other But are help end, well. vision, families, as that times to better a life, easier And in those frankly

is on tools successfully step. there's of small we first a and wealth to like action level potentially like So we molecules, safely the I a molecule deliver. be of things other and I can If the think or a and the challenges level or that other high delivery be type mechanism I system successful can delivered that to show with a But at eye, similar take like of EYP-XXXX can them. [indiscernible] and personal

a what a So I is excites think me. molecule, single moving program taking or don't It's with delivery goal. a just or that the forward system company single common single

Jennifer Kim

again. Congrats thanks everyone. great. And Awesome,


Thank you.

comes from Yatin next Guggenheim. from Our question Suneja

open. is line Your

Yatin Suneja

Hey guys. congrats from taking as side for Thank you questions. my well. my Jay And

Just for let's for high dose, we're data scientific a AAO conference six-month get all going five-month for to the couple data it full wait release would say from doses available, have a or we once six-month December release? a me, the in to so you is at for data do

Nancy Lurker

that take I'll question. Yeah,

of dose, in safety we with So the into the AAO we're low shy terms and the have will six in their all five what will at yet show otherwise we And one that and one months. then get if a through through the commit mid efficacy. is can AAO high high patient and dose, months patients expect timely to not they patient months patient dose, four come we what we wanted show for dose at a news we will patient way. low cohorts, be patients just will show and before in know what good bit cautious so patient show that we make dose, in me there's would show the were six always up, one out patients, mid back never in going of if five you all to business we we The we of all way has at will to to the because show cohort AAO is a who well, let visit, in their

clear, months, show up at in then able months to dose me, five be months, and six one all almost data the high cohorts. still to going we're basically, through months, to will be to So me the patient up excuse six six perhaps let be

Yatin Suneja

good, then Very couple very helpful, it. Got more.

such be the patient the you active with safe that three safety you these very function good scheduled a is dose obviously, the profile seems to I relatively -- very, these view is should on these one seeing doses therapeutic do what and you one reach hoping we the questions the dual from dosing could that to it that of drug of gotten fact level, are are think under of So be are have window your are things that is have? a -- that able investor you and be or the that

Nancy Lurker

me Jay. let going real to quickly it then to and turn Yeah, I'm over comment

So first any expect not see. what on to give going forward of all, to guidance we're we

between But very and efficacy. therapeutic So course very that. you'll profile just of I you to think you safety remarkably with in a and area, that good always any have there's if Jay, as add. and to it you expand And frankly, to anything want said, to wait out be you data safety have being let that AAO. clear we you'd have trade-off when have about know, going what else I'm shows we on the that like roll at see I always

Jay Duker

preclinical vorolanib in we Not a lot, our EYP-XXXX, and found for IND in animals. maximally And models, our there to dose vorolanib state Durasert. the studies, except in a that profile safety good both never enabling very tolerated was and

that. And in half have And we we'll week another that to I some leave a and at that or so Nancy will will it efficacy share so. agree with data

Yatin Suneja

Got question, may. if just one it, final I

minus spoke with bit about would about okay. little would OCT think regard microns the I regard Jay changes or okay in plus I a -- be so and mentioned but you the, be to XX to I five today, think you So and it with joined later,

that? but would how be, don't to sure thinking be likely trying we I know or five positive that, a an a be not about should loss of if would letter I'm that letter a sense get how Just fine drop, OCT

Jay Duker

need think to the ultimately first of what need think FDA ways. views about kind a of product view couple the So There's it because and of to really this I three you get approved. is FDA the does think in we

loss, FDA the endpoint number and has approvable -- X,X,X,X,XX is -- says is then if FDA I the letters matter this spoken. the it doesn't that a So even a pick an and FDA again, for

use feel, product. profile is The an second do efficacy specialist what retina the thing acceptable profile to is and what the safety

have But efficacy certainly we about that it very monthly, It's even Phase in it's equal EYLEA, the or in then if product. does wouldn't can on and the those a across successful large you before, a other the individual it drug an it work identify you same, they're different and LUCENTIS, area subgroups, X, data can't they And that inject report population, was same subgroups is XX. call an we I and any doesn't a a remember, out the the strong that's population. small all choosing population large injectable product it look Now option didn't doesn't use this have pick about in you large an if by a anti-VEGF, mean What's you but no the can patients different population, all than you safety. Avastin well.

patient work in. as shift and does So hope perfectly at this month safe is and can paradigm now, a two. every as patients groups it months, many identify just doesn't true well a to work is we for because of one long to sustained the that not accomplish it need what it's release And or

or last or of the to every five months. a satisfied, perhaps or the to four And the two is needs course, be patients. having need of every instead that one visit in group They six see months, so value

I minus, something obvious. there's can think plus to it that in if vision, be needs really would or that with. change be a live they But their

And fact the the in three world that wet So look this all basically visual diagnosed acuity that back newly the the group, And gains. down. visual specifically a flat patients show average real AMD, is studies the the space, know about by three that, visual if months in acuity, you of on go year curves all couple world, where real given and for get to the after the made if months. they're a first back after as in a they they've at AMD follow you world in out question injections you real acuity first six wet year,

you the you almost yet gains groups. control the standard So loss be in that group, FDA, patients that are would the the to seen. had not for have What's two. to was significant a OCT there retina for OCT what's of might six significant, we back go if wetters. How much to do Phase first of to over care, those months for again, what's X significant is use, which you expect that some always three significant in and same month fact, specialist and the the be or is in

visual, So not they've or group keep fluid, a got if they're have have may diagnosed to and should another been relatively you've stable, so successful able presumably, for four or stable. got that a they months, group product that who of be three may patients

I but So I winded was your question. answer hope that long a answered

Yatin Suneja

No, good. much. Thank so very was that you


you. Thank

the Our Laidlaw Yale comes Jen Company. line next from and question from of

line open. Your is now

Yale Jen

the taking thanks on the Good progress. and morning congrats and questions for

will the question be In of also sort information XXXX, signs paid and of even attention be categories that most anticipate may terms need milligrams of likely and to. to have terms even efficacy X changes. highlight X start of sort or groups groups the directional you some Do could at think will or X milligrams you my high or the of some first dose -- efficacy efficacy of you see to those signals milligrams, you that in in of you

Jay Duker

give efficacy here There speculate. guidance we is groups. about the of any can't no We of kind for really can

Yale Jen

from follow-up that. I or in of there question And additional Is Okay, XXXX, maybe sometime more useful that's Calm, fine. I in of what update reporting just was YUTIQ of that that? then very maybe appreciate any we in anticipate sort terms information. terms one should think

Nancy Lurker

expect for and five off. a to years give go going we to updates even possibly of Yeah, on minimum be out continuous set data that that's

to of the no in etiology incredible I the progression release, going really of right disease, as said one longitudinal on to we're press of which the data an able amount be it's that now. capture the So has

So contributing uveitis, then of disease. feel that helps we're posterior also to manage the overall like segment YUTIQ understanding we but to only not

that we'll progresses. it So updates be that study on we as longitudinal giving regular consistent expect

Yale Jen

of be here endpoint final anticipate start terms we And in question And maybe that is the one for great. in study? Okay, quarter. thanks. YUTIQ, six primary to months What should this trial for

Nancy Lurker

three-year to program. YUTIQ Phase going run X to the identical be for programs our It's

it maintenance Obviously, other and secondary will be or at be endpoints, control to in their But obviously, primary with you progress reduction will flares. the -- reduction uveitic course. looking vision going how are be disease, patients vision So obviously flares. safety these in as always some you endpoint of uveitic but the

Yale Jen

Okay, a look great. and congrats lot Thanks datas. forward we the and

Nancy Lurker

you. Thank


Thank you.

Chen from of Yi question the next Our H.C. comes Wainwright. from line

is open. Your line

Yi Chen

questions. surgery volume taking comment it compared volume you in for times? my the the you to ocular returned Thank pre-COVID current quarter of whether on normal Could the has to

Nancy Lurker

was that to Jay can’t, want hard to a understand. I answer you question repeat little you that? Can that,

Yi Chen

surgeries I normal you on volume the wonder the can comment Speakers] have [Multiple ocular if of levels? to whether returned

Jay Duker

I any could data Yeah, sure think that But look for this soon. not. place is that answer not probably I'm the there's one central

can You usually look data a that while claims to at but takes find.

just I'm the going to here, what's knowing outside. area and off at and talking cutting my So least New the it colleagues England on, in

non-scientific. there. again, is but not I close are to that volumes think quite But in XX% the the pre-COVID

Nancy Lurker

with world Head you is well. of you're want real Sales that to do Scott, field the as comment seeing as the out what in seeing on our and

Scott Jones

Nancy. Thanks, Absolutely.

the than slowly focusing is we're to it returning surgery, Specifically, ophthalmic on back all normal. surgeries, what in rather seeing market, cataract cataract to

that We having specifically areas see outbreak and up a particular areas are slowdown. will to seeing pop COVID an we related in certain where

that or slowly return a specific of the quarter, normal during back levels. are we number cataracts I So give can't occurred third most you to country while seeing the second areas of

Yi Chen

question next the on recently Susvimo Ranibizumab so FDA for the outcompete to the to My XXXX the does you. treatment Susvimo poor AMD to with up six future. months, approved or of wet in for what Thank delivery is system demonstrate need market

Nancy Lurker

that. you why don’t take Jay,

Yi Chen

So of things. a couple

that all issue. be there's there's operation. from surgical some all, a to involved of this aware implant to this risk surgery to We First place and need safety always

The got is out hope inside X in trial in we so which the of and different, from as better drug do of think that of could well. is from approximately to XX different. to X action in injectable an second even and to operating it. safety serious patients the the room mechanism not -- trials are something of We infection of advantage patients perspective, got certainly perspective, to elderly go endophthalmitis be a Remember, the X.X% in relatively that is thing also surgical patients having is office a in their of convenience the is the back eye. endophthalmitis we going a Phase Phase is starting the part where X one the our that Phase

efficacy that isoforms around of blockage block studies may so there able be all we being that performed. some further and And may VEGF as to are receptor see

we fewer safety that the It's game to be to company tough share. congratulations likely carve slog because our through. to that to that, because of will a believe can product we're changer, get that we our So we're if cases shift. and have that and was endophthalmitis, efficacy, a able market show potential really in that similar paradigm But non-surgical,

Yi Chen

Got you. it, thank


no Nancy to for remarks. over showing this further questions. At Lurker, time, I'm you. turn I CEO Thank would back call like the to closing

Nancy Lurker

giving release. we post you update an joining for much our look And very Thank everyone Thank you -- at to today. data again. you forward AAO


may for you call. now This you concludes today's conference participating, Thank disconnect.